Game of War Gives Back!

Greetings fellow Game of War fighters!  During the recent boycott of Game of War, a movement began that asked Game of War players who chose to withhold spending on Game of War to instead donate money to charitable organizations. thinks this is a fantastic idea and believes it could really make an impact on the world!

It is no secret that Game of War players spend millions a day on Game of War.  Remember when those packs were just $5?  It seemed like a great deal right? Well, we can make a significant impact on the world by donating just $1 to a charitable organization.

For instance, our very own HarryCubed “Leg Humper’s servant” will be participating in a charitable event this weekend! Oct. 3, 2015 to raise money for “Manna on Main Street.”   This is a local event in his community.

Our Mission

Manna on Main Street is committed to ending hunger in the North Penn region by providing food, fulfilling social service and education needs, and conducting community outreach. Through a food pantry and soup kitchen, emergency financial aid, counseling and referrals, and education opportunities, we serve those in need with the hope “that everyone might be fed.”

HarryCubed will be “rallying” bricks!  You can watch HarryCubed “rambo” some bricks from years past by viewing his YouTube video here:


If you’ve enjoyed HarryCubed and Leg Humper’s blog posts this past year, I challenge you to take a moment to donate $1 to Manna on Main Street or a charitable foundation of your choice!

To learn more about HarryCubed’s choice and make a difference by simply visiting their site and sharing it to your social networks, click on Harry and the kids below:

Kick-a-Thon 2015!
Donate to Kick-a-Thon 2015 Now!

Please leave a comment below naming the charitable organization you chose and a link to how others can donate!

Let’s show the world what Game of War players are all about!

HarryCubed, thanks for all your contributions to and the Game of War community!  More importantly, thank you for the work you do in your community at home!  Stomp out hunger!


Are YOU a GOW addict? Take the quiz NOW!

Hey there all you Leg Humper Fans! We need to find a catchy name for you all. Like One Directions fans are “Directioners”, Beatles Fans were a part of “Beatle-Mania”, there are “Beliebers”, Fanilows, Claymates, Little Monsters, Parrotheads, Deadheads, Grobanites, Swifties, etc. From this moment on, we will call you all “Humpees!”

Now that all my Humpees finally have a name they can call themselves, and thus, an identity, I’ll expect to be recognized in public and see t-shirts and hats of “I’m a Humpee” while walking around in New York City or Paris or, really, based on the popularity of Leg Humper, even the most remote and less populated of locations like the Saraha Desert or the “I’m a straight man who understands women” annual convention.

So I’ve been pondering my next blog for a while, and I have several ideas, but for some reason, I sat back and thought about this: a “Quiz” that would determine your level of commitment or devotion to the Game of War. I think if you take this Quiz, you’ll be pleased to find out exactly where you stand in the GAME OF WAR community.

Without further ado, I present to you all, the TRUEST measure of your commitment and involvement with GOW.

You will need a pen and paper to keep track of your scores. Answer each question as honestly as possible.

1) Do you consider GOW to be the best APP of all time?

  • Yes. Absolutely, Of course! How dare you even ask! (64 pts)
  • Yes, it’s a fun app that allows me to escape from reality. (16 pts)
  • BEST App? Not sure, maybe one of the most popular apps, or most successful apps, but BEST? Eh. (4 Pt)
  • No. Clash of Clans is WAY better. (LIAR! Blasphemer! 1 Pts)

2) Have you ever allowed GOW to dictate your sleeping patterns?

  • Yes. I have adjusted my body clock to only need sleep in 6 hour intervals so I don’t miss any quest resets, I can go for 28 hours straight when needed for a KVK Kill event, I have trained myself to recognize the differences between my phones notification for an incoming march, a rally notification, or an incoming mail. (64 pts)
  • Yes, when I’m holding a hero, I tend to worry just that little bit more that someone will try to free it, and often times wake up several times through the night to check my phone. (16 pts)
  • Yes, I only sleep after I’ve fully checked all shields on main and farm accounts. (4 pts)
  • No. (i.e. I’m lying or slightly sleep deprived so I don’t realize I’m wrong.) (1 Pt)

3) Have you allowed the KVK schedule to dictate your scheduling of real life events?

