100 M Hit! HarryCubed Joins Century Club!

I would like to congratulate #94 [MGd] HarryCubed for the devastating hit for 106M power!  Welcome to the Century Club!



We were originally asked to join a second alliance to hit a different target but he shielded after that alliance hit and before ours could land. So we were desperately seeking new targets for the cores that HarryCubed had JUST popped.

An observant alliance mate posted the unfortunate victim aboves cordinates. He had several long marches out burning farms of the kingdom when we ported in and landed this terrific punch!

HarryCubed had more than 2100% Strategic Cavalry Attack with this set!

Congratulations HarryCubed!  Keep ‘Em coming!

5 billion Player zeroed, MZ to blame?

B00sted of Dema zeroed a 5 B right player.  About 1.4 B was left at time of this original post.  Was MZ responsible for this destruction by locking out the new owner?


Raven apparently sold the account and then MZ found out and locked the buyer out until it was zeroed. 


This is only speculation, but raises an interesting question.  Is selling your MZ account against rules of GOW?  In many of other games, the user agreement explains that all accounts remain property of the developer.  Even sharing your account can be a violation of those terms.  So is MZ starting to enforce the no selling of accounts in GoW?  Seems they shouldn’t prevent people from selling to another who would make use of the account and continue to spend money.  However, a person can avoid thousands of dollars buying an account rather than spend to build it themselves.  

Gameofwarrealtips.com has a full overview of the battle at Largest Zeroing in GoW History.

Power Destroyed

Game of War has a new stat tracked in leaderboard called Power Destroyed.   

This stat tracks how much power loss to enemies you have caused!

It started today March 17th, 2015.  I hit my farm of 720 t1 and put them into beds.  I now rank 35th in my kingdom! This will be an interesting stat to track.  

I don’t see it listed under alliance tab yet.  That also would be interesting to follow.

Well, enjoy the new stat and get in there and destroy some power!

Another Zeroed DF

[MGd] caught another #94 nemisis along with ~VK who spotted the shieldless enemy.  

[MGd] Stl Doc got a chance to unleash his one minute March with help from [MGd] Drew 360.

It took less than 5 minutes to take down 300m player using 1 minute rally.

Our hero was wearing Xena Gear.  Have a look:

firefly zero

Upcoming kill event will likely provide more battle reports using Core!