Darkthorne Burns Baby!

Darkthorne Burns Baby!

Try as he might to port away, Darkthorne was caught by TheWar Queen.  Porting about 106 couldn’t save him.  Reese of IDF soon joined in the chase.  Before porting out of the kingdom to escape, Darkthorne had burned ten times.

Darkthorne Burns 1darkthorne burns 2Darkthorne burns 3Darkthorne burns 4Darkthorne burns 5Darkthorn burns 6

Happy Holidays Dark!

TheWarQueen later reported to us she used a custom ranged core set of her own design to burn the heroless stronghold of mine.  These reports show the importance of a strong meat shield.   A proper Tier 2 dense army ahead of my Tier 4 would provide greater boost to my limited defense remaining from no hero.


Happy Holidays!

You know Runner and Mopar and Humper and Drew. Doc and Plunger and Ousig and Brax too.  But do you recall. The most famous Mgd of all.

Seemoar the obvious trap account.

Had a very high KDR.

And if you ever saw it.

You might even say “it blows”
Vk and all the outlanders,

Used to laugh and call him “lame.”

They never thought poor Seemoar,

Could ever even play this game!
Then one foggy Christmas Eve-eve.

War Queen came to play.

Semoar with your crappy gear

Won’t you make my rally disappear?

Oh how Mgd loves him.

Even shouted out with glee

“Anyone got Coords on that witch?”

Dark said “I want to hit her, me me me!”

Thanks for reading. Please have a safe and happy holidays and Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate, or even just have a few merry days anyway, even if you’re not celebrating. Thanks Mgd for making me smile more than you should. You guys are all sorts of awesome!

Leg Humper. Aka. Harrycubed.



Game of Crashing!

Game of War has become “Game of Crashing” lately…

It has become an epidemic of game ending proportions!  As I write this my Game of War app, sitting idle, has crashed to my home screen.  This issue shakes the very foundation of the game.  Why participate in a kill event if your trap is annihilated due to crashing before you can get your cores on or shield in time?

Also, rally leaders are losing heroes left and right because they can’t get cores on in time.  The issue forces rally leaders to core early to insure they are properly equipped before impact.  However, they take higher losses because the target can adjust accordingly once they’ve seen what cores are being used.

In our alliance we have taken action, albeit, small.  However, if enough people do this we may force Machine Zone to put more energy into the issue.

Action Plan

Each time we crash or lag and must restart, we are sending a simply stated ticket to Mz stating three pieces of information:

Issue: Crashed or lagged

Operation completing: example here is idle, or checking cords, sending a march etc.

Device:  State the device you are playing on to help Mz diagnose the issues further.

We recently had a 16-way kill event.  I didn’t have much issue with slow load times or lag however the game crashing continued to be an issue.  I witnessed two alliance mates lose their hero.  We asked what happened?  But we already knew the answer.  After a delayed response we received “Sorry guys, I crashed, I hate this game…”

There you have it Machine Zone.  This issue is destroying your empire.

How many others are having issues with game crashing?  What can we do as a community to help resolve this problem before it completely destroys the game into which many of us have invested thousands?

Life of a T1 Trap!

As a part of the greatest alliance in the GOW, I feel it necessary to explain things from the perspective of a “Small”. You see I am a mere “Little guy”. Therefore, I do not unskirt unless I find it in my best interest.

In a land of larges and giants the little will always be made fun of and picked on, “Oh look at him, So small and insignificant”, “So little kills”. “Why even play?” ( I get this a lot ) I never respond, I feel I have always served a purpose in this addiction of a game.

Here is a little back ground, I am a father of a little girl that seems to be the happiest in the world, I have a beautiful wife, I work hard, often to hard. We have a beautiful home around 3300 Sq. Feet, It is on pace to be paid off within 15 years, We live a active life style, We are foster parents, I compete in Mud Truck events, I would consider my family as very well established fixture in the community, I think it is a matter of priorities. You see I would like to send my daughter to the college of her choosing, I would like her to have the car of her choosing, I don’t want her to be made fun of for the clothes that she is wearing, I don’t want her to feel ashamed to bring friends over for sleep overs.

So with my priorities in order and the stresses of life I play the game as a break, I play the game for the relationships that are forged through a complete digital “Waste of time” ( As my wife always puts it ) But she understands.

I play because I enjoy the one time a week that I get to unshield and get to wreck the dreams of some guy that thinks ” Hey look at this little guy! He has no idea what he is doing! He has no clue what I am sending to smash his little SH! HAHA”, So there I sit in a land of giants gazing and dreaming, wondering! Should I spend more? Should I grow this digital fantasy? Then it is set, The big zeroes in! Sets a rally, His heart racing, thinking, “This is going to be epic” I call for reins, My alliance responds quickly and in an instant I am fully reinforced, Again I begin to wonder should I spend? Should I grow? The Rally begins to march, The rally leader is already getting congratulated by his team,  Feeding his giant ego for what? spending money on a game? LOL! Boom it hits, The losses are large! the kills!, Ive lost nearly all my T1 troops he has killed 14M to my mere 1.2M kills. I simply shield, and then watch as my SH is a fire, Then go check, Man I lost so much, I lost 14M troops , They lost 1.2M troops, on paper that is a big loss on my part, they all killed so many troops.

T1 Trap image image image image image

But remember I lost T1 troops, you see I have played this completely in my favor. While only giving up only 14m points I just gained my alliance 106M points. I have done my duty. I have picked my spot well and equipped myself properly to appear as a lost cause, yet be very effective.

I don’t know how long I will play as a “Little” It may be months, it may be longer, I may never really grow this account! One thing I know, as a T1 Trap is I have a part in this game and as long as I continue to have big point gains as the example above then I will be more than happy to continue to serve my alliance and make them proud, In the end it is not the kills, it is the points given and taken at a properly chosen time.

This snapshot was from the last event 12/12/2015, Some big guy figured he would be killing a little guy, I lost 6M T1 Troops in 2 solo attacks, but wiped 2 full marches of T4, 600K a piece. I Win!!!

T1 Trap
T1 Trap

Editor’s Note: On behalf of (MGd) Mad Guardians of K106, I wish to thank ProFo Z for his tremendous efforts and his impressive positive point gains each kill event.  You are a great example of the impact each member of an alliance and kingdom can have on a kill event.

If you’d like to learn more about being an effective T1 trap leave a comment below!