Hades Core Set Any Good?

How Good is Hades Core Set?

Over the weekend, our Alliance battled for control of our Wonder and bragging rights for a few days.  Since, our Kingdom Merge battle for Wonder domination has been a steady chore.  With about an hour and half left on the timer our rally leader K106 (MGd) CanadianSti equipped his Hades Core Set and the real fun began! Continue reading “Hades Core Set Any Good?”

The Very Best Rally Trap in Game of War!

Best Rally Trap in Game of War!

Ponzi Scheme? Or just a LOT of Alcohol and GOW?

OK, so let me put things in perspective before I tell you about the Best Rally Trap in Game of War.

I’m awesome. Yeah, we all already know this. But recently, Darkthorne, the MAKER of this site you’re currently visiting, the discoverer of the great talent that is me, Leg Humper, has recently “hired” another blogger.

Continue reading “The Very Best Rally Trap in Game of War!”

Japanese Player Spends $6,065 in One Night…

I recently read a story on Bloomberg Money about a player from Japan who spent $6,065 on Granblue Fantasy for a chance to obtain a blonde avatar named Anchira, a rarely-seen, but highly sought-after ally causing an uprising and call for greater regulation of the Mobile Gaming Industry.  Could this happen in the U.S.?  Is this a good idea? Continue reading “Japanese Player Spends $6,065 in One Night…”