Hyper Farm

I’ve decided to switch my main 21 stronghold into a hyper farm by destroying the majority of my farms for a different resource.  I figure with my plan to mass produce a large tier 4 army I will not be able to keep up with upkeep anyway soon so why have so many farms?  

I’ll start by tearing down lowest level farms and replace them with logging camps which is the least capacity at the moment and least resource I have or get from casino apparently.  I’ve not decided if I’m going to go completely for one, two or three resources yet.

I finished setting up the new tile format and went with a mix of resource type, but mostly wood.  I figured I had many items of ore left from the marathon of casino events from the past so I didn’t build many mines.  Also, wood seems to be the most scarce resource in my kingdom.  

Lastly, it takes 5 million of each resource so I attempted to get all three type’s capacity as close to 5 million as possible.  Wood production is nearly 7 million capacity.

I work with 7 other hyper farms producing over 20 million silver a day and various millions of the other types of resource.  So, together I’ll hopefully be able to rapidly train tier 4.  

My new issue will be speed ups.

Gathering kingdom event

So today I log in to see a new kingdom event. 20k gold and various other speed ups for gathering and killing monsters. I was initially excited, but as I post this an outlander is attacking one of my farms. The walls that protect the kingdom from other kingdoms will be dropped during kingdom events now. At first I did not let this deter me. I need 40m points to obtain the top prize. 

 So, I set out to farm some food because it will provide 2 points per resource. Not long after I settle in, I’m scouted by an outlander and then a march is sent. I’m using anti scout, so he has no idea what I have there, but I leave anyway.

Basically, this event is not so appealing. I can farm for points and risk losing troop power, or just sit in my stronghold and wait it out all weekend, or go to their kingdom and farm their strongholds… Either way there will be no farming of resources. Dumb event if you ask me.

Hyper farming

Today I calculated that I over a billion food items I can use under the resource tab. I obtained all these items during the casino bonanza a couple months ago. With that being said, I am wondering if I should destroy my farms producing food in my main stronghold and build a different type of resource producing tile such as ore, stone, or wood. My upkeep will eventually outgrow my farms anyway once I mass produce tier 4 troops. However, at the moment I’m keeping up with the food needs of my troops. If I destroy my farms I can just click use and receive food from resource tab or take from farms. My stronghold 21 can produce some incredible resources if I hero skill it properly and maxed all tiles to 21.