Anti Artemis / Poseidon Ranged Core Set

artemis core set

Anti Artemis / Poseidon / Ranged Core Set

Artemis and Poseidon Core Set have high Defense Debuff, Ranged Attack, Health Debuff, Troop Attack Debuff and Cavalry Attack Debuff.

When crafting a custom anti-ranged core set, focus on Infantry and Troop Defense.  Poseidon and Artemis being a Ranged Missile Attack core set, it will destroy your Infantry Troops if the defense is not high enough.

Also, the lower your troop count the higher your attack will need to kill the entire rally.  Since these sets debuff your attack it helps to add Health Debuff to lower the rally’s health because it will increase increases your troop’s effective attack power on the enemy rally.

Suggested Cores and Pieces for Anti Ranged includes:

Anti Ranged (Artemis, Poseidon) Cores

Helm – Spring Helm Core, Frostforged Helmet Core, Wyrmscale Skull Core, Harpy Comb Core

Armor – Samurai Armor, Emerald Armor Core, Frozen Breastplate Core, Wolfbane Corset Core

Feet – Red Scale Boots Core, Swine Bone Boots Core, Winged Greaves Core

Weapon – Nine Dragon Trident, Underworld Pitchfork, Hunting Spear Core, Wyrmscale Spear Core

Accessory – Turtle Shell Core, Tempest Gauntlet Core, Bloodstone Shield Core, Ice Crystal Core

Anti Ranged (Artemis, Poseidon) Pieces

Defense Pieces – Broken Antler, Brass Key, Earth Icon, Paper Dart, Winter Glass, Under World Plating, Persephone’s Brush, Bronze Doves, Heron Charm

Debuff Pieces – Fresh Lotus, White Fur Crest, Astral Essence

Attack Pieces – Ancient Spearhead, Ring of Envy, Sun Brooch

Anti Ranged Gems

Gems will vary based on Stronghold, Research, etc. but typically stacking Defense is suggested.  Should you feel you are lacking Attack to kill entire Rally add Cavalry Attack gems to match the pieces and cores in the above suggestions.

Gems for Game of War

Alternative Setup

Alternatively, Poseidon and Artemis Core Set has tremendous Defense Debuff.  You may want to replace one Core slot with a Kunoichis Kunai to add 30% Defense Debuff Resistance.  Defense Debuff Resistance works on diminished returns.

Defense Debuff Resistance with Diminishing Returns Explained

To understand the effect of Defense Debuff Resistance use the following formula:

Rally Leader Defense Debuff * (100/(100+Defense Debuff Resistance))

For example:

Rally Leader Defense Debuff = 2,000

Defense Debuff Resistance = 30%


2,000 * (100/130)

2,000 * .769

New Rally Leader Defense Debuff = 1,538

Because of the 30% Defense Debuff Resistance that Kunai saved you 462% Defense.  Not bad.

Now let’s add another Kunai for a total Defense Debuff Resistance of 60%.

2,000 Defense Debuff * (100/(100+60))

2,000 * (100/160)

2,000 * .625

New Rally Defense Debuff = 1,250%

How much additional Defense did we save?

First Kunai Defense Debuff: 1,538

Second Kunai Defense Debuff: 1,250

Additional Savings: 288%  Not as great as the first Kunai.  Also, we must take into consideration our Defense Debuff Resistance from Research of 20% if we’ve completed the Defense Tree.  Let’s redo the first Kunai taking into consideration the 20% additional Defense Debuff Resistance.

2,000 * (100/(100+30 Kunai + 20 Research))

2,000 * (100/150)

2,000 * .667

Rally Leader’s Defense Debuff = 1,333 Somewhere in the middle of the first Kunai and the second Kunai above and a Defense savings of 667%.  That’s a decent amount of Defense we saved with one item.

Now let’s add a second Kunai taking into consideration our 20% base Defense Debuff Resistance from Defense Tree Research.

2,000 * (100/(100+30 First Kunai + 30 Second Kunai + 20 Research Resistance))

2,000 * (100/180)

2,000 * .556

Rally Leader’s Defense Debuff = 1,111

How much additional defense did save by adding a second Kunai?  Only 222% Defense.  Adding a Frostlord, Imperial Dragon, or Custom Core would be much better than using a second Kunai in this case.

However, as Rally Leader Defense Debuff becomes greater in the future nearing 3,000 Defense Debuff it could be better to add a second Kunai.

Let’s take a look.

First Kunai:

3,000 * .667 = 2,001, savings of 999% Defense.

Second Kunai:

3,000 * .556 = 1,668, additional Defense savings of 333%.  Here using a second Kunai would be better than an alternative item with less than 333% Defense.

If you are attempting a Normal Equipment Trap and have Defense Debuff Resistance Research to at least 12% I recommend using one Kunai in your setups.

Defense Debuff Resistance Without Diminishing Returns Explained

This math is much easier to calculate.