  • Yes. I’m the coach of my kids Basketball team and I have scheduled all practices and petitioned the league about game times to allow for me to be able to be on at the start of KVK. (64 Pts)
  • Yes. We have DVR’d shows to watch them later when a KVK is scheduled to start. (16 Pts)
  • Yes. My family plans to go out for dinner when KVK is set to start. (4 Pts)
  • No. (i.e. I’m lying, but my wife and kids are reading this over my shoulder so I HAVE to answer this way.) (1 Pt)

4) Have your eating habits changed?

  • Yes. I’ve learned to only eat foods that require 1 hand, so that my other hand can GOW. (64 Pts)
  • Yes. I’ve adjusted my families eating schedule so as not to interfere with KVK start times. (16 Pts)
  • Yes. I’ve eaten my dinner cold because I was so intent on finishing an inferno that I forgot the food was right in front of me. (4 Pts)
  • No. (i.e. I’m lying or I have set up an intravenous IV drip to get all needed nutrients in a constant flow.) (1 Pt)

5) Have your personal hygiene habits changed?

  • Yes. I’ve gone days without showering because I was holding a hero.  (64 Pts)
  • Yes. I’ve stopped brushing my teeth with the toothbrush in my mouth to check a game notification (16 Pts)
  • Yes. I’ve had to make a decision to put down the game in order to wash my face or put on deodorant, and the game sometimes wins. (4 Pts)
  • No. (i.e. I’m lying. I really need to take a shower, as my eyes are watering from the stench cloud surrounding me currently.) (1 Pt)

6) How has GOW affected your family life?

  • I’ve lost family over this game, and I’m ok with it. If they can’t understand my GOW life, or can’t get a GOW account of their own in order to talk to me, screw them! (64 Pts)
  • I’ve distanced my family just enough so that they understand, while I’m on the game, they shouldn’t talk to me. It’s very quiet in my house now. (16 Pts)
  • My family still complains about how much I play. I am thinking about explaining to them where they ACTUALLY rank in my life…. (4 Pts)
  • My family accepts my game time and we all get along fine. (LIAR! This is simply NEVER going to be believable.) (1 Pt)

7) How has GOW affected your friendships?

  • I have my GOW friends. Screw everyone else! (Epic! 256 Pts)
  • I value the friendships I’ve made on GOW, and in many cases, my best friends in real life don’t hold a candle to my best friends on GOW. (64 Pts)
  • I have a good balance of friends both in game and in real life. The real life friends just don’t understand the level of friendship I have with my GOW friends. I try to talk to them a lot about the game to educate them more fully. (16 Pts)
  • I log in, I chat a bit, say hi, work on my SH, do some farming, set a research, leave. Most in my alliance probably don’t even know who I am or that I have an actual life outside of GOW. (4 Pts)
  • People I’ve met in GOW are either alliance mates and good for helping me with research time reduction or getting needed RSS, or not alliance mates and thus, potential targets for my virtual troops to attack their virtual troops and gain virtual victory in a virtual game. They aren’t really my friends, or even in my mind, actual people, and if they stopped playing all of a sudden, I might not even notice. (Liar! and a JERK TOO! 1 Pt)

8) If you’re driving and you get a GOW notification:

