Largest Rally Hit!

Largest Rally Hit in Game of War History!  1 Billion Power Loss!

Tonight in K106 Krainarius a truly tragic yet amazing turn of events.  SexyViper AKA AussieViper AKA too many to list.  Ok, she’s Viper, we get it, zeroed herself on her ex-boyfriend, a person we will not mention to protect the definitely guilty… Eventually she was set on by L:S and they gave us this spectacular hit.

Brace yourselves, ownage is coming…..

Largest Rally Hit
1 Billion Power Rally

So, this poor girl fell for a fella who broke her heart.  She zeroes herself on his walls from 12 B to about 9 B.  Meanwhile her alliance mates are just chatting away in Kingdom Chat to MGd.  Boasting about their drop in power and how MGd is just awful.  The whole time their ally is sending march after march into her ex-boyfriends walls.  Classy group VK is in K106.  Keep it up guys!  Youcontinue to provide a goldmine of blog material!

A couple things to note about this rally.  As you can see, no hero was present.  At some point she sent hero to her ex-boyfriend.  Also, the rally size was 3,115,750.  Frostbitten Core set was used.  And the attack debuff boost she used didn’t do too much for her snicker or the attack buff for that matter.

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Frostbitten Cavalry Rally!

Frostbitten cavalry rally is has devastating consequences on heroless strongholds!

Are you looking for Frostbitten Core Set Recipe?

Frostbitten Core Set Recipe

In k106 Krainarius, [LS ] Lord LS7 caught several such strongholds and used Frostbitten cavalry cores to demolish his foe.

Check out the following war reports:


Weighing in at just over 36 B power, (L.S) Lord  LS7  cut through him like a hot knife through butter.  No match for the awesome power of (L.S) Lord LS7!  Maybe next time this player will use the appropriate boosts when taking a rally and have better results.


17 B almost had proper boosts!  Nearly 300M hit! POW!



frostbitten cavalry rally

276M!  Congrats you discovered the correct boosts to use!


Dude, seriously just shield…..

Reese 09

27 B Power still no match for (L.S.) LORD LS7!!!!  A+ for boosts though 😉  Enjoy retraining those 5 m troops!


Seriously, dude, just shield…. No shame in putting on a blue skirt.

Honorable Mentions


Frostbitten core set

Frostbitten Core Set




Thanks to (L.S) LORD LS7 for sharing his week in images with us at!  Keep up the awesome display of POWER!!