Guide to Game of War

I will briefly explain in this Guide to Game of War how I begin my accounts, be it a hyper farm or main account.
First, start a new game.  If you are beginning a second account be sure to register your first account with MZ.

Guide to Game of War

guide to game of war
Top of screen, 3rd icon from left “Account and Devices.”
guide to game of war
Here, you can register your email to your account so you are able to log out of the account and switch to a second.  You will then repeat this process for each account you create.  Each account must have a different email address.  Any questions on how to go about managing numerous emails please contact me.
Once you’ve registered, MZ will send you a verify email which you simply click a link and done.  Now open GOW and choose “start new game.”  Follow the tutorial until it allows you to begin your own building.
The first thing we want to do is complete the “Build 10 of each” quests.  Let’s start by building 10 farms.
Guide to Game of War
Once you have built the 10 farms, tear down 5 of them.  Click on the farm and choose deconstruct.  Should be a free timer to finish it quickly.  Next, let’s build the logging camps.  Again, tear down 5 of them.  Then build 10 stone quarries.   Tear down 5 of those.  Next, build 10 mines.  You have now a rural landscape that looks similar to this:
Guide to Game of War
Note: if you are building a hyper farm then whichever resource you wish to focus on should be the final camp type you build 10 of.  In this example, this will be a hyper farm for ore. So I built 10 mining camps last.  I recommend a balanced rural (outside of walls) landscape to help with resources as you build your stronghold levels.
Next, we will build the urban (inside walls) landscape.
Guide to Game of War
First, build 10 villas.  I try to build my villas around the outside perimeter.  Allow those to stay.  Next, build 10 barracks.
Guide to Game of War
Tear down all but one barracks.  You will notice now I’ve completed quite a bit of quests.  I’m at 41k power with nearly 200k of each resource.  The next step is to build 10 hospitals.
Guide to Game of War
Now destroy all but one of those hospitals.  At this point, your build preference depends on what this account will be used for.  I’m using this account for an ore and silver hyper farm.  So, I filled remaining tiles with a gymnos for hero experience, marketplace for sending resources, forge as required for upgrades, and the remaining tiles are villas for silver.
Guide to Game of War
As you can see above, I’m very close to 50k power and it only took about 30 minutes.  I’m at sh 4 with the use of some speed ups.  I’ve got all tiles filled except marketplace which I’ll get at sh 5.  Now I’ll focus on getting this account to stronghold 14 as fast as possible.  Later, I’ll craft items that boost silver production and I’ll reskill my hero points to solely silver and rss production.  Enjoy and good luck!
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