1. Matt

    Boo, thanks. :/ looking for best gear/cores to take hits. I’m 2.8b with 68m troops 20m t4 rest t2 all mixed. Any suggestions?

  2. Darkthorne

    First, I recommend using level 5 pieces so you can get more mileage out of them. However, you’ve likely already combined them all to 6. Earth Icon is approximately 50% defense, so look for a piece that is of similar stats that you are not already using on the list provided above. I’ve listed 11 pieces that could be used. This leaves 5 others you can choose from if you are running low on any of the others. I hope this helps! Also, look at the pieces in the first recipe as well for more alternatives. Good luck! Look out for Poseidon it hurts lol!

  3. DJ

    with the first build above could i replace the seal of death with a earth icon,would that be a better replacement?


  4. DJ

    Also a hero skill point tree that goes with this anti core set would go well with what you have provided.
    would you max out cav defense and cav health or cav attack in the skill points tree? also ranged attack?

    • Profile photo of Darkthorne

      I will add the skills most important in the article above. Here is a quick list for you DJ!

      Max These Skills:
      Ranged Attack I – To kill infantry rally
      Troop Defense I – To reduce losses
      Ranged Attack II – kill infantry rally
      Troop Defense II – reduce losses
      Infantry Defense – Protect against Infantry vs. Infantry battle.
      Cavalry Defense – Protect against Infantry vs. Cavalry battle.
      Enemy Health Debuff – Reduce enemy health to kill full rally.
      Enemy Attack Debuff – To reduce enemy rally and save your troops.
      Altar Boost Health, Altar Boost Defense, Altar Boost Attack – Hidden bonus of 400% Defense and 80% boost to health, attack, defense base stats. See more specifically Altar Boosts.
      This should be about 484 talent points. When you have far superior troop numbers health is not as important as defense. Therefore, focus all the defense you can obtain first followed by attack debuff, then finally if you have all of that take health. I hope this helps.

  5. Chris

    Cannot seem to get the same stats as your picture shows… Overall troop boosts around 2000% and attack around 800%…am I doing something wrong!?!

  6. Chris

    The cores are preset… Then I look at the Stats button… And no I wasn’t combining the troop defense and specific defense stats…

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