Game of War Rally Trap – Gear, Troops, Gems

How to Build a Game of War Rally Trap For Cheap!

If you want to play Game of War but not spend a great deal of money chasing expensive core sets and research then this article is for you!  If you want a way to trap those pesky mean rally leaders tormenting you alliance then this too is an article for you!

I have a 110 billion power account that I no longer consider my main.  I now spend most of my time on a sub 10 billion power account that I use as a rally trap.

Nike Hero 65

In the above example I lost a few T1 traps for under 50k power loss.  I was able to recover those traps for no speed up cost since T1 is instant salvage.  So, how can you get one of these fun trap accounts?

If at the end of this guide you still need assistance, I’d be glad to assist you step-by-step!  To learn more follow the link at the end of the article!

Building the Trap

Here’s what you will need to trap the Hardest Hitting Rally Leader’s in Game of War:


  • Tier 4 Normal
  • Traps Tier 1 Normal – just above war bricks.
  • Defense Tree to Troop Defense Debuff Resistance 9
    • Some Kingdoms do not have this released yet in their Defense tree.  Be patient its coming.  Instead get your Defense Debuff Resistance from Kinoichi Kunai – use at least 2 until your defense tree is added.  Then use just one.
  • Total Research Power should around 400 million power.


  • Frostlord’s Will (Helm)
  • Imperial Mantle (Armor)
  • Imperial Greaves (Feet)
  • Frostlord’s Shatter star (Weapon)
  • Frostlord’s Wielders (Accessory)
  • Kunoichi’s Kunai (Accessory)
  • Kunoichi’s Kunai (Accessory)

Alternative Gear

  • Sola’s Paladin and Golden Shogun Gear
    • This set is a troop specific defense set that can be used to counter specific rally types i.e. infantry, ranged, cavalry.
  • Colossus Gear
    • This set is easily the best general defense gear set in game.  However, it costs the most to attain currently in game. Compare defense of each piece to the current item’s defense you have and upgrade accordingly.


  • Defense – 25% Defense
  • Shadow Gem – 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Troop Attack Debuff
  • Gem of Honor – 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Troop Attack Debuff (Yes, its the same as Shadow Gem but can equip both)
  • Gem of Protection – 25% Enemy Rally Attack Debuff (The use of this Gem is controversial.)  I use two of them to negate enemy’s Rally Attack from skills, but I’m still testing if I should use more against the occasional rally leader stacking Rally Attack boost gems.  If you have data concerning this please leave a comment below.

Better gems have been released with more Defense boost.  If you are able to obtain them use them!  Defense is most the important stat for this trap set but I’ve tried to provide the minimum requirements in this article to trap with minimal research power.

Troop Counts

  • 20 million of each Tier 4 type – Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry
  • 240 million of each Tier 2 type.
  • All Tier 1/2 Traps, Spikes, Archer Tower, Boiling Tar, Turret, Snares, Steam Cannon.
  • Troop Power will be 4 billion and above depending whether you go for an Ares trap or not.

With the release of Artemis you may need to increase troop numbers slightly more to around 800-900m.

Very important:  Please be aware of the Game of War Nerf.  If you train too many lower-tiered troops you will suffer a penalty to your troop’s stats and suffer great losses upon taking a hit of any kind.


  • Defense – 125% or 175% obtained in one of the few packs required to reach the limits of this trap setup.
  • Attack Debuff – 125% or 175% see above.

Buildings Setup

Once you have reached Stronghold 21 and unlocked Tier 4 its time to train your Tier 4 army.  It is my recommendation that you check the Forge to see if you can craft any Economy Sets for Troop Training boosts such as Generals or Grand Marshalls Set gear.  This will save you many days of speeds ups. However, if you are unable to craft these items don’t worry.  You can still train an army relatively cheaply.  You may have picked up some Troop Training boosts or Items along the way building your Stronghold 21.  Check your inventory for Prometheus’ Boon (Lvl 30) it provides +18% Training Speed.  Also, check for Hades’ Helm (Lvl 40).  It will provide another +12% Training Speed.