  • I pick up my phone, continuing to drive, and try to split my focus between GOW and the road ahead. (This is REALLY bad, but in the interest of this quiz, 64 Pts, but those are points you should NOT be proud of.)
  • (If there’s a passenger in the car with you) Carefully talk a passenger through what they need to do to take care of what needs to be taken care of. (Tie for 16 Pts)
  • (If no passenger) I immediately pull over the car to the side of the road, take care of what I need to take care of, and then resume driving. (Tie for 16 Pts)
  • I glance at phone, if it’s a rally notification or incoming attack, I realize it’s best to look for a turn off or safe place to park, and once safe, check the battle report or see if someone needs help. (4 Pts)
  • I never look at the phone while driving, not even for GOW. (1 Pt. But you should be proud of this one)

9) When at a family party or out with a group of friends (Especially during a Kill Event):

  • You sneak away often to an empty room or the bathroom or outside to check GOW, often losing track of time, returning to a worried group of people wondering if you may have a serious gastrointestinal problem (or they now have a serious plumbing problem) or if you’ve suddenly taken up smoking a pack of cigarettes per trip outside. (EPIC! 256 Pts)
  • You keep your phone in your hand, sometimes hidden in your pocket, only worrying about it when you feel the vibrate. Briefly take the phone out, look at it, determine if it’s important, may put it back in your pocket, may look to your party and say “This is important, sorry, please excuse me for a bit.” (64 Pts)
  • You check occasionally to keep up to date with who’s killing what, log in, post a message to keep up the good work, then return to party. (16 Pts)
  • You barely worry about GOW, maybe checking later after the party is over, only to find that your alliance mates seriously needed you, or you’ve been zeroed. (4 Pts)
  • You turn off your phone during those times. Friends and family are more important. (Why are you even taking this quiz if THAT’S your attitude?  1 Pt)

10) In that “moment” when you realize you REALLY need to rush to go to the bathroom, how far do you get before you stop to go back for your GOW device?

  • I’ve been in the middle of dropping my pants, realized, pulled back up and ran to get device. (Legendary! 1024 Pts!)
  • I’ve been in full cheeks squeezing penguin walk, stopped, turned around, got device. (Epic!) 256 Pts)
  • I’ve luckily been able to grab my device in route as I clench the rest of my body. (64 Pts)
  • I’ve gotten to the point of sitting down, only to have to ask a family member to get my device and bring it to me. (16 Pts)
  • I’ve never gone back for my device in those circumstances. I do, however, ask a friend of family member to check my phone just in case. (4 Pts)
  • I just leave the device in the other room and don’t worry if I get a notification. (Liar! No one actually does that, do they? ) (1 Pt)

Bonus points:

Have you ever thought about resetting shields during very inappropriate times? Like in church, or during intimate times with your spouse, during the birth of a child? Yes=16 Pts. No=Liar. 1 Pt

Have you been late for an important meeting or event because you had to finish doing something on GOW, like using your full warrant time in the coliseum or finishing an inferno? Yes=16 Pts. No=Liar. 1 Pt

Have you ever bought an improved device (phone, ipad, etc) because GOW needed it? Yes=16 Pts. No=Liar. 1 Pt

Have you ever woken up practically sick over whether you had on your fighting gear while off line? Yes=16 Pts. No=Liar. 1 Pt

Have you ever had to rewind a movie or TV show more than once in a short period of time because of GOW? Yes=16 Pts. No=Liar. 1 Pt

Have you ever felt the need to sign in to GOW just to share major life events that you haven’t even told your friends and family about? Yes=16 Pts. No=Liar. 1 Pt

Have you ever been called out at work, or at a sporting event by co worker, friends or a boss for not paying attention to the world around you because of GOW? Yes=16 Pts. No=Liar. 1 Pt

Have you ever had to explain to your doctor why your finger is sore after tapping for hours for RSS? Yes=16 Pts. No=Liar. 1 Pt

Have you ever felt that real life isn’t enough like GOW? Yes=16 Pts. No=Liar. 1 Pt

