Ancient Advanced Teleport Elimination?

Ancient Advanced Teleport Elimination?

Ancient Advanced Teleport allows a player to teleport to other Ancient kingdoms in Game of War.  This has been the basis of much debate.  Are the Advanced Teleports a good idea or not?

Apparently, an image is circulating Line rooms suggesting that Machine Zone will “shortly announce the removal of Ancient Advanced Teleports.” However, the Ancient Random Teleports will not be removed.  The removal of Advanced Ancient Teleports is to disable the ability of Alliances to move about kingdoms in a coordinated fashion.

Advanced Ancient Teleport
Advanced Ancient Teleport

This apparently fake image has sparked much debate in the Game of War community.  Are AATPs a good idea?

Some argue that AATP and letting people out of their kingdoms was a mistake.  Many players agree that its not fair to allow players from other kingdoms into theirs in a coordinated fashion to disrupt their Kingdoms agreements such as farming rules, NAPs, Wonder Rotations etc.  These Kingdoms worked hard to earn these agreements and focus their Kingdom on Kingdom vs. Kingdom events during peaceful times.

For others it was a great addition to Game of War because they have been stuck in a dead kingdom that remained dead even after Kingdom Merge events.

This likely fake photo will create a real debate and undoubtedly spark some to write to Mz asking them either keep the AATP or agree with the fake story that the AATPs are a bad idea.  As a result, it may move Mz to remove AATP from Game of War.

This photo is a brilliant move by someone who doesn’t like AATP.  If you or someone you know created this please contact  We’d love to hear their thoughts on AATP!

Thank you for reading and if you have thoughts on whether AATP are a good or bad idea please let us know in the comments below or by personal message on line “Darkthorne.”

For the time being you can still AATP, its a lot of fun and I jump around on my Rally Trap to unsuspecting Kingdoms.  I highly recommend the trip!

VIP 20! The Crown Jewel!

VIP 20! Where Do We Go From Here?!

The Crown Jewel has been released in Game of War and wow its a dandy!  Say goodbye to Help Alliances.  VIP 20 gives you automatic 25 helps.  Also, save thousands of gold with free gem removals.  For all details of VIP 20 see below:

Prestige VIP 20

  • Automatic Alliance Helps: +25*
  • Reduce Master’s Hammers: +50*
  • Permanent VIP*
  • Free Gem Removal*
  • Base Specialized Bonus Free Reset
  • Free Hero Resurection
  • Autocomplete VIP Quests
  • Open All – Alliance Gifts
  • Embassy Defense Bonus: +10%
  • Master Combine
  • Rally Attack Bonus: 10%
  • Use All Resources
  • Open All – All Crafting Material and Gem Chests
  • Free Equip Hero Preset
  • Combine Items to Target Level
  • Hero XP Modifier: +10%
  • Open All – Specific Chests
  • Instant Construction Speed Up: 45 min
  • Food Production: 40%
  • Wood Production: 40%
  • Stone Production: 40%
  • Ore Production: 40%
  • Silver Production: 40%
  • VIP in Profile and Chat
  • VIP Quests Bonus: +16 Quests
  • Daily Quest Bonus: +16 Quests
  • Alliance Quest Bonus: +16 Quests
  • March Speed: +30%
  • Crafting Speed: +14%
  • Autocomplete Daily Quests
  • VIP Daily Streaks Bar Unlock
  • Autocomplete Alliance Quests
  • Troop Attack Bonus: +45%
  • Troop Health Bonus: +45%
  • Troop Defense Bonus: +45%
  • Core/Relic Duration: +10%
  • Core/Relic Crafting Cost Reduction: +6.5%
  • Training Resource Cost Reduction: +6%
  • Rally March Speed: +17.5%
  • War March Speed: +17.5%
  • Enemy Troop Defense, Health, Attack Debuff: +40%
  • Research Resource Cost Reduction: +2%

VIP 20 requires 60 million VIP points to go from Prestige VIP 19 to VIP 20.

Is this it for Prestige VIP?

Well, Game of War is calling this the Crown Jewel.

VIP 20 Crown Jewel
VIP 20 Crown Jewel

I would assume that this is it…for now.  We could see a new level of VIP altogether.  SUPER DUPER PRESTIGE VIP!