Next, you want to build a balance of Villas and Barracks. Villas will reduce your Training Speed and Barracks will allow you train more troops at once.  Personally, I just used Training Speed Boosts of 30 – 50 % from the packs and Troop Queue Boosts of 500%-1000% with all Barracks and got it done in a few hours.  It likely cost me a bit more but I got it done in time for the Kill Event that night.

Altar Boost

Once you are satisfied with the number of Tier 4 and Tier 2 I recommend knocking down any building you won’t need to trap and replacing it with Level 21 Barracks to add more Base Defense.  Base Defense is boosted by your Altar and Altar Skills.  So, if you have 20 Barracks at level 21 it will provide 200% more Defense,  20 x 10% Defense.  With an active Altar it will boost this by 80%! Let’s do some math.  Say you have 300% base Defense from Research and add another 200% from your Barracks for a total of 500%.

Now, just before the Kill Event execute one of your Executable Farm Heroes using an Instant Execution from a Cheap Pack you purchased.  Last night, I got one for $19.99 around time of Kill Event.  Not bad for a full night of fun with friends trapping and killing Rally Leader Heroes who have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars to try to burn my few hundred dollar account.  I am also one of them.  I know how frustrating it is!  The active Altar Boost will provide you an additional 400% Defense!  This is the best boost in the Game!

Countering Artemis Core Set

Currently, Artemis Core Set is ripping through people with under 700 million troops and this type of account.  So, if you wish to stop Artemis you will need to beef up a bit to over 800 million troops keeping a close eye on the Nerf limitations of Tier 2 troops or grab some better gear items such as Shogun or Paladin pieces.  Shogun works best as a set due to each slot piece containing a different troop boost.  The accessory is nice as it provides Infantry and Ranged Defense which will counter Artemis (Ranged) and Ares (Cavalry) the two of the hardest hitting rally core sets you will face.   If you equip it against Nike, however, its pretty useless since it provides no Cavalry Defense. For Nike Core Set you need Cavalry Defense.  So look for those stats among Paladin and Golden Shogun.

However, with this setup you will have no problem capping heroes from Poseidon (Ranged), Zeus (Infantry), Frostbitten (Cavalry), Dragon Bone (Ranged), and any other missile core set released prior to Dragon Bone.

The following is content from the original post date of this article.  I’ve kept it for historical purposes.

Ares Core Set

Ares Core Set has the following maximum boosts with Gems:

  • Cavalry Attack – 3,762%
  • Troop Attack – 1,984%
  • Combined Attack – 5,746%
  • Troop Attack Debuff – 729%
  • Infantry Attack Debuff – 600%
  • Ranged Attack Debuff – 550%
  • Cavalry Attack Debuff – 600%
  • Ranged Defense Debuff – 282%
  • Defense Debuff – 1767%
  • Health Debuff – 1450%

That is quite an arsenal of stats!  Where to begin? It has a combined attack of nearly 6,000% with 1800% Defense Debuff.  This requires a considerably different trap setup than required against Poseidon and Zeus which have considerably less Attack but more Defense Debuff.

So, this brings me to the counter part.  Since Ares has considerably more Attack but less Defense Debuff than we enountered in Zeus and Poseidon it is my recommendation to use no more than one Kinoichi Kunai Troop Defense Debuff Resistance item.  Instead equip straight Defense items such as Frostlord’s Wielders, Barbarian Spear or the best against Ares, the Rising Tekko.

Rising Tekko Stats

  • Infantry Defense – 450%
  • Ranged Defense – 450%
  • Troop Attack – 35%
  • March Speed Debuff – 25%

Rising Tekko is a great equipment item against Ares, Poseidon, or Frostbitten because it counters so well against Ranged and Cavalry missile attack core sets.

Editor’s Note: If it is your desire to stop any core set that comes your way then it may be a wise investment to go ahead and finish the crafting tree.  You will add considerably more Defense from the fourth slot gems, 245% and have the ability to craft cores with specific troop defense to more easily counter these massive attack core sets.  However, this is a subject matter for a different article.  I digress.