Have you ever struggled to explain something to a non GOWer because you were using GOW references? (Like, “So, honey, I was running a rally on the wonder and an outlander ported in  2 tiles over and sent a solo at my strong hold while my hero was out for the rally. Well, I recalled the hero march and set a fake rally to throw him off, making him think my hero wasn’t home, and I ate the rally and captured the hero. I ransomed him for 30 Three day speeds and enough silver to craft a magister helm and finish my full set bonus research”)  Yes=16 Pts. No=Liar. 1 Pt

Did you realize that the points for each answer follow GOW math, of each higher level is 4x the previous one? Yes=16 Pts. No=Well maybe you should go back and notice it…. 1 Pt

Have you ever logged in to GOW just a few minutes after logging out, simply out of habit. Realizing there’s nothing to do, as you did it all a few minutes ago, you start doing something else like combining or opening chests? Yes=16 Pts. No=Liar. 1 Pt

Your score.

1001-2176 Points LEGENDARY!          You have a serious GOW addiction, but at least you’re honest about it and know that this has come to define your life on many levels. Congrats. You are a true Leg Humpee!

701-1000 Points  EPIC!          You have a GOW problem, and it only MOSTLY takes over your life, with occasional moments of clarity where you realize it’s wrong to be this into GOW, only to be dragged back in.

385-700 Points  RARE!          You are likely in the most healthy place with your GOW and real life balance, taking the game seriously while also being able to handle most things in real life efficiently and effectively. Congrats!

151-384 Points UNCOMMON              You’re not playing GOW enough, and it’s likely reflected in your constant need for resources, or speed ups, or shields dropping. You care enough to be mad that these things happen, but not enough to play more, as you should.

74-150 Points COMMON          Eh. It’s likely no one in GOW even knows who you are anyway. Your own alliance likely thinks you’re someones farm brought in for transfer.

28-73 Points BASIC          I have no respect for you at all. You have lied on every question in this quiz, there is simply NO WAY you’d have read through this quiz this far, totaled your points, found this point range and thought “yeah. that’s me” unless you’re in COMPLETE DENIAL! Wake up! You REALLY need to go back and re-take this quiz, being honest this time. You need to realize that these quizzes aren’t made for YOUR entertainment, they are made for EVERYONE’S entertainment. Give it the proper respect and answer truthfully.


Please post your results in the comments below in the following format:

Hello, my GOW name is LEG HUMPER, and I am LEGENDARY!



Thank you all for reading this far,


Hero: Leg Humper

Kingdom #94 Dahae

Alliance: MGd Mad Guardians of Dahae

Current title holder and champion of the “AWESOME” and “SARCASTIC divisions.

LeBeowulf Hive Revisited


It saddens me to inform all that today Mad Guardians of Dahae K94 loses one of our greatest warriors.  LeBeowulf has chosen to lay down her “Tome of Distinct and Infinite Intellect” and “Staff of Logic and Sense” to retire from the battlefields of Dahae and the Game of War.  Much like T.S. Eliot once penned, “[t]his is how the world ends: not with a bang, but a whimper,” she is gone, removing herself quietly from our ranks and slipping in the shadowy abyss which is the “real world.”

Your sound logic and soothing, calm words will be missed in the rowdy officer hall of Mad Guardians.

As tribute to you, we revisit “Lebeowulf Hive” post from December 27, 2014.

When the task of reforming and relocating our newly merged alliance hive presented itself, no man would step up to the challenge.  A challenge entailed directing 99 members, with countless strongholds where their new homes would be.  But you, equipped with Post-It notes, bedroom wall, and possessed with the dedication to see this noble chore to its bitter, exhaustive end, set out to form a great, impenetrable phalanx.  It is a Dahae’s bastion of hope to this very day!


Without further ado I present to you “LeBeowulf Hive!”