Honestly, I see this happening.  It will cost 1 million gold to unlock it and 100 m gold to achieve the first level.  We know from looking at the history of Game of War that there is absolutely no end game.  A player will never say, “Wow, I finally beat Game of War and maxed out my account!  Now, I can go play Clash Royale for awhile and come back when they release the new expansion pack next year Game of War – Interstellar Space Age”

And do we honestly want this? Sure, at times they come at us with too much, too fast, but if all we ever got was one update a year that required purchase like an expansion pack, I think many of us would have become bored and quit long ago.

When you think about the time you spend in game chatting it up with friends what else are you doing with the majority of your time?  I doubt its fighting.  I bet you 50k Amazon Coins you are building, and helping fellow Alliance mates build.  So, lets take a moment to thank Machine Zone for continuing to release new content at a furious pace!

Thanks Machine Zone!

Build on friends!

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Have a great day!




Monster Capture and Hall of Monsters

Beta Feature – Monster Capture and Hall of Monsters!

Monster Capture and Hall of Monsters
Monster Capture and Hall of Monsters

Get ready to face down monsters on our Beta Server!

A monstrous new opportunity has arisen that can grant your Alliance colossal power and keep them at the top. Construct the new Hall of Monsters in your Alliance City and gain the ability to capture Monsters and augment your Alliance’s powers with theirs!

For Beta Server, certain Monsters are able to be captured within the Wonder Dungeon. Note that this functionality may change in the future. When facing an eligible Monster, the “Capture Monster” Ability will be displayed – select this to use a Monster Cage and attempt to acquire the Monster in place of your normal attack for that round.

Monsters come in varying levels, from Basic to Legendary – the higher the level, the more difficult they will be to catch! However, the Combat Boosts they provide your Alliance will be much stronger at higher levels. You are only able to obtain one Monster per dungeon run, so make sure you have enough Monster Cages to walk away with the best creature you can. If you catch more than one, you will have to choose which you wish to keep in your Dungeon Inventory.

Exploring deeper within the Dungeon will grant you better chances of capturing a Legendary Monster. Be sure to complete your Dungeon Masteries to ensure you dominate within!

Once you’ve successfully exited the dungeon with your Monster, it will be stored in your Alliance City’s Hall of Monsters if you have an available slot. Every player in the Alliance will have one to three slots in which to store Monsters – if your slots are full, you will have to choose which Monster to release. Gain more slots by upgrading your Hall of Monsters to Level 5.

In return for capturing these ferocious creatures, you will gain MASSIVE boosts to your Alliance City Rallies – this will greatly benefit you in the forthcoming Alliance City Combat! Use Crowns and the new Beastmaster Tome to construct and upgrade your Hall of Monsters today! You don’t want to be caught unprepared.


This is an interesting new feature which is unique for Game of War.  It raises many questions about how it will affect combat for Alliance City.

Its great to see Game of War trying new and exciting things like the Ultimate Resource Tiles.  I can’t wait to see what’s up Game of War sleeve next!

What do you think of this new feature and do you think it will make it to the Live game server?

Ultimate Resource Tiles – Round 1

Ultimate Resource Tiles

Ultimate Resource Tiles were released for the first time Sunday April 17, 2016.  How well were Ultimate Resource Tiles accepted in your Kingdom?

Ultimate Resource Tiles
Ultimate Resource Tiles



In K106, my Kingdom, it was fairly peaceful.  Once the tiles dropped, people ported to them and began collecting.  As others ported in a rotation was started.  When the guy to the right troop load was full it was your turn.  And around and around we went until some a-hole came along to mess it up…

The bad actor was using 4 Horsemen cores to tile people.  So a couple of us cored up as well and were able to capture his hero.  Unfortunately, 45 minutes later he was at it again.  Eventually his alliance was able to talk some sense into the guy.

Coupled with the 20B resources up for grabs was a million gold event for collecting 1 B resources.  For me, it took about 5 trips to collect the 1 B resources.  Well, it turned into 6 trips because of the aforementioned A-hole attempting to tile me requiring another trip to be made to top of the event.