How cheap can you build this trap?

How cheap is it the trap?  Lets take a look at the latest packs to find out!  Before purchasing any packs I strongly urge you to read my Amazon Coins article to get Cheap Game of War Packs.  Its possible to save 25% on all packs.  If you need assistance please leave a comment below.  Or contact me via Line Chat App. ID: darkthorne.  So, the latest packs:

build a trap for cheap
Cheap Packs

So, at the moment this pack is available for $4.99.  Yes, 5 dollars and you get this pack.  Also, you can buy multiple times.  It contains the chests we desire to build our trap: Golden Shogun and Frostlord.  It also contains Gold, Speed Ups, and Resources to help Research or Train your army.

Trap building cheap
Cheap Training Pack

This pack is available for $9.99.  Its perfect for training Tier 2 or Tier 4.  Currently, the slowest I train a full Tier 4 queue of 736,000 troops is 736 days.  So, the big packs touting 25,000 days is mostly useless for us.  The speed ups in those packs are 2,000 days and 1,000 days.  You will be wasting hundreds of days of Speed ups when training your army.

Cheap Game of War Trap
Useless Speed Ups

So, to sum up.  When choosing packs to build your trap you want to first purchase some Amazon Coins.  If you need assistance let me know, but its crucial in building a Cheap Trap.  Next, you want to find packs that contain the correct speed up size 200, 300, 400, 500 days max.  Also, you want the packs that contain Imperial Dragon and Frostlord’s primarily.  The packs that contain Golden Shogun are a nice bonus if you are after that Rising Tekko.

Alliance Cooperation and Idea Sharing

Don’t forget about your Alliance mates!  Let them know what you are up to and get them involved in the process.   You will likely discover their excitement when learning that a new Trap is coming online to provide massive points in upcoming Kill Events.  Also, your Rally Leaders can rally the Heroless Strongholds you just capped!

Above all else enjoy the journey!

GoW Rally Trap Results

Here are some results of my Trap these past several months!

Nike Hero 64 with Normal Gear
Nike Hero 64 trapped using normal Gear


This was a maxed Hero Zeus rally, but as I recall the rally leader had pretty poorly Gem’d set with few Defense Debuff Gems.  My 2 x Kinoichi Kunai did some great work against this rally.  I lost 9,766 T1 at 353k Troops at the time.


This is a Poseidon Rally from our last Kill Event.  I had just taken the below Ares Core Set Rally but was able to retrain a few million troops in time to take this Poseidon hit.  When I got the Rally Notification offline I wasn’t sure how much time I had left till Rally impact.

So, I boosted Defense 125% and Attack Debuff 125% however, the 1 minute Defense boost ran out before rally hit.  I was switching my gear from Ares set up to Poseidon set up with more Kinoichi Kunai.  No presets on the account so have to manually swap them!  Cheap traps have their negatives too, no presets!  I was still able to capture Hero with around 398m troops.



Ares strikes again!  I’m getting closer to capping this ferocious Core Set.  I need to get a Rising Tekko or boost more troops.  Basically, I need more Defense or more Troops.  To get more Defense requires either unlocking Fourth Gems in the crafting tree to add the 245% Defense with 7 of the 35% Defense Gems.  I also have some room to upgrade to the 35% Defense Gems which will provide around 140% boost.  But I hope to obtain a Rising Tekko very soon with these $20 packs I pick up every week or two for a Kill Event.  Not bad spending $20.00 a week to keep up with Rally Leaders who spend $1,000s/week for Cores, Research, Buildings and Boosts.


This is what she’s rocking right now. The Boosts with The Fur.  She Bees in the Trap!


Here is a breakdown of my Troops.  This trap started when Zeus (Infantry) and Frostbitten (Cavalry) were tearing it up!  Then I had to adjust numbers to counter the harder hitting Poseidon (Ranged).  Finally, we have a harder hitting Cavalry Core Set of DOOM in Ares!  I’ve had to adjust once again to counter Ares.

