One night in Dahae! Game Mechanics

Hello again everyone! In #94 Dahae this evening it was an eventful few hours!

I’m sure many of you who read this are not in Dahae, so I’ll leave out the specifics, but our alliance, took on the leader of the biggest alliance in our kingdom. (With support from some very good players from several other alliances who joined us for the attacks!) I’ve never had a problem with this player personally, but his, and more-so, his alliances game play have rubbed many the wrong way. SO much so that the entire kingdom has set aside their differences to unite against them. It has made existing in Dahae a whole lot more fun.

Tonight, we rallied him a few times, both him and us fully cored up. The results were pretty significant, and ultimately, he dropped about 120-140 mil in power before porting out, then shielding before we could hit another rally. He unshielded briefly, to hit some farms, but shielded again when we found him too quickly. He then took the fight to KC, asking for peace, or something resembling it, as long as they still got to do what they wanted, we should all leave them alone. (Long story, I call it “as Dahae turns” The soap opera. LOL.)

But, during the aftermath, there were several questions that came up to me directly, in KC and AC, and in other info rooms I’ve been in. I’m sure there are easy and complete answers out there, so I’m kind of asking for a crowd-sourced answer on this, please feel free to reply to this with any info you have on the following:

1) Did the game dynamics change recently, where attack boosts have suddenly become more important than health or defense? (Someone mentioned they had done two nearly identical rallies, with the only difference being they had attack boosts on instead of health or defense, but the total strength of those 3 stats remained the same, but attack was far higher in the one that fared better) It wasn’t something they intended to do, so there may have been other variables they didn’t realize or pay attention to.

2) How much do the traps and siege play a part in rallies now. When I was a newbie, I was told “SIEGE! For sure, send a march of siege first, then your army behind it.” Then later (Still a noob) “NEVER SEND SIEGE! NOT WORTH IT!” Then again, “In rallies, no siege, the rally hits reinforcing troops first, then walls and SH army, so never siege in rallies” Since then, I’ve grown, and now I haven’t been rallied in a very long time, so I have no data to compare. Only the words of others.

3) Do any kingdoms out there have peace between KVK KEs? Build, farm and train till a big event, then crush the outlanders? I cannot imagine, with the size of the egos in our kingdom, as well as the amount of money put into this game by some players, that it makes sense to waste troops on civil wars (With no “IN KINGDOM” Kill events for a very long time), but also understand that going WEEKS between kill events is too much for a “WAR” game. What are your experiences in your kingdom?

Thank you for any input. I do appreciate the time you put in just to make it this far.

Barracks, Villas, and Beds… Oh My! – Game of War

I was recently asked the question: Which buildings should I maximize? Hospitals, Barracks, or Villas?

First, let’s see what each building does for your army.

This building allows you to train troops. Simple. The more barracks that you have the more troops you are able to train at a time. Also, as you upgrade it provides +defense boosts:


When attacked your troops that fall in battle will be placed in the hospital to be healed at a much cheaper cost than retraining in the barracks. The highest Tier troops you have are given priority here. If more troops fall in battle than you have beds available for then those troops above the bed capacity will be killed. These troops must be retrained. Hospitals also provide a +health boost:


This building provides two services. It produces silver and increases training speed. It also provides a troop attack boost at SH 21 of 2%:


With that knowledge, how many of each building should you build?

To decide, you must first decide what the account will be used for?

Will it be a march trap, anvil, landmine?
This type of account will likely attract many attacks and the use of hospitals will be very important. However, a large troop count may not be desired. If you can build your necessary troop count with just a single or two barracks, a villa, and rest hospitals then you can quickly heal fallen troops for the next attack.

Will the account be used as a rally trap?
A rally trap is mid range size ~200M power. Here, many beds will be required to again quickly recover fallen troops to prepare for the follow up rallies. However, more troops will likely be required to be victorious against a full t4 rally. So, possibly as many as 3 or 4 barracks will be needed to take advantage of larger speed ups such as 3 day and 7 day.

So, that brings us to the next question. How big is big enough to tear down those beds?

Personally at 700m power I’ve not been attacked in months. The last rally I took I was at ~300M power. They stopped after the second failed rally. The beds I had at the time were very handy when recovering from the hits. I felt fortunate at the time that I had spent the time, resources, and speed ups to build them. But, I pushed on and have doubled in size.

I recently saw some scout reports on billion power players that have either many barracks, one villa or two villas, and one or no hospital; or many villas, one barrack, one or no hospital. These players must feel that no one is going to attack them so why waste all those tiles on beds that will likely never get used again. Then comes along xxKuranxx and CoPoTo and they log in to zeroed accounts.

Well, outside of a run in with those two are they likely to be attacked? No.

