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    One issue our alliance has had is the constant dropping and swapping of farms in and out of alliance to send to city. I’ve written to MZ that they should create temporary lease invited that last an hour and upon expiration the player is dropped from alliance. An alliance could have 10 or 20 of these temporary spots to trade or send rss from farms to AC or another player such as a Rss seller.
    Alternatively, MZ could open trade with all players without need of same alliance to send resources.
    Finally, Mz needs to make rss trade an easier endeavor. R4’s already have enough micromanaging to do with refinery sliders and other mundane tasks to constantly be finding farms to kick to make room. Do you have a solution?


    So kinda random but if your alliance doesn’t want to build a AC cause it’s a rss not that much to benefit from AND fighting soon.. what would be the trade value for strong boxes eyes and traps?

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