Dr. Leg “Seuss” Humpers Amazing Super Wonder Experience

The Super Dooper Wonder Rallier who Super Rallies the Super Wonder. 

By Dr Leg “Seuss” Humper 


I do not like green eggs and ham,

But Darkthorne really knows how to jam.


He formed a team to go to battle,

Whoda thunkit, we followed like cattle.


He led, we followed all day and night

He failed we wallowed over his plight.


We won, we held our breaths. 

Like teen boys staring at breasts. 


Some went through a tunnel and lost wifi

Others were busying working jobs or eating pie. 

But dark powered through on very little sleep,

Into the super wonder, his rally did creep. 


1, 2, 3 times we win! 

Bah! We lost!  And the margin was slim! 

Darks eyes grew red, bothered by light. 

He resembled a Morlock, am I right? 


Through the night and the day, he drank his jolt soda. 

Slapped himself and pinched himself….to keep awake…duh! 


Many people joined in and many people left. 

New friends and old, we laughed and we wept. 


Hey dark?  Need a break?  You’re looking quite sluggish!

“No guys. I’m fine. I’ll finish with a flourish!”  


He may not be Babe Ruth, nor Willie or Ted. 

But Darkthorne is a heavy hitter, we need a bust of his head!  


Presidents go on mt Rushmore, there’s Halls of Fame for many. 

But Darkthornes super wonder efforts are greater than any! 

We might not be first or second or third.  

But MZs servers can suck on a turd. 


Congrats to the winner of this fun event. 

Darkthorne, as my hero, I’d buy you, not rent! 

The end.  Or is it!?

I was able to join dozens of rallies over the course of this 2 day event and saw the adjustments dark made, what we all learned, how much support he had. And first hand how much effort dark put in himself.  The help from everyone was amazing, everything from speeding in reins to analyzing battle reports to setting timers for boost reminders. All of it.  Personally,

Thank you Darkthorne for sacrificing your body and mind for 2 days of this event. When we finally do meet in Vegas, steak dinner on me!  Or maybe green eggs and ham breakfast? 

Thanks Darkthorne for making this SW experience a fun one!

Harrycubed A.K.A. Leg Humper

Alliance: MGd

Kingdom: 106