If you wish to be able to withstand anything thrown at you then its required to have a somewhat balanced mix of troops.  However, if you decide you will only take a specific troop type rally such as Ranged, then train your army accordingly.  I have an Alliance mate that capped an Ares Rally over the weekend at just 900 million power and Normal Equipment.  How?  She’s all Infantry using Infantry Attack and Infantry Defense Normal Gear items.  It definitely shocked the maxed out Rally Leader burning a thousand dollar Core set.

Not completely clear how to implement this strategy or have other questions about Game of War?  Book a session with me today and let’s get you on the right path quickly!  If you book today you will save $5 on your first session!  I look forward to chatting with you today!

Thanks for reading! Take a moment to enlist in my mailing campaign to enjoy future guides and tips!


Leg Humper Sings the Gow Blues!

PART 3: The Return of the Leg Humper

It is a time of possibilities and hope for our heroes as the LEG HUMPER TRIALS near completion. Leg Humper has passed all his tests and trials, easily, almost TOO easily. The final challenge will most certainly be his greatest achievement or failure yet.

The FINAL Test! Common Eileen

We have a great tradition here in the “Game Of War Keggery” or “GOWK” for short (yeah. Google “GOWK” too…….) that all new initiates sing us a song. We wouldn’t require you to do this, as at the very least, being a member of the GOWSWHOF due to your previously mentioned #1 hit, but we’d love for you to honor us with one nonetheless!? How about everyone in here. What do you think!?”
(The crowd voiced a slightly interested sound of approval, but I’m sure it would have been ok if they’d all just been left alone to find out why GOW had just notified them that “ATTENTION! This is Game Of War!!” On a pop up. Since then I’ve also gotten “knock knock”. “Double!” “Double who!” And my personal favorite. “W!” What are they doing!?)

“Well. I guess I could sing one song. I don’t have anything prepared, so it’ll be created as I go, is that ok?”

Crowd “yeah. Whatever.”

I tell the band to play a simple blues rift. The music starts. I sing.

“On the day I was born…
“Da da dun dunp”
I looked at the nurse…
“Da da dun dunp”
I said is that your phone?…
“Da da dun dunp”
She looked in her purse…

“Da da dun dunp”
She had a pop up…
“Da da dun dunp”
It was for a new game…
“Da da dun dunp”
It was called clash of clans…
“Da da dun dunp”
It seemed kind of lame…

“Da da dun dunp”
She said “I wish they’re was better”…
“Da da dun dunp”
I said “your wish will come true…
“Da da dun dunp”
If Clash is Ramen Pride…
“Da da dun dunp”
GOW will be Dinty Moore beef stew!

I got the Game of War Blues….oh. The Game of War blues….

I downloaded the app…
“Da da dun dunp”
I made an account…
“Da da dun dunp”
Finished the tutorial…
“Da da dun dunp”
So many hours, I lost count…
“Da da dun dunp”

I upgraded my buildings…
“Da da dun dunp”
and researched economics…
“Da da dun dunp”
I used lots of speed ups…
“Da da dun dunp”
I fell for MZs best tricks…
“Da da dun dunp”

I looked through the packs…
“Da da dun dunp”
And one looked good…
“Da da dun dunp”
I bought 10 through iTunes…
“Da da dun dunp”
Now I can’t afford food!…

I got the Blues….oh yeah,
The Game of War blues….

I sold off my car…
“Da da dun dunp”
Put my house up for sale…
“Da da dun dunp”
Moved into moms basement…
“Da da dun dunp”
The lack of sun makes me pale…
“Da da dun dunp”

I buy a new phone…
“Da da dun dunp”
Get a few new iPads…
“Da da dun dunp”
I make farm accounts…
“Da da dun dunp”
This is getting so sad…
“Da da dun dunp”

I spend all my time…
“Da da dun dunp”
Upgrading my farms…
“Da da dun dunp”
Tapping out small speed ups…
“Da da dun dunp”
I got cramps in my arms!