Original Post Follows:

I would like to describe the “LeBeowulf” hive construction designed by (MGd) LeBeowulf of K94 Dahae.  It has several features that may interest your alliance:

  • Protected farms – farms are placed in the middle of the hive and must follow a “Mopar Mandate”. This mandate means any farms that will be included MUST remain shielded 24/7.  I personally use 3-day shields for convenience and cost.  If members are unable to shield their farms then it may be near the hive, but a substantial distance as not to attract pesky farmers. A five minute march is recommended.
  • Mains surround the farms on the perimeter.  By placing mains or “fighters” on the outside, holes are prevented from developing during kill events.  Unwanted guests or outlanders will be forced to port only on the outside of hive allowing for easy counter rallying.
  • Location is close to forest or wonder but not abutting it where all the action takes place during a kill event.  However, we are close enough to hit level 6 monsters periodically and send collection marches to tiles. We are often overlooked initially during kill events which allows us time to port over at start of kill events.
  • Isolation by encampments.  During kill events it is easy to place multiple rings of isolation camps from the many farms located within the hive.  Isolating the hive with encampments is of great importance since the release of rally speed research.  It will provide your alliance members extra time to change gear, discuss strategy, “taking it or not?”, reinforcing, or simply activating a shield.

Our hive architect, LeBeowulf, required each member planning to relocate with the alliance to our new hive location to send her each account name.  Once she had heard from every member she used a wall in her house to place sticky notes containing each account name and type. I also believe she color coordinated them. She then wrote the exact coordinate to port to.  These coordinates were then mailed to each member.  She is an amazing member, we are lucky to have her on our team.

Since our move we have flourished greatly with minimal burning.  It was our goal to give zero resources or kills to our enemies. We are succeeding. Our brilliantly blue, frosty hive is the second great wonder of Dahae!

(MGd) LeBeowulf Hive
(MGd) LeBeowulf Hive

Updated photo of (MGd) Hive originally designed by LeBeowulf:

Thank you LeBeowulf for your service and friendship.  You will be deeply missed…



Houston, We Have a Problem…

It has come to our attention that StayAlive77 and the rest of his family of D:V will be boycotting events and spending until a number of issues are resolved.

Economics of Mz and Game of War
Gameofwartips has also experienced a number of issues lately in kill events.  The four way events especially are unbearably laggy.  We had several members complain they were unable to equip presets seconds before a rally struck their stronghold.  One guy said he equipped the preset 10 seconds before the march struck and it didn’t equip in time.

I have also documentation of players preset stats changing during a kill event.


Before Rally Stats
After Rally Stats
We believe that because of the debuff of the incoming rally her stats now reflect the results of the debuff.  So does this mean should she take a second rally her stats would be further decreased by debuff stats of the incoming rally?  Is this the intention of Mz?  Is it a glitch?

Many of our traps were burned for the first time this weekend.  Several instances were their own doing but many were because they were unable to equip their preset in time due to lag.

One of our guys was holding the wonder and double rally was set, one set on wonder, the other set to his stronghold. As soon as he pulled his hero from wonder his game completely locked up and this resulted in both rallies hitting wiping out millions of troops.  We all thought he was offline.  No, he was sitting cursing at a frozen screen…  These are guys that spend 10s of thousands of dollars to make sure they have the best possible hero and stronghold for battle.  For them to lose due to application errors and server lag shakes their confidence in the game to its very core.  Mz, please address these issues before its too late!

StayAlive77 and D:V are calling for a boycott and many are listening to the call.  We implore you to take immediate action.  If it means shutting the game down for 24 hours to make hardware upgrades so be it.  It could save the community and your game’s life.  Ignore these issues and many may leave to play a more stable application and along with them goes their wallets.

Update 9-23-2015:

Mz Boycott Response
Mz Boycott Response
Game of War Real Tips recently shared their thoughts on the responses that Mz are giving StayAlive77 and the community at large.

