Building a Successful Alliance

Building a Successful Alliance

What Good Are You?!

Hey there again! I apparently have like 3 followers on here now, I got my first fan mail from a stranger, and people have actually complimented me on my blogs. The weird thing is that both of those things motivated me to want to blog more, and also got me scared to put out sub-par content. With that being said, I actually had this blog idea about a week ago, jotted down some notes, and added to it over the last few days.

It occurred to me that being a top alliance takes SO many things. You need to have so many types of players and personalities, including the right blend of Fighters. Farmers. Rally leaders. Rally supporters. Monster killers. Assassins, and players that have knowledge. People who buy packs and gifts that go to the alliance are valuable of course, but people who spend hours killing monsters supplies that as well. Level heads and hot heads. Political savants, and war mongers. Knowledge from players on any number of topics can be valuable, as I found from asking a few questions that I thought I knew the answer to, but got answers that surprised and helped me out a lot. Some answers from players who aren’t as “big” as me, but learned a lot from observing other players and styles.

But really, I’m fascinated by people and personality. I am lucky enough in real life to get to experience SO many different people each week, kids, adults, men, women, some I’ve known for decades, some for just a short while. I’ve noticed a balance of personalities is also needed in any successful alliance, so I present to you, my list of what I think every alliance needs. Keep in mind, you can be more than one personality on this list, and at any given time, I’m likely all of them. I’ll likely refer to “guy” fairly often, but it’s a generic term that can be male or female. Though these are based on real people, most of them have been “spoofed” or exaggerated for effect.

Here goes:

Personalities needed

All knowing overlord of truth and power.
—He’s normally the big gun in the alliance, knows the game, doesn’t make a lot of mistakes any more, people want to be him. Women want to marry him.

Cynical “everyone is an idiot” guy.
—No matter the comment someone makes, he’ll disagree, sometimes people won’t know if he actually knows what he’s talking about, or just being contrarian.

Voice of reason (usually a female)
—Doesn’t always try to get their point across by talking much, but what they say usually is the most sensical comment. Usually followed up by someone else saying “Yes, that’s true, but.,,,,,” and then they stay quiet for a while again.

Voice of logic
—Usually OVER explaining why something needs to be done. Usually right. Often gets ignored.

The “guru”
—Knows lots about the game and how to get the most out of it. Usually gets ignored. The ones who listen to him usually learn a ton and go on to have long term success in the game.

The funny guy.
—Always ready with a joke or one liner.

The slightly too funny guy.
—Always thinks a joke is needed and people need to loosen up, even when discussing serious topics.

The overly funny guy who always seems to cross the line.
—Makes jokes that he thinks are funny, and might even get an awkward “lol” as a response, but often is met with people not wanting to be the next one to comment.

The guy who never talks

The guy who almost never talks
—But when he does, it’s a real doozy, and then people ask who he is.

The bad translation guy
—Usually someone speaking another language, but not always. Says “hello guys” and it translates to “I will end all of your existences in moments” or “Does anyone have RSS I can buy” translates as “I am going to go to the beach and buy a hot dog” or something equally crazy. (BTW, I thought seriously about a blog JUST about bad translation fails. I’m sure we could have a lot of comments from all of you on that one!)

The gamer.
—The guy who knows how these games work and is always telling you how much he knows. Usually ends up making a stupid mistake and gets destroyed, blames it on other games being better, or a glitch, or he doesn’t care anymore, etc.

The sarcastic guy.
—Always has a comment. Not always funny. (BTW, I truly feel there needs to be a sarcasm font. I’ve been told I’m quite adept at actually “writing in sarcasm” but for some, the sarcasm doesn’t quite make it through the text and gets lost, or worse, offends people)

The “lets kill now” guy
—“He marched on me for almost 15 seconds before recalling from the monster tile. It took him almost 3 minutes to email me and apologize. I think we need to kill him, his farms, his whole alliance and anyone they have a nap with. Here are the coords. I know where his sister works, let’s knife her tires and kick her son in the shins.”

The “give peace a chance” guy.
—“I know it’s a war game, but they spend money too, we should just forgive them and move on.”

The “impatient” guy.
—“I’m bored. Let’s kill something”.
——-“Not now, impatient guy”.
—“Oh, sorry. You might be getting a mail about the guy I hit while I waited for your reply”.

The loud mouthed non spender.
—“Must be nice to be that big and powerful. But it’s all about the money. I got to my 6 mil power through hard work and not buying packs. But if you want to buy me a few, I’d be ok with it.”

The “arrogant spender”.
—“I paid a lot of money to play this game. If you don’t want to spend, no problem, welcome to my farming list. ”

The quiet spender.
—You never know he buys. But never asks for anything. Always seems to be fairly well equipped.

The random thought guy.
—Usually doesn’t actually read chat room before posting. Doesn’t reply after you comment on his random post of “I once wore my knickers to a family function and no one said anything”.

The “Mad in real life” guy.
—Always seems to be short tempered in chat, then goes quiet, comes back, says he just needed to walk away. Tells you all about how he had to buy a new phone because he broke this one. Throwing it at the wall. 40 times.

The “Know-it-all”
—Usually doesn’t

The overly flirtatious guy.
—Usually comes off as creepy or inappropriate. Not usually meant to be.

The overly flirtatious girl
—Everyone loves her, thinks her avatar really is her, often gets chat rockin with posts than can be taken two different ways, but around guys, will always be taken the perverted way. Sometimes, even often, she posts those comments on purpose.

