Alliance City – Deep Warped Thoughts…

Hey there again everyone! (Or just the one person reading this, hey there!) Last night the long awaited alliance city was finally released for #94. Here are some of my preliminary thoughts (and some commentary to illustrate how my mind works)

1) It takes a village. The WHOLE alliance is needed to get this thing going. We have many people donating RSS and speedups and deeds to get it to where it is currently, but it STILL has so far to go. (Could it be wiser to form one SUPER alliance, bringing in all the big players from around the kingdom to use their loyalty and gold to push it as far as they can, then boot them and bring in more big players, until the entire kingdoms loyalty and gold is completely used up, but we have one kick butt level 5 Alliance city?!) The sheer math of it is staggering. 750K loyalty for 3 hour speedup. one upgrade I saw was for 64 days, that’s 384 MILLION Loyalty points for that upgrade alone……How do we get to the higher levels when we’re all tapped out by level 4-5?

2) The lack of the Colosseum lately has benefited us for this AC build. Many of us were waiting for the coliseum to use our alliance chances, but since we didn’t have one, we saved them, meaning with a few easy hours of tapping them out, we can have more loyalty points to spend on the city. (Is this the genius of MZ programmers, or just a happy accident? I’d like to think they planned it out, rewarding our patience.)

3) What will be the long term benefits? Alliance wide protections, boosts, abilities? Individual things we can “borrow” from the city? (Perhaps one of the researches down the tree will be to increase the number of friends you can have in your friends list, or have more bookmarks, or more equipment bags? One can hope!)

4) Top left, the place where your hero is in your SH view, will we get an Alliance hero? One that can be upgraded (a-la Barry Bonds, we can purchase upgrades like “100K gold=1 shot in the buttocks from Roger Clemens of HGH” making our hero big and strong, or will there be Alliance Hero Gear to produce, build, etc? I, for one, hope it’s like an animal, a pet, like a mean fighting animal like a Bear, or a Lion, or a Wombat, or a Mongoose or something, and we can send it out on missions, like “Go to 123:456 and spy on the area, notify us of troop movements and resource transfers and when players log off to go to the bathroom” etc. That would be cool. There’s 2 spots there. Maybe 1 offensive Hero/animal, one defensive? Like the defensive one can be like a little girl crying, or a big pink teddy bear, or a puppy. Who would want to attack any one of those? Perhaps we could donate our Hero XP to making our pink teddy bear more fluffy, or our wombat more…..wombatty?

5) There are a LOT of spots left to be open, a LOT. Judging on what we’ve put into the city so far, I cannot imagine how much this will cost as a whole. But what get’s me hoping for the future of it is the University and it’s Alliance City Construction Speed reduction and research reductions. All we have to do is unlock those, then spend on those, then speed them up, to benefit from them……I’m getting tired just thinking about it…..

6) Rally, Trade, Scout the city? It has walls, they will likely be up-gradable, but how do we defend it? Trade? I can trade from my personal SH to an opponents city? Will we every get the oft-talked about “trade materials” option, and if so, how will it work? (My personal thought is that there is no way this is going to be “Hey, we can all donate all our stuff to one guy and make him awesome” More likely it’ll be something far less useful. Perhaps a “Donate your unused items like Hero XP or gear bags or fake armies or something and get a credit or exchange for some rss based on some percentage of gold value.” or MOST likely will be “You donate 1 material per month, and it takes 36 hours to march to the city, and when it’s there, it’s “Processed” for 2 weeks, at which time, someone else can withdraw that one material, at one level less than the donated item, etc”

I’d LOVE to think this will be a big benefit in the long term, and i’m willing to give it all my efforts to make it the best it can be, but when we’re a month into it and see what it is to become, I hope we don’t look back and go “How can we deconstruct it?”

Is there anyone out there reading this now that has any actual knowledge? Beta testers? MZ Programmers? Psychics who unfortunately can only see the future of GOW. (A completely useless and confusing ability for years, only now beginning to make sense) Anyone? Do you have realistic expectations for anything in particular? Feel free to post here,

Don’t forget to tell your GOW friends, and even your non GOW friends and family about me.

Thanks for reading this far!

Author: Darkthorne

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10 thoughts on “Alliance City – Deep Warped Thoughts…”

  1. Love the site. It’s a great read full of valuable info. We’ve never “hived”, but with the alliance city upon us, we’re following MGd’s roadmap.

    – Joevan, #94 ZTL

    1. We can thank our member LeBeoWulf for the hive design, but all the players in it are pretty diligent with staying shielded. And this site is my favorite so far, great info, Thanks Darkthorne!

  2. We had to abandon our old alliance (don’t ask) that was lvl 18 gift and a ton of points. We built ours within 72 hours. Everyone had alliance quests saved so we all used them to autocomplete all of the the quests to get the points to get the deeds. That was within 48 hours. Then we had to wait for our leader to place it and then the people that had the speed ups completed the alliance city.

    I don’t know if the pack is available now, but a few of us bought the $100 pack that has 75x 3 hour AC Speed Ups to complete it. We have also built 5 of the 7 buildings that are currently available.

    Pays to have some big spenders and very active people 🙂

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