Don’t squeeze the Shara!

This weekend K94 was excited to make the Halloween Cup until we learned we would face K26 Shara. You may remember a xKuranx, the first Super Wonder king. Yup, he’s from Shara.

The alliance sO Shara Order made sure we all had a great time Sunday. I made a new friend named xZizoo who tipped me off on a 150M alliance member he currently had a beef with. So, seeing how we were newly found friends I obliged him in wrecking this rogue alliance member. Here is the result:



Haha, yup it had 43M T1 troops. We lost half our T4 rally. I mailed my new “friend” and he responds “sorry, I was nice and didn’t change the gear or I would have killed them all and taken hero.”

I broke my first rule in KvK KE “Never hit a guy that asks.”

Well, seeing how we are friends now xZizoo I thought I’d be nice and share your little surprise with the world. That little T1 monster won first prize in the Kvk event. I’m sure she can afford a name change. Cheers!

One additional nugget from the weekend. xZizoo visited our hive and attempted to rally one of our guys. Just as we were set to reinforce one of our members had the know how to check the Zizoo’s gear. He was rocking at least 5 relics perhaps 6. I asked what his stats were at the time:


Gears of Game of War. Well, got to go craft some more relics!

Gears of GoW – Dawn of a New Age

The crafting research tree will prove to be the start of a new age in Game Of War. Essentially, with proper materials and crafting a player can create items that will provide a tremendous boost to a rally or wicked defense against rallies.

As players from my alliance saw last night, gear can make a huge difference in rally power. A guy with standard legendary items such Apollo’s, Hector’s, or Leonidas’ pales in comparison to flame created items or other special event craftables. Now add to this the ability to add additional stats and gems to items with even greater stay boosts, it will be difficult to judge how much stat boost a player is packing.

Sure, a rally is 2.375m max. But look at that hero marching. Is he wearing research items or legendary relics?

The next chapter in Game of War is all about crafting gears of war! What are you wearing?IMG_0216.PNG

New victory/defeat measure?

During our latest kvk KE my 14 trap house took nearly 200k T4 from a 500m power outlander.

The first March he sent had 375k T4 with no hero. I started to burn at no surprise. However upon looking at the battle report I lost much less power than he. I always thought victory or defeat was based on power loss raw number. I’m wondering now if it is by percentage of total power loss?

Below are the battle reports. I’m on the left.



Emergency Maintenance


It seems these “emergency maintenances” are coming more frequently. I hope MZ can get it together, or do what so many other server games do and schedule a weekly maintenance time to apply updates and test new hardware.

Update: GoW is live. Mz is adding 24 hours to shields that were applied at time of maintenance and 10 hours to any account not shielded. The 10 hour shield ends upon login. Also, you get an Athena gift of a 7-day speed up. Lastly, if you are in an alliance and had building or research timers running your alliance will get to help you again!