I got the Blues….oh yeah,
The Game of War blues….

I March 30 minutes…
“Da da dun dunp”
To kill 20 troops…
“Da da dun dunp”
I speed up my March back…
“Da da dun dunp”
Cause I really have to poop!…
“Da da dun dunp”

My life has changed so much…
“Da da dun dunp”
I schedule my life…
“Da da dun dunp”
Around kvks and kill events…
“Da da dun dunp”
I don’t recognize my wife!…
“Da da dun dunp”

I gain lots of power…
“Da da dun dunp”
Build lots of cores…
“Da da dun dunp”
I lead rallies on enemies…
“Da da dun dunp”
I bet their butts are sore!…
“Da da dun dunp”

THEY got the Blues….oh wow,
The Game of War blues….

My eyes don’t work right…
“Da da dun dunp”
I can’t use my thumbs…
“Da da dun dunp”
My backs bad from crouching…
“Da da dun dunp”
My buttocks is (are?) numb…
“Da da dun dunp”

My life is a mess…
“Da da dun dunp”
I have no more cash…
“Da da dun dunp”
MZ releases new researches…
“Da da dun dunp”
I guess I’ll take it up the….buttocks…
“Da da dun dunp”

I have to give it up…
“Da da dun dunp”
I have no more drive…
“Da da dun dunp”
I give my account away…
“Da da dun dunp”
I start to feel alive!

I got the Blues….oh baby,
The Game of War blues….

I keep one tiny account…
“Da da dun dunp”
Just to chat with my friends…
“Da da dun dunp”
I give all my farms away…
“Da da dun dunp”
I hope I helped them in the end…
“Da da dun dunp”

I check in each day…
“Da da dun dunp”
No gifts go to waste…
“Da da dun dunp”
I slowly build up this account…
“Da da dun dunp”
GOW is worse than eating paste…
“Da da dun dunp”

I build up to trap…
“Da da dun dunp”
It was never fun before…
“Da da dun dunp”
I let mz get their hooks back in me…
“Da da dun dunp”
I’m basically their whore!

I got the Blues….oh mama,
The Game of War blues….

I’ve enjoyed this game much…
“Da da dun dunp”
And hated it too…
“Da da dun dunp”
I can’t get away from it…
“Da da dun dunp”
No matter what I do…
“Da da dun dunp”

MZ continues to mess…
“Da da dun dunp”
With a good customer base…
“Da da dun dunp”
Useless features and research…
“Da da dun dunp”
Like a pie in the face…
“Da da dun dunp”

The worst thing I’ve seen…
“Da da dun dunp”
Is the infernos for money…
“Da da dun dunp”
Wanna play this free game?…
“Da da dun dunp”
Go get some iTunes, honey!

I got the Blues….oh lord,
The Game of War blues….

Now to level my hero…
“Da da dun dunp”
These new medals to buy…
“Da da dun dunp”
Not play hard or try hard…
“Da da dun dunp”
It makes me want to cry!…
“Da da dun dunp”

Soon this game will outgrow me…
“Da da dun dunp”
And I’ll be unable to play…
“Da da dun dunp”
Not from lack of trying…
“Da da dun dunp”
Just from lack of Mon-ay!

Game of war is my heroine…
“Da da dun dunp”
My dealer is MZ…
“Da da dun dunp”
If they ever do a drug test…
“Da da dun dunp”
They’ll find Hoplites in my pee!

I got the Blues….oh MZ,
The Game of War blues….

Crowd: ”
We got the Blues….oh boy,
The Game of War blues….”

My mysterious somewhat good looking man-friend is crying. Manly tears. He realizes he’s in the
Presence of greatness. I look around. Not a dry eye in the house. Tears everywhere. Sobbing here and there. One woman is full on wailing.

My moderately good looking man-friend speaks. His words hold gravity and feel as if he’s speaking to royalty. “Leg Humper, we are honored to have to stay with us. Tell us tales of your travels. We are humbled to be in the presence of greatness.”