I’ve heard other kingdoms were not so lucky with peace.  Those Kingdoms experienced a feeding frenzy of tile hitting.  Everyone hitting one another at the tile made it impossible for anyone to collect.  That’s unfortunate and that Kingdom lost out on an easy million gold for nearly anyone in the Kingdom.  The way she goes!

Its interesting to ask what the motivation of Game of War was for the Ultimate Resource Tiles. Was this a gift to players or a way to create more destruction and killing of one another? At least for our Kingdom it promoted a moment of solidarity.  It did just follow a Kingdom vs. Kingdom Kill Event that may have helped this sentiment.

During a kill event a Kingdom typically works together against their common enemy, the other  Kingdoms they are facing in the Event.  I suppose those Kingdoms that were killing one another on the Ultimate Resource Tiles probably didn’t place very well in the KvK event.  It will be interesting to hear from what you all what happened in your Kingdom with the Ultimate Resource Tiles.

Ultimate Resource Tile Rotation
Ultimate Resource Tile Rotation

Thank you very much Game of War for the billion resources and 1 Million gold!  I hope we can see these tiles again soon!  Although it is likely if we see these regularly more bad apples will arise to tile players trying to collect from them.  Perhaps this is what was intended to begin with by Game of War.  Either way, it is great to see Game of War trying new features!

Ultimate Resource Troop Load
Ultimate Resource Troop Load

How were Ultimate Resource Tiles Received in your Kingdom?  I’d love to hear from you below.

Also, don’t forget to check out how to save on Game of War packs by using Amazon Coins.  I’ve helped dozens of people save hundreds of dollars.  When you purchase the coins through the link provided on the site you help support the efforts of this site! Thank you!


Level 22 Buildings: More

In September 2015, news of Stronghold 22 in Beta spread like wildfire.  It was said to be “coming soon!”  Well, they’ve finally arrived! Level 22 Buildings go live in Game of War!

What are the Level 22 Buildings benefits?  Let’s take a look.

Level 22 Buildings

Walls: Trap Attack +5%, Trap Count +75,000
Villas: Troop Attack +.5%, Enemy Embassy Defense Debuff 5%
Embassy:  Embassy Defense Bonus +20%, Reinforcement Capacity +500,000
Quarry: Stone/hr +1,600, Stone Cap. +5,596,000
Mine: Ore/hr +1,100, Ore Cap. +4,803,000
Logging Camp: Wood/hr +1,600, Wood Cap. 5,596,000
Farm: Food/hr +1,900, Food Cap. 7,095,000
Forge: Crafting Speed +5%, Core Crafting Booster 5%
Hall of War: Capacity +512,864, Rally Attack Bonus 20%
Watchtower:  Incoming marches suffer a a great attack penalty of +30% and triple scouting cost.
Barracks: Training Cap +10,000, Troop Def. Bonus 11%, Watchtower Debuff Res. 5%
Stronghold: March Capacity +250,000, March Slots +1
Hospital: Capacity 50,000, Troop Health Bonus 7%, Hospital Healing Speed 2%
Storehouse: Resources Protected 25,000,000
Academy: Research Speed increase 15%
Prison: Allows you to deface Hero owner’s Profile Image. Costs 7,000 Daggers to Upgrade.
Altar: Increased Attack, Defense, Health, March Speed when Executing a Hero.

Level 22 Upgrade Costs

Upgrading to level 22 buildings will require hundreds of Master Hammers which are the same Hammers you’ve used to build level 21 buildings.  However, level 22 will require hundreds per each building.  at 2,000 gold a piece you will need 100-200k gold per building.

Game of War recently released the Master Architect Gear Set that will greatly boost your Construction Speed.  This obviously was released in anticipation to the buildings upgrade to Level 22.

Stronghold Level 22

Stronghold 22
Stronghold 22 Requirements

Stronghold 2 stronghold 3


The increased march capacity for rally leaders is a significant advantage.  You will especially need this upgrade if you plan to fight for wonders.  Trap accounts do not benefit from this upgrade alone.  However, to upgrade other buildings that will benefit your trap account Stronghold 22 is needed.