The following is from Game of War Real Tips.  Please visit their page to read the article in its entirety:

Game of War Real Tips response to all the craziness…

Let’s start from the beginning

Lag/ Glitches: We have recently made a major change… a more robust crash logging service [that gives more insight on crashes]… we have detected the top “crash” offender… we are addressing this issue now and will be releasing the fix today…we are also releasing a major scout optimization the speed up scout response time on highly contested targets. Lastly, we have increase the speed of the game with the newly released Suspend & Resume feature; this feature has made logging back into the game A LOT quicker. We still have more work to do. Slowness is a complex issue…

This is one of the most common issues players discuss. The good news is from MZ’s detailed response they are taking some significant actions. I don’t know if any of us will ever understand what it takes to reduce lag in real-time game with millions of people, but certainly MZ has the resources. I expect we will see more results soon..

Comment below with your specific lag issues cause I’m pretty sure MZ will be reading this.

Super Wonder: Along with the scouting optimization that is going live today we will have several MZ employees in the Super Wonder October 1st to profile and fix any slowdown occurring.

Again, this is a very noticeable goal, so I’m looking forward to how this plays out. It’s seems like MZ can fix specific lag issues pretty quick now, so I expect the last day or two of SW to be less laggy the first couple days.

Events: Currently we are doing 2x payouts for our most difficult inferno events! Along with the 5x troop training queue, 5x monster tile size, 3x hit and death drop rates for monsters, 2x gold tile size, 10% speed up boost, and allowing players to complete events by Any Power Gained making them easier to complete.

This is certainly a quick fix to players’ requests for longer term achievable inferno events. By all means take advantage of it now; but we would like to more achievable events in the near term and long term future. One suggestion is that anyone can complete Tier 1 rewards relatively easy, if someone were to focus hard for the full hour they could complete Tier 2 rewards, and if someone were to spend quite a few resources speed ups they could reach Tier 3 rewards.

Tournament Boosts: …future events moving forward will not award troop attack…

Some of us think high level players could be bias by supporting this, since it was likely a feature to support medium tier players, but it’s still probably a better idea that MZ removes the attack boosts altogether like they have.

CS (Customer Support): We just completed a multi month migration to a new industry-leading CRM solution. Our first response time is currently averaging at 22 hours… our average solution time is 50% shorter since June…the biggest thing we need is more representatives.

The reality is how long it takes for MZ to respond and the quality of the response hasn’t been too impressive. It’s important that they hire enough employees to directly respond to players without using the macro responses everyone dislikes.

Event Start Times: …[They will work to pair kingdoms together who have the same peak activity time. Although it is a hard task]

This definitely seems like the logical action to take. Certainly there are some algorithms that could be put in place to handle this.

Fast track fix for alliance gift popups. Basically the alliance gifts popping up were slowing the log in time for players, so they will be removing them.

*Hands Clapping*

We THANK YOU all for your continued feedback in making Game of War what it is today.

And we THANK YOU for addressing our concerns / complaints. Ha. Everything is not all fine and dandy yet, but they look to be sorting out.

Concluding Thoughts

Really the last thing we all want is to stop playing GoW. It’s a fantastic game, but we want it to run as fast as possible. It’s pretty crazy what kind family the community of players are after seeing the lengths they will go through to be heard by Machine Zone. Throughout all the drama I’ve kept in touch with many of the top players and alliances who all want to continue playing the game, they just want it to be more playable.

To be continued…

Continue reading “Houston, We Have a Problem…”

Video Release: SeeMoarButtz aka “MoosLuvr” 22 rally defense!

Greetings everyone! is proud to present the video commentary of SeeMoarButtz aka “MoosLuvrs” epic 22 rally defense kill event!  You may recall our previous blog by HarryCubed “Ode to the Best Rally Trap I’ve Ever Seen! aka How to take 22 rallies and win them all!”  Now see the action as it happened!

You can see all the action by clicking on the YouTube link below!

If you have trouble watching it on YouTube try our Vimeo link:

Vimeo Video of SeeMoarButtz Epic Rally Defense!


We have also update the great blog post by HarryCubed to include all rally reports!

You may see this by visiting the link below!

Thanks for watching and reading everyone!