War for K98 Wonder – Game of War

MGd’s second attempt ever to take an outlander wonder.




Troops in the Wonder.



Our rally leader’s hero.  Before March he changed last accessory to legendary war drum.



K98 hero in their wonder.



Back to the drawing board. Good effort boys!

I crunched some numbers from the report.  We sent 100% strategic t4 troops.  45% of which were infantry which was the primary strength of our hero.  The wonder had more ranged than any other troop type.  Had we sent and focused more on cavalry we may have had a better shot.

Also, looking at strat vs. normal troops of defenders.  Strategic troops died at 1% higher rate than normal troops but I’m unable to conclude at what rate strategic troops killed compared to normal.  The opposing kingdom used a mix of normal t4 and strategic.  The normal T4 likely acted as a meat shield for the strategic troops.



Twins Titans appear to have captured both wonders which isn’t possible per kvk rules, however they are actually two different alliances. Look closely at the tags…

Impressive group. Good luck in the tournament k98!

Core Relic Recipes

I’ve been busy crafting level 5 core relics. Below I will post the core and pieces I use to craft these relics along with the results.

Hair-raisingly Sharp Ring Blade

Level 5 Ring Blade


Level 5 Clip


Level 5 Metal Wire


Level 5 Bottle Cap


Level 5 Thick Lens


Crafted Core Relic


Item with Gems


This relic is high troop attack, cavalry attack, March speed, and some health and defense from gems.

Comparison to Diamond-Spiked Club


Update 7-7-15: This is an old post now and was created in the early days of core crafting.  I keep it up as a reminder of how far cores have developed in such a short time and how much further they will likely go.  Soon no one under 2 Billion will be safe.  Soon after that 3 B and so on.  The mystery bonuses and set gear research tree turn a 6 piece core into a 8 or 9 piece core multiplied by 7! These numbers can get crazy!  Unless you have something to boost your own troops or shield the losses could be devastating!