Test 1:

Base Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR): 20%

One Kinoichi Kunai: 30% DDR

Total DDR: 50%

Enemy Defense Debuff: 2,000%

Effective Defense Debuff: 2,000 * (1-.50)DDR = 1,000% Defense Debuff

Test 2:

Base Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR): 20%

Two Kinoichi Kunai: 60% DDR

Total DDR: 80%

Enemy Defense Debuff: 2,000%

Effective Defense Debuff: 2,000 * (1-.80 DDR) = 400% Defense Debuff

Test 3:

Base Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR): 20%

Three Kinoichi Kunai: 90% DDR

Total DDR: 110%

Enemy Defense Debuff: 2,000%

Effective Defense Debuff: 2,000 * (1-1.10 DDR) = -200% Defense Debuff, I’ll assume there is no such thing as Negative Defense Debuff and for our purposes Defense Debuff becomes completely wiped out or 0% Defense Debuff.  However, we are talking about Mz here so maybe negative Defense Debuff lowers the enemy’s own Defense… That’s a joke by the way.

Someone ran a test on this, here are the results:




This completes the math lesson for the day.  I hope to hear from you guys about trapping some unsuspecting Poseidon Rally Leaders soon!  Did you try using a Kunai in your Preset? Do you have a suggested Piece or Core no mentioned?  Let us know friends.  Good luck!



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17 thoughts on “Anti Artemis / Poseidon Ranged Core Set”

  1. Hi,

    I read your article with interest and did some of my calculations and found a difference of opinion about how many kunai’s to use against a defence debuff rally.

    Lets say all defence research is done, so 20% DDR is automatic, each kunai is worth 30%. So 1 kunai = 150% DDR. 100/150 = 0.66. So using the 2000 Defence debuff example above that would be 1333%. 1 kunai = 667 defence.
    2 kunai = 100/180=0.55. 2000 * 0.55 = 1111. so 2 kunai is worth 888.88 defence or each kunai is worth 444.44 defence.
    3 kunai = 100/210=0.476. 2000 * 0.476 = 952. so 3 kunai is worth 1047.62 defence or each kunai is worth 349 defence.

    Just using those numbers above how many accessory cores do you know that can give you 349% defence, not many is the answer. The highest i’ve seen so far is 360%. But thats not the end of it because the kunai gives the following boosts:

    Troop defence bonus = 45%
    Troop health bonus = 35%
    Enemy troop attack debuff = 20%

    So is it right to argue that if 3 kunai’s were used, total defence gained would be 349.2 + 45 = 394.2 ? + health and attack debuff boosts…

    That seems like a better deal than wasting cores and pieces when a kunai is the better tool for the job.

    I may have gotten the wrong end of the stick but i’ll be interested to hear your comments.


    1. The first kunai according to your math gives a higher boost than the next 2. Error in logic is taking three total and dividing by three and saying the third kunai provides same boost in defense as first. However, all this is a moot point as its been tested that each kunai provides straight 30% defense debuff resistance. Unfortunate that mz can’t calculate diminished returns…

  2. So is it right to argue that if 3 kunai’s were used, total defence gained would be 349.2 + 45 = 394.2 ? + health and attack debuff boosts…

    that section should of read per kunai

    1. Under diminished returns formula each kunai would provide less benefit. However, recent testing proved there is no diminished returns in Game of War. Each kunai provides 30% defense debuff resistance. So 3 would be 90% reduction of enemy rally defense debuff. Add the 20% from research and you can completely zero enemy defense debuff no matter how large it is. Kind of lame that machine zone can’t calculate diminishing returns and will allow 3 items that cost next to nothing completely wipe out an infinite amount of debuff.

      1. Are you sure about 30% Kunai DDR stacking up to 90% for 3 pieces? Do we have any published test results to confirm and analyze?

        1. Yes, a test showing the use of 1 Kunai, 2 Kunai, 3 Kunai vs. Poseidon showed that the addition of each Kunai lowered losses significantly. If my original diminished returns math were correct we’d have seen less benefit between Kunai 2 and Kunai 3 or a smaller % drop in losses. Perhaps even an increases in losses due to less overall Defense. Take a look at this post again as I updated it today with the test screenshot. Thanks again for your comment Paul.

          1. So what is the upshot of being able to completely obviate an attacker’s defense debuff using 3 Kunais?

            Will you cap his hero since you will always have defense that can’t be debuffed?

          2. Well, he still has plenty of attack and well you have a lot less defense because you are wearing three kunai that don’t have a lot of defense on them.

  3. Thanks for your interesting article. But, I am curious if you have done anything on countering an attack from an Nike core set? Am looking to craft a Defensive core set for a trap.


  4. I took an artemis hit today, I had over 800m troops. Less than 10:1 t2:t4 ratio thus more t4 than I expected. I had frost helm, weapon n one accessory, imperial feet n 2 daggers. Didn’t have imperial armor so I crafted a core which even haz better stats than that. I still lost big time(10m) troops. I had a total of 3000% defense with 2 kunai. Can you tell why I lost big time

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