The “Faux Attack Dog”
—Symbolically “chained up” by your alliance rules, but always wants to be let off the leash to do what he pleases. Turns out, he’s a lot like my dog I had when I was a kid. Chased cars back and forth from inside the fence, going nuts every time one went by. ran from one corner to the other. We were outside in our front yard one day, on a long leash, to keep him from running off, but so he’d have some room to run, car came by, he ran at it, stopped on the grass, realized how close he was, turned around, ran back behind me and almost tripped me pushing up against the back of my legs so hard.

The “Real Attack Dog”
—Someone posts in chat “He’s got my hero”. 5 Minutes later, Real Attack Dog guy posts “Not anymore”

All of these types of players exist in my alliance, and it’s a wild ride when there’s a large group chatting at once. At any given moment, I can be more than half of those listed, sometimes all at the same time. I’ve truly enjoyed playing this game, mostly because of the vast variety of personalities I’ve gotten to experience in chat, and in PM, where many people are quite different than their “public chat persona”. But it’s all fun!

Some types that are NOT in my alliance, but I have seen many of them through my kingdom.

The “Dictator”
—“It will be this way, or you will all die. Do it my way, or you’re against me, and I will bring down the full power of my alliance upon you and your friends!” Usually attacks farms. Shields when attacked by multiple alliances all at once because it’s unfair that all the enemies he’s made decided to team up.

The “Bi Polar Guy”
—One day, nice, looking for peace, wants to work it all out. Next day, leading a rally on your alliance, or tiling some little guy, claiming “It’s just the game” followed by explaining why it’s actually a good deed he’s doing, hitting small guys because they cost us major points in KVKs, but then complains about not enough KVKs, but then says he’ll have his own KVK, then hits farms for RSS….gets bored….asks for peace….repeat….

The “Chat addict”
—Can’t help himself. MUST cause drama in chat. NEEDS to be noticed in chat. Says outrageous things, just to be noticed. NEEDS to be noticed. Acts like a spoiled kid, makes comments like a drunken idiot, claims to be smart and married, but comes across and a small minded guy who lives in his mothers basement eating cheetos off his shirt.

The “Victim”
—WHY ME! It’s always against me. (Stomp feet here) You always do this to me! All of you! Yes! Even you! What is it with me that makes you all against me? Why are you all out to get me? I don’t get it. I’m leaving. Bye. Really. I’m gone. No more from me. Losers. Geez. Why? Why can’t you just understand what I’m trying to tell you!? You’re all out to get me and I’m not leaving till you understand. That’s it. No one listens or cares. I’m gone. Do what you want. No one listens to me anyway. Why doesn’t anyone listen to me!

The “wanna-be-tough–guy”
—Chimes in during conversations between many big alliance leaders with his opinion, while he’s not in any alliance, and has just started playing, thinks he can solve the problem just by interjecting a “Yeah! Go Chat Addict guy! Totally agree” or “Aww, Victim, you need to get a life before I crush you”, then when you click on his profile, it’s a new guy just trying to look tough.

The “Twist and Turn” guy
—You attacked me, why?
——-No I didn’t
—I have a screen shot
——-Doesn’t prove anything
—Of course it does, It proves you attacked me
——-Wasn’t me
—Who was it?
——-My son was playing on my account, must have been him.
—You let your son stay up after midnight?
——-He’s only 2 years old, why would I let him stay up?
—Your two year old attacked me?
——-No, why?
—You just said he did.
——-Don’t bring family in to this, this is between you and me. I attacked you because you attacked me first.
—You just said you didn’t attack me, now you say you did?
——-Wasn’t me.
——-I know right? I was just thinking the same thing.
I’m never sure if this guy is doing it on purpose, or just has such a problem with short term memory he can’t remember his own lies, of if he’s just so out there that he has no actual clue what’s going on.

Know anyone on this list? Feel I missed a personality? Please respond below!

It has, once again, been my pleasure to write this, and thank you for getting this far.

Game name: Harrycubed
Allaince: MGD-Mad Guardians of Dahae
Kingdom: #94, Dahae

Author: Darkthorne

I like to play and blog about games. I play a wide range of titles on various platforms i.e. PS4, PC, iOS, XBOX. MOBA, MMORPG, F2P, CCMOBA. Game of War, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Mobile Legends, and CoD WW2. I host live streams on Twitch at and Youtube at as "DarkthorneX". Thanks for visiting!

18 thoughts on “Building a Successful Alliance”

  1. Fantastic read HARRY! Several people came to mind as I read through the list of personalities. Also, I see myself as many of those at times. I also wondered if perhaps others thought of me as some of them. Great journey you took me on. Thank you!

  2. Harry, this was awesome! You were spot on, and I thought of so many people in my own alliance as I read it. Loved it!!

  3. Another great read Harry! I often find myself amused by the variety of personalities we encounter in GOW; so glad you captured these.

  4. Reading these comments you all wrote makes me smile too. As I said, in blog #1, I can live on “lol”s alone. Thanks everyone!

  5. Had me cracking up as not only did I find myself if a few, but could name all those I know that fit each type. Definitely sharing with my group of friends!

    THANKS for running this site, its one of the few that I actually bookmarked to read and use as reference.

    -Braxen #138

  6. Can I just point out that it’s great Mike isn’t in your alliance since you described him perfectly in everyone of the “not in my alliance types”… And you fit all the funny guy and guru type listed perfectly … You hold so many roles. And does all the women want to marry Mopar??

  7. Things I think while reading this article.
    1. Half of these seem to apply to me.
    2. I know who the other half refers to.
    3. Is this Harry’s passive aggressive way of saying how he feels about us?

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