I decide to stay a little while, but I have to be honest with them, as I really am a terrible liar. “I will stay. I will chat with you all. But there will come a day, perhaps soon. Perhaps far in the future. Where I will need to leave and share my greatness with the rest of the world. Maybe some day we will reunite in some other addicting game. You will know me. But for now. We DRINK!!!”

The crowd cheers.

Thank you Darkthorne for bugging me to blog again. I truly enjoy it, but haven’t had the time recently to put the needed effort into doing this.

To all my fans. I hope you enjoy this, possibly last? Leg Humper blog. The game is changing and my time is more limited than it was. I’m having fun trapping, but will likely not be able to keep up with MZ. I’ve stuck around for my friends in the game, many of which I would actually like to meet in person some day. One of which I have and I was not disappointed. (But the waitress CLEARLY liked me better.) Eventually, you may need to imagine Leg Humper walking out those doors of the GOWK tavern and disappearing into the night. Silently. But satisfied. Smiling. But sad.

Thanks for reading this far!
Harrycubed a.k.a. Leg Humper
Kingdom: #106 Kranarius
Alliance: MGd

The BLUE RAY edition of this trilogy will be released soon. Some Directors commentary and behind the scenes time will be included. The behind the scenes stuff will mostly just be a picture of me sitting in my chair with my phone in my hand. The directors commentary will likely either being my wife telling me to put the phone down to watch Big Brother or Darkthorne telling me to try to be funnier.

Anti Nike / Zeus Infantry Core Guide

First, building a core set to defend against Nike or Zeus Infantry Attack Missile Rally can be a daunting task in Game of War.

Zeus’ typical stats include over 4,000% infantry attack and 1500% defense debuff.  Nike stats are even more impressive with over 5,000% attack.  So, creating a core set that can defend against such hard hitting core sets is a must for low troop count rally traps to stand a chance.

Things to keep in mind.  If you have a low troop count, health becomes more important than defense.  How low is low?  Under 100 Million troops.

Let’s get right into it.

To stop an infantry missile rally we need to provide protection based on the following priority:

  1. Cavalry
  2. Infantry
  3. Ranged

Therefore, cavalry defense is our highest priority as cavalry will take most of the impact, followed by infantry and ranged should hard be touched.

Second, if we can lower the attack of the enemy infantry attack or troop attack this will also save our troops.

Third, I recommend using at least one Kunoichi’s Kunai (Black Dagger) to resist the defense debuff of Nike, Zeus, or other infantry missile with defense debuff.

Best Anti-Nike Cores

Helm: Majestic Sallet (Hera) 150% Cavalry Defense, 150% Infantry Defense, 150% Ranged Defense
Warlord Helm 118% Cavalry Defense, 108% Troop Attack, 66% Ranged Attack
Fallen Champion’s Helm 100% Cavalry Defense, Enemy Troop Health Debuff 52%
Armor: Majestic Coat 200% Cavalry Defense, 200% Infantry Defense, 200% Ranged Defense, 50% Troop Health Debuff
Cyclops Armor 103% Cavalry Defense, 28% Troop Attack Debuff
Underworld Furnace (Hades) 90% Cavalry Defense, 90% Infantry Defense, 100% Troop Defense
Feet: Radiant Coverings (Apollo) 190% Cavalry Defense, 100% Infantry Attack Debuff,  100% Ranged Attack, 100% Ranged Attack Debuff, 20% Troop Attack
Majestic Plumage (Hera) 100% Cavalry Defense, 100% Ranged Defense, 50% Infantry Attack Debuff,
Turtle Toe Armor 100% Cavalry Defense, 100% Infantry Health
Layered Foot Armor (Budget)(Dragon King) 126% Troop Defense, Infantry Attack Debuff 51%
Weapon: Hunting Spear 150% Troop Defense, 75% Troop Health
Nine Dragon Trident 132% Troop Defense, 40% Infantry Defense
Sai (Budget) 104% Troop Defense, 30% Infantry Defense Debuff, 90% Infantry Attack
Accessory: Bloodstone Shield 150% Cavalry Defense, 150% Infantry Defense, 100% Troop Attack Debuff
Majestic Totem (Hera) 150% Cavalry Defense, 25% Infantry Attack Debuff
Dhal Shield 106% Cavalry Defense
Seekers Protection (Budget) 97% Cavalry Defense, Infantry Defense 94%, Troop Attack Debuff 10%