The Level 22 Barracks provides:

  • Troop Defense: 11%, +1%
  • Watch Tower Debuff Resistance: 5%
  • Troop Queue: +5,000
  • Strategic Troop Defense Bonus: 11%, +1%
  • Hero XP: +46,000
  • Power: +2,717,965

One percentage point does not seem like much even when factoring in multiple barracks.  Debuff Resistance of 5% however is of greater benefit when we think about how difficult obtaining debuff resistance is in Game of War.

Barracks 22
Barracks 22 Upgrade Requirements
Barracks 22 Upgrade Reward
Barracks 22 Upgrade Reward
Barracks 22 Additional Benefits
Barracks 22 Additional Benefits



walls 1 walls 2 walls 3


Traps are not a substantial element to success in Game of War.  The game has evolved beyond traps being of any importance.  Walls 22 providing some other boost besides to traps would have made upgrading more alluring.  This will benefit a Solo Trap account the most where the number of traps are closer to the number of troops being sent.  However, in a rally situation 4m-5m troops will run straight through 500k traps.  In addition, it is far more advantageous to boost millions of troop’s stats rather than spend precious skill points, gems, equipment slots on boosting traps.  However, every bit of boost helps.  So, if you have the means to upgrade your walls, may as well.


forge 1 forge 2 forge 3

Core Boost 10%, what does that look like exactly?  Take a look.  Is it really that advantageous?

Forge Before Core Boost
Forge Before Core Boost 10%
Forge 22 Core Booster
Forge 22 After 10% Boost

At first glance 10% Core Boost seems amazing!  However, because a crafter is still affected by luck it is less attractive.  See these screen shots:

after asteroid
Forge 21 Core Stats
Forge 22 Core Stats
Forge 22 Core Stats

Essentially, because of the luck factor it makes this boost a wash.  You may boost some stats and lose others.  Look for yourself.


gymnos 1 gymnos 3 gynos 2

An additional 5 skill points?  Come on… You gave us +20 at Stronghold 21!  However, at this level we already have a substantial number of skill points.  Where would we put them?  I think this would benefit the trap player greater than a rally leader.  A missile attack rally leader doesn’t need many skill points to be effective.  A Wonder rally leader needs every advantage they can get, so this is nice for them.  Trap players could add more individual troop defense skill points.  However, 5 is not significant.  Had it been +30 or +40 then maybe it would justify the Billions of resources and hammers to get to level 22.

Something to keep in mind however.  These buildings are roadblocks to the level 22 buildings you are going to want later on that aren’t released yet.  Gymnos clearly falls under that category.  Gymnos will be a requirement for a building that you really want.   Similar to how the research trees work.  They dangle a research upgrade you really desire but have to research a ton of seemingly worthless ones to get there.


marketplace 1 marketplace 2 marketplace 3


quarry 1 quarry 2


farm 1 farm 2




Altar 22 Upgrade Requirements
Altar 22 Upgrade Requirements




Prison Level 22
Prison Level 22


villas 22 reward villas 22 req

Hall of War

Rally Capacity increase 512,864 (Maximum March Research), Rally Speed +30%, Rally Attack +40%.

4,000,000 is now the maximum rally size with 100% March Size Boost.

Hall of War 22 Requirements
Hall of War 22 Requirements
Hall of War 22 Upgrade Rewards
Hall of War 22 Upgrade Reward
Hall of War 22 Upgrade Details
Hall of War 22 Upgrade Details


Capacity 50,000, Troop Health Bonus 7%, Hospital Healing Speed 2%


embassy 3

Embassy Level 22 Requirements
Embassy Level 22 Requirements

Embassy Level 22 Upgrade


Watchtower Level 22 provides:

  • Scout Bonus Cost: +4,500
  • Hero XP: +78,000
  • Power: +4,905,283
  • Incoming enemy marches on your city suffer a greater troop attack penalty +30%!   Triples Enemy’s scouting cost!

Watchtower 1 Watchtower 2 Watchtower 3


While the initial level 22 buildings released in Game of War are not that alluring, remember that these are mostly roadblocks or prerequisites to the ones that will provide significant boosts.  Hall of War 22!

Rollin’ on 22s!

level 22 buildings