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I wish I would have done this many, many packs ago.  You can save loads of money by purchasing cheap Game of War packs using an Android device and Amazon Coins.  I’ve saved $25/pack using this method.

To see if Game of War is currently giving a coin refund for Game of War please check the list by choosing “Earn Coins” when you pass through the link to buy!  Also, Amazon lets you know of any rewards earned when making an in-app purchase with coins in Game of War.

Please remember to follow my link using a tablet or personal computer to purchase your coins to support my website!  Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow you to make coin purchases on their mobile site.

Thank you :)!


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How to Save? Cheap Game of War Packs Method!

First, you will need an Android device or use an Android Emulator such as Nox App Player.  Don’t have an Android device?  That’s OK!  Keep reading!

I didn’t have an Android device either, however, the investment in one will save you heaps of money in the long run!

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VIP Prestige 1331 – Game of War Fire Age

VIP in Game of War Fire Age boosts the stats of your empire, hero, monsters, and more.  It also provides utility advantages like faster construction time, march speed, resource cost reduction and more.

VIP Prestige Level 1331 Boosts

Multiple stats boosts result from upgrading to VIP 1331. Let’s take a look!

Overlimit March Boosts

+250% Enemy Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic Attack Debuff
+250% Enemy Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic Defense Debuff
+250% Enemy Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic Health Debuff

New Boosts to Current VIP Level

VIP 1322 30,000% Tier 1-52 Enemy Troop March Speed Debuff on Empire
VIP 1323 30,000% Tier 1-52 Enemy Troop Rally Speed Debuff on Empire
VIP 1328 30,000% Tier 1-52 Enemy Troop March Speed Debuff on Wonder
VIP 1329 30,000% Tier 1-52 Enemy Troop Rally Speed Debuff on Wonder

Demigod VIP Boosts

In addition to boosting current VIP levels, you also receive Demigod stats boosts.

200% Demigod Rally Attack
200% Demigod Wonder Holding Attack
200% Demigod Rally Health
200% Demigod Wonder Holding Health
1900% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic Attack
950% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic Health
2350% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic Defense
1250% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic Attack vs. Battle Marked Target
500% Enemy Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic Attack Debuff
500% Enemy Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic Defense Debuff
500% Enemy Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic Health Debuff

VIP Prestige Level 977

The main advantage of VIP 977 over previous levels is “VIP Scout Mythical Creature Troops on the Wonder”.

Other advantages include nearly 33% increase in stats for the following:

Mythical Creature Attack: +15,000%
Mythical Creature Health: +8,500%
Mythical Creature Defense: +6,500%
Mythical Creature Rally Health: +7,500%
Mythical Creature Wonder Holding Health: +7,500%
Mythical Creature Rally Attack: +13,500%
Super Rally & Wonder Attack Bonus: +30KT%
 Troop, Wild, Strategic Attack Bonus: +160MT^4
Super Troop Attack Bonus: +30.5KT%
Rally Health Bonus: +3.1BT^4%
Wonder Holding Troop Health Bonus: +3.1BT^4%
Mobile Trap Health: +1.52BT^4%
Open All – Mega Alliance Gifts (Level 976) Open All Mega Gifts (ty!)

VIP 977, mentioned previously, is about 33% increase in Mythical Creature stats over VIP 976. But a slight increase for troop attack and health.

VIP Prestige Level 976

VIP Prestige Level 976 in Game of War Fire Age provides you with Open All – Mega Alliance Gifts.

375 and Beyond Benefits

I’ve left VIP 375 here to compare stats of VIP from just 3 months ago. You should notice insane increases in Troop Attack and Troop Health compared to 977.

The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Become a member today and support Gameofwartips.com! Register Now!

Will this upgrade help you greatly? Usually VIP is not that great of an increase. However, if you fight at the Wonder or Super Wonder you will need them to be at least as strong as your opponent.

Have you ideas on how Game of War Fire Age can improve? Please visit our post on improvements for the game.

Game of War Returning or Starting Guide

Hey fellow Game of War players! Are you starting Game of War or have you recently taken some time off to enjoy other endeavors in life?

Whatever the reason, welcome to Game of War: Fire Age!

For purposes of this tutorial I’ll consider everyone “starting out, but with some basic knowledge of the game. For example, Hero, VIP, building benefits, etc.

Well, you’re in great luck! For less than a dinner and a movie you can return to fighting status. Here, I’ll show you in this Game of War starting guide.

I’ve managed to do it. Here’s how you can also with just one $20.00 gold pack, less with Amazon Coins!

Amazon Coins
Amazon Coins


Game of War Starting Guide – Return Quick and Easily!

Instant upgrade items will get you back into the war quickly! These come in a variety of gold packs.

Nearly every gold pack has them now.

These items provide instant completion of research, upgrade to core and specialized buildings.

Once, you’ve completed your desired buildings plan, hit that instant building upgrade item. You will find it under your Specials tab.

Next, find the various instant research completion items. If the tree was previously completed it will let you know.

If it is, just break the remaining items for essences and to clean up tabs and inventory. You will thank yourself later when new items appear first in the tabs. This makes finding items in the future much easier!

Ok, great job! Feel the rush of upgrading and getting close to back out there into the fold! What’s next?

Tweaking for Current War Requirements

The instant upgrade items are nice and will get you close to the required stats and setup you need to