Best Anti Nike Pieces

Underworld Plating (Hades) 100% Cavalry Defense, 100% Infantry Defense, 100% Ranged Defense
Persephone’s Brush (Hades) 60% Cavalry Defense, Infantry Defense 60%, 60% Ranged Defense
Unity Rings (Hera) 60% I/R/C Defense, 10% Troop Attack
Water Dragon Trophy (Ares) 50% Cavalry Defense
Bamboo Handles (Budget) 50.4% Cavalry Defense
Armored Pauldron (Ares) 40% Cavalry Defense, 20% Troop Attack
Sun Sigil (Budget) 38% Cavalry Defense, 23% Troop Attack
Embalming Tool 28% Ranged Attack, 35% Cavalry Defense
Royal Egg (Hera) 25% Cavalry Defense, 25% Infantry Attack Debuff
Sign of Taurus 24% Cavalry Defense, 24% Troop Attack Debuff
Golden Spruce 28% Cavalry Defense
Winter Glass (Frostbitten) 24% Troop Defense, 32% Troop Attack Debuff, 38% Troop Defense Debuff
Fabric Dyes 39% Cavalry Defense

Best Anti Nike Core Recipe

Equipped with the above breakdown of potential candidates for an anti Nike recipe lets first make a recipe with the best available cores and pieces.

  1. Majestic Sallet (Hera)
  2. Warlord Helm (Budget)
  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus
  1. Majestic Coat
  2. Cyclops Armor
  3. Seeker’s Armor


  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus
  1. Radiant Coverings (Apollo)
  2. Majestic Plummage (Hera)
  3. Layered Foot Armor (Budget)(Dragon King)
  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus
  1. Hunting Spear
  2. Nine Dragon Trident
  3. Sai (Budget)
  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus
Acc 1: Bloodstone Shield
  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus
Acc 2: Majestic Totem (Hera)
  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus
Acc 3:

Kinoichi’s Kunai or

Dhal Shield

  • Underworld Plating (Hades)
  • Persephone’s Brush (Hades)
  • Unity Rings (Hera)
  • Water Dragon Trophy (Ares)
  • Embalming Tool
  • Sign of Taurus

Best Anti Nike Core Set Stats

If you manage to build this behemoth of a core set then you will enjoy the following stats:

  • Cavalry Defense – 3000%+
  • Infantry Defense – 2000%+
  • Troop Attack Debuff – 300%

By focusing Cavalry and Infantry Defense we are battling the 400% Infantry and Cavalry Defense Debuff rather than trying to overcome or resist the much higher 1300-1500% Defense Debuff of the Nike set.

Anti Nike Core Set and Kinoichi’s Kunai

The above recipe is a perfect world of cores and pieces.  However, most of us will not have all these available.  So, I’ve made a list of acceptable replacements above.  Any of those pieces above will be perfect replacements for an effective anti Nike core set.

Also, because we are focusing Cavalry Defense primarily, we avoid the massive defense debuff of Nike and reduce specifically the damage of the high infantry attack.  Therefore, Kinoichi’s Kunai is not necessarily needed because we are not relying on high troop defense.

