Friendly-fire Rally Bug

I immediately ported to a tile that was the target of a rally. The rally marching to the tile should have immediately struck the target player who ported off the tile. Instead, the rally hit my Stronghold.


I’m told others have experienced this same rally bug.


Here are my losses broke down by troops:


I don’t usually ask for “do-overs” or hand-outs, but I feel that these losses were a result of faulty programming in game of war and not poor game play. I was simply trying to fill a hole before the enemy kingdom. The rally should have immediately hit that player at his new location.

I hope MZ answers my bug report and is able to make me feel whole again. As you can see I’ve lost quite a bit due to a bug in their programming.

Update: MZ contacted me and wanted to know who hit me. They are “investigating the matter further.”

Update (9-8-2014):
I received the following email from MZ support today:

SEP 08, 2014 | 02:18PM PDT
Bambi Sloan replied:
Hi there Brent,

I’ve discussed this with others, and it seems that this was a fair hit. I’m very sorry but I would not be able to offer you any compensation for this issue.


T2 equals T4

So last night I was a bit over zealous when I noticed a sh 14 attacking my hive. So I ported in and immediately sent a quick “max march” of mostly immortals and this was the result:



As you can see by the amount of power lost, I very nearly lost the battle. 250k T4 vs. 400k T2 and good trap build.

I’m curious what a balanced attack with meat shield and onagers would have done, but I didn’t get the chance as he shielded after first hit.

Kudos Mr. Henson!


I received a comment on reddit about a player with T2 who killed 250k Marksmen and captured his hero.



I’m seriously considering making an alternate to try this. It looks like much fun!

Russians take over…

Well, the day has come. The Russians have taken over Dahae K94. Much to the chagrin of Dreaded Red and his alliance.


Dahae Fighters “[DF ]” epic ascent to top three alliance and top alliance in troops killed began several months ago before the first kingdom vs. kingdom event on Dahae. They were then Blackstar “BS7”. With only about 150M power they were hated by most of the kingdom for their lack of respect for resource first march and other such common rules of peace during non-kill events. However, it was not until the first Kingdom vs. Kingdom kill event that the kingdom started to take notice of them.

Their small alliance was the talk of the kill event, well that and the opposing kingdoms king, Punisher. But this is when DF was born. They changed their name to simply Dahae Fighters and created a new fighting community… Many wished to sign up and did. With the help of large spenders, theMonti and the multilingual leadership of DahaeFighter, this small alliance has taken over Dahae.

By following it’s own rules, warring with Blood of Kings, then wonder and forest occupies, they have earned their position whether you like them or not.

However, I am curious how they will carry themselves as new leaders of the kingdom? Will they continue to burn their own kingdom during peace time to “prove a point to the weak?” Will they zero offline, unshielded members of their own kingdom under the same cause? Or will they unify and lead Dahae to kingdom vs. kingdom stardom.

As for Dreaded Red, the former king of Dahae and passionate opposer to DF? He has given us his answer by renaming himself to Gen. George S. Patton.


So grab the popcorn because the show is about to begin…