So why not build many villas for the troop attack bonus? Troop attack is difficult to attain in Game of War. It is much more difficult than health and defense which is provided by the other two building types. Also, look at the bonus we are given. Only 2%. That’s likely because 2% attack is equal to 5% Health, or 10% Defense. Otherwise, why didn’t Mz make all building troop boost the same number across the board?

So, going back to the question I must ask, what is my account being used for? I answer T4 production. My role in my alliance at the moment is to provide cannon fodder for rallies at wonders and against zeroing our enemies. Large numbers of T4 are sometimes required to get those tasks complete. Hospitals won’t help, barracks help me train more at a time, but they also require more speed ups. Villas will provide a faster troop training which will save me on speed up cost which is the most difficult to obtain without dropping loads of cash or selling resources that will be needed to train troops.

A word of warning, however, before tearing down all those hospitals. In my circle, if we notice a scout report is void of hospitals we will target that stronghold before a target that has healing abilities. I keep antiscout or shield up at all times. It is very important that your enemies not know what makes up your stronghold in most scenarios. I can explain situations where you would want enemies to see what you have but that’s another post.

I hope the above will provide some food for thought in the coming weeks. The alliance city is looming and many of my alliance members are sort of waiting to see how it will change the game before they make any drastic changes. I agree with that line of thought. Whatever you decide to build, understand why you have done it and defend your choice. It’s your account, do what you want with it after informing yourself.

Over time, the purpose of your account may change. At that point reassess your design. Have fun with it!

Thank you for having me!

Hello everyone!

I have been invited by Darkthorne to make an occasional post here on his site, a great honor! (I apparently have QUITE the personality in game chats!) So I just thought I’d take the time to introduce myself.

I’m HarryCubed in game, I’ve been playing since Mid April, 2014, (#94 Dahae, Alliance MGd) and have a problem with getting obsessed with these types of games. I have spreadsheets, calculating just about anything that interests me at any given time, tracking stats, etc. My wife just looks at me and shakes her head, but she’s likely happy I’m not spending the time tracking her every move on my spreadsheets.

About me:

1) I’m a severe rule follower. If we agree as an alliance that XXX is the rule, no matter how stupid I think that rule might be, I’ll follow it and try to make sure others do as well.

2) I’m incredibly sarcastic. You might think YOU’RE pretty sarcastic, but no. Not close. You’d come in 3rd in a head to head sarcasm race with me. I’m also very modest. Probably the most modest person you’ll ever meet.

3) I try to be respectful in all things I do, real life or in game. I get that people spend money, and I’m not a fan of the “cheap shot” until I’m offered no alternative. (Tiling inside the kingdom is like killing civilians. I don’t like it. Outlanders, however, everyone is fair game.) Not a fan of cursing, or overly inappropriate chat, but occasionally, in the right crowd, I can approach that “line” you shouldn’t cross and tip toe along it.

4) I like to be entertaining. I can sustain myself on LOLs in chat alone. Whether you think I’m funny, or you think it’s funny that I THINK I’m funny, a LOL is appreciated!

5) I LOVE MATH, love the math of these games, will do endless experiments just to test things out, often coming back to the game an hour or 2 later forgetting I had to finish an inferno or something….

6) I’ve learned a lot about this game, but I still feel like I know so little. If I ever post something you think you can give me info about , please don’t hesitate. I LOVE more information to add to my already extremely time consuming hobby!

I’m not sure yet what my focus of my posts will be, I’ll take recommendations from anyone, but it’s Darkthorne’s great website, so I’ll take my direction from him.

Just a note about the weekend in #94 Dahae. We currently hold both OUR wonder, and the #56 Outlander wonder. I’m not sure if that’s the first time that’s happened (Probably not), or just the first time I’ve noticed it because our alliance is now a major player in the kingdom so I’m involved with it more, but it’s still pretty cool. Most, (all but one really) of the major alliances in Dahae are now working together for a better Dahae and it’s showing up in things like the dual wonder, the teamwork between alliances when they find a big enemy unshielded, etc. I’m proud to be a part of MY alliance, MGD, but also, proud to be working with so many other great players and great alliances for a better kingdom overall.

and finally,

7) I can talk. I can talk for so long I post my message and you have to scroll back 2 pages to see what I’m responding to. I can rant. I can go off on tangents. I can type fairly fast, but not as fast as I can think of what I want to say, so I will occasionally come across as disjointed, or scattered. I’m OK with that. If you heard me talk in real life, you’d see I type just like I talk.

Hopefully, I can entertain you a bit, educate you a bit, and make Darkthorne’s site just that tiny bit better with my presence.

For those of you that know me in game, you’ll understand this best:
You’re welcome.