Solo March Trap: Beating the Biggest with the Smallest! 

Building a successful and economic solo march trap is not difficult.  It can be completed in a relatively short amount of time.  Several key factors are required for a solo march trap.

What is a Solo March Trap?

First, we need to look at the scoring system for Game of War:

solo march trap

Simply put, a solo march trap is a stronghold that entices outlanders to attack it with solo marches, but usually will not allow itself to be hit by a rally.  The idea is to score more points than the enemy in each battle.  For instance, if an outlander sends 400,000 T4 and the solo trap kills them all, this will score 40,000,000 points in a troop tier kill event, or 00,000 points in a power event.  Typically, a solo trap will hold lower-tiered troops such as T2 which are 8 power each and for each in a troop tier kill event they are worth 5 points if killed, or 1 point LOL if hospitalized.

How Should They Be Built?

The stat most important for a solo trap is defense.  Defense increases exponentially as your army’s numbers increase.  A solo trap will have superior numbers than the incoming solo march.  Therefore, a combination of multitudes of troops and high defense will allow your relatively small power stronghold to take hits from the best cores available in the game from the most powerful players in Game of War.  If built correctly a solo trap of can outscore any player in game.

Choosing the Correct Gear Items

Frostlord, Imperial Dragon, Golden Shogun, and Paladin of Sola provide tremendous boost to Defense.  These sets should be your focus points.  Look through these by set in crafting to see if you can craft any.  If you are close to an item note the materials needed and head to combine and see if you can obtain the mats you need to craft it to a decent level.  I say decent level because it may not require level 6 to be effective.  On my solo trap I’m using several level 5 Frost Lord items and having terrific results.  I’ve not spent much money on my solo trap maybe $100.00.  I chose a $50.00 pack that had Frostlord equipment and chests in it so I could get several purple items crafted.  I’m having a lot of fun with it!

Which Troop Types to Train

In order to keep your power low but have enough troops to defeat any rally leader, some solo traps are choosing one troop type.  For instance, a popular gear set may be Infantry based such as Nike.  So you could train all Ranged troops and be incredibly difficult to burn for an Infantry core solo or even a rally.  You will then build traps to that are also strong versus infantry.

Beware, however, of an Ares or some other cavalry rally as it will definitely destroy your trap.

These are just a few ideas for solo traps.  Have you successfully set up and used a solo trap lately? Please tell us more about it in the comments below!

Enjoy and have fun with those trap houses!

Hephaestus Wonder Core Set

Hephaestus Core Set – Wonder Core Set

Dive into the Flames: The Hephaestus Core Set!

Hephaestus Core SetValiant warrior, if you see sparks flying and feel earth-shattering clamor, your perilous path may have led you to the anvil of the gods!

The Hephaestus Core Set is perfect for claiming the Wonder. Take its rewards as your own wearing this divinely wrought gear!

Only when you melt the following Cores and Pieces together can you unlock the most DEVASTATING Hidden Recipes to craft the Hephaestus Core Set and set your opponents’ Cities ablaze:

haphaestus core set

hephaestus core set stats

Encrust the Smoldering Helm with Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Blood Knight Emblem, and Champion Proof to stoke the Firegod’s Ire.

Fuse the Smoldering Mantle with Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Dragon Ash, and Gothic Candlestick to ignite the Firegod’s Hearth.
Combine Smoldering Legs with Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Gothic Candlestick, and Salamander Skin to draw out the Firegod’s Bearing.
Merge the Smoldering Claymore with Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Sinister Gimlet, and Volcanic Ruby to heat up the Firegod’s Skewer.
Blend the Smoldering Shield with Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Power Crystal, and Blood Knight Emblem to reveal the Firegod’s Anvil.

The Hephaestus Core Set will leave only scorch marks where your enemies’ Strongholds now stand. Create it and set the sun on your foes.

Special Hephaestus Chests will be available only in our fiery Sales, but you’re sure to find Cores and Pieces in our red-hot events.

For more cores follow this link!

More coming soon!

Resource Shielding is Super Easy!


Resource Shield
Resource Shield

With the resource shield, you can farm offline without concern for losing any troops.  If you have resource shields in your inventory.  Resource shielding is easy but gaining the shields can be difficult.   Once your troops reach a resource tile you can activate the shield easily!

How long do resource shield’s last?

It has been said that resource shields last only three days.  However, it is unlikely that your troops will take that long to collect a resource node.  Actually, its impossible.  However, dig site shields may drop after a few days so beware!

Prospector’s Set and Gems

Prospector’s Set provides a free shield when you equip 5 pieces, Helm, Armor, Feet, Weapon, and at least one Accessory.  You can get activate additional shields when you have the 7 piece set and add a Prospector Gem to an equipped item.  The level of the gem determines the level of resource tile that will be shielded.  For instance, if you equip the 7 piece Legendary Prospector’s gear and add a Level 6 Prospector’s Gem then you can shield anything level 6 and below.

However, if you equip a level 5 Prospector’s Gem then you can only activate an additional shield on level 5 resource nodes and below.

However, this shield will not work on gold tiles…Sorry!

Should you have additional questions or comments please leave a comment below and I’ll get them answered for you!

So, get out there and collect those resources!



iPad and iPhone Rotatable Screen

iPad and iPhone Rotatable Screen

Thank you to (MGd) Runner34072 for bringing this to our attention.  You can now save on charger cable replacement costs.  Play Game of War on iPad and iPhone upside down!  That’s right!  Go ahead and flip that iPad around and free yourself from stabbing your stomach all night with that pesky charger cable!

I’m not sure when Game of War or iOS started allowing this but it a lot of help when I’m on the iPad while laying around the house playing Game of War.  Before the charger would be in the way, but reversing the screen allows the charger cord to rest easily above the screen.


How many didn’t know this?

Alliance City

Alliance City Combat in Beta!

Alliance City combat has been released in Beta server Game of War.  Here are a couple images from the combat.

alliance city combatAlliance city combatalliance city combat Ac blog 2 Ac Blog ac burning AC rally



Post from November 8, 2014, rumors of Alliance City were just beginning.  Almost two years later we have not had a chance to do much with it.  Perhaps it is finally on its way! Fingers crossed.

Today I was fooling around in the core forge. While attempting to combine some pieces I came across some that were dim as if I couldn’t combine them. In fact I can’t. I received he following notice about storing more pieces in the future in an alliance city.

alliance city combat

What is Athena up to this time?