Other Builds:

Anti Nike / Zeus Cores Budget

Slot Rank Name
Head 1 Frostforged Helm Core
2 Minotaur Helm Core
3 Iron Crown Core (Lower Troop Count)
Chest 1 Wolfbane Corset Core
2 Charged Fullplate Core
3 Emerald Armor Core
Feet 1 Plated Foot Armor Core
2 Red Scale Boots Core
3 Winged Greaves Core (Lower Troop Count)
Weapon 1 Hunting Spear Core
2 Star Blade Core
3 Manticore Tooth Club Core (Lower Troop Count)
Accessory 1 Firecrackers Core
2 Turtle Shield Core
3 Bloodstone Shield Core
4 Hog Quiver Core (Lower Troop Count)

Anti Nike / Zeus Pieces Budget

1 Earth Icon
2 Fresh Lotus
3 Crown of Humility
4 Earthen Jar
5 Illusion Token
6 Winter Glass
7 Scarab Brooch
8 Bamboo Handles
9 Medallion of Strength
10 Bronze Doves
11 Sun Sigil
12 Seal of the Death

Gem Recommendation

1 Bulwark/Defense Gem 35% / 25% Defense
2 Shadow Gem 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Attack Debuff
3 Gem of Honor 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Attack Debuff
4 Gem of Protection 25% Rally Attack Debuff
5 Mother Earth Gem 12.5% Health, 12.5% Attack Debuff
6 Hallows Gem 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Attack
7 Gem of Courage 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Defense Debuff
8 Chronos Gem 12.5% Attack, 12.5% Attack Debuff
9 Father Time Gem 12.5% Attack, 12.5% Enemy Health Debuff
10 Rose Gem 12.5% Attack, 12.5% Health
4th Slot Gems
1 Rainbow/Elite Defense Gem – Use this unless you have a lower troop count and need more attack. 35% / 25% Defense
2 Dragonfire Gem – Use this if you don’t have the troop count and need the extra attack. 25% Troop Attack
Anti Zeus Core Set
Anti Nike/Zeus

Keep in mind that better cores and pieces are being released all the time and you may find one that provides even greater Cavalry Defense which is the best stat for Anti Infantry cores.

If you’ve attained higher stats with better pieces or cores please let us know in the comments below!

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How To Fix GoW Lag, Latency, Connection, Internet Problems

An option in Game of War was added that most have overlooked.  Full Screen Toggle is meant to improve the clutter of your screen while in intense combat situations such as the Super Wonder, but it also helps with lag!

Full Screen Toggle allows the player to hide Alliance Tag and the Kingdom number of empires. This will make it easier to find players in a large cluster such as the Super Wonder.  It costs nothing but a few taps.

How does Full Screen Toggle Work?

First you must activate the toggle under options.  Navigate to “More” then “Options”.  Next, scroll down Full Screen Toggle and select the features you wish to activate.  Now, test the feature by finding a hive or cluster of empires.  This feature works only like in Full Screen.  To toggle full screen use the top right square with four arrows and view Game of War Full Screen.  You will now notice Alliance Tags and/or Kingdom numbers are absent from Empire names.

Full Screen Toggle
Full Screen Toggle

This feature will be a considerable help at Super Wonder where its difficult to find Empire names in all the confusion of hundreds of marches and long empire names when they have the Kingdom number and Alliance Tag.  Now, if only the lag at Super Wonder could be toggled off. Surprisingly, this full screen toggle feature does help with the lag.  Players are reporting at Super Wonder that when using full screen toggle mode their lag was completely removed.

I like to use the “inverse setting” so the tags are removed while in normal view.  Then, when I need to check an alliance or kingdom tag I toggle full screen to check.

Try it out and let me know your results!

More Lag Fixes

I’ve been using Nox App Player on my PC or Notebook computer to combat lag issues.  Game of War started as a mobile device app but has grown into a full application requiring much system resources and CPU power.  Nox allows you to increase the amount of system resources being used for increased efficiency.  I experience minimal lag while in coliseum, much less than with my iPad Air anyway.  My iPhone 5 I won’t even attempt to fight with it.  Its used as second device for eyes only.

Nox also allows players to download Amazon apps and use Amazon Coins for cheaper Game of War packs.  Since I had all Apple devices before I was unable to purchase and use Amazon Coins which allows players in the United States to get $100/packs for $75.  If you purchase a lot of packs using Amazon Coins could save you hundreds or thousands.  When you follow our link you support our site.  Thanks!

What other features could be added to Game of War to improve game play?