Reqiuem for a Small Spender

The New Struggle of the Small Spender…

Initially, when I made that fateful decision to download Game of War, GOW, about two and a half years ago, I entered a strange and exciting game full of rules and concepts I didn’t fully understand. Although I am now a 24-25 B player, I learned early on to shield and protect my stuff as thievery is okay in GOW.  Theft of your stuff is just part of the game.

Watching numerous friends and foe be zeroed and quit the game, I have developed  a different twist on the game than most.  Basically, I respect the money  invested into accounts. Some have invested a small home’s worth; others have managed to pay little. With that in mind, fast forward to about a week ago….

Building Inferno Extravaganza!

I was speaking with another larger-account player trying to figure out how some small players kept placing in the infernos and yet their powers remained roughly the same. After poking around a bit, it came to my attention that they were playing certain infernos with 50 points per power point gained for buildings. I inquired further why the would play just those and yet not grow in power at all.

It turns out that I was missing what was the great non-secret of the smaller player and trap community. I called it churning. These players would burn, tear down, and rebuild their academies over and over and over again to complete the infernos.

One showed me the math and I was stunned. These players were using only RSS to build and gathering immense gold and other loot. I asked how they got enough resources, RSS, to keep this up. Some were burning dead accounts, some traded, and many were buying the $4.99 and $9.99 RSS packs. Again, as a math guy, I did the math and they were able to do this ingenious method for low dollar. BRILLIANT!!!

The Party’s Over

On Monday evening, this method was shut down by Mz. They lowered the points to 10 and thus made this method inefficient and a loser on the RSS and speed front. They raised the “cost” to do this method by 500%. Now I fully accept and understand that Game of War creators, Machine Zone, Mz, are not a benevolent saint here to give us all sorts of free stuff. It has rules for us to play by and so on. I also realize, having been around this game a long while, that, in my opinion, Mz tends to act irrationally and with a short-game mentality. Obviously these “churners” were playing a legal near-loophole in the game to their advantage. Mz hates that. They want to be the only ones to benefit from their game. Fine! Their game; their rule. Again, I get it!

Leaving Money on the Table

What Mz is missing is this. Players who had spent little to none on the game were spending. Were they spending like 100 billion plus power players? Of course not! But they were spending. Why? The fuel to complete the infernos via their method is RSS, and the method burns RSS at an immense rate. Mz had, likely accidentally, made spenders out of non-spenders. These players had little choice but to buy rss to play this method. So who was winning?

Everyone!!!!! Mz….. that was EVERY STINKING ONE!!!! Small players had a reason to play and have fun not seen since casinos. Medium and large players could try it to finish an inferno, learn its too expensive on RSS for them and have to buy a pack! Mz, you too won, by tapping into a slow-drip of small players willing to pop $5-10 a month into a game they had been spending ZERO on.

A Million Little Spenders

Yup, Mz, do the math. 1000s of small players buying $60 a year in packs when they bought none before. Imagine a $1000 a week player suddenly spending $60,000 a week and not blinking.  Add to that insanity, the fact that there are far more small players than large and whamo!  You have the Walmart Effect.  Selling expensive packs to the few and selling cheap packs to the many is the Walmart model.

small spender

You guys were onto it! You went from the “we-say-we-care-about-everyone” frauds to the legitimate champion of all players… big and small.  You, for a brief time, had achieved the supernova of spending in an online game.

You had more small players playing in our Alliance and others than I had seen in a long time.  In kill events the big players, who you starve by only having kill event every two weeks, would hit and hit and hit these small trap players time and time and time again. The traps lost some Tier 2; the rally leaders lost MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Tier 4. Again, Mz, you were winning. Traps had to use up their gold and buy rss to rebuild. Big players were mad about their losses and had to rebuild and spend to work on their research. WIN WIN WIN.

Bring Back Meaningful Events for Small Players

Monday, MZ made hopefully a short-lived decision to end all this. Mz, I am but one player. I don’t spend like I used to but have a good read on players of all sizes and willingness to spend. Everyone is talking about this change. No one is excited. Please consider than when you starve the small players and they say heck with it and quit, bigs only get to hit and kill once. That account then joins the sea of useless dead accounts clogging your servers.

Remember that you were Walmart and not a local “mom and pop” and can be again.

I hope you reconsider.  The impact of this poor decision will cause many to simply shield indefinitely until you change your mind and again implement meaningful events for the countless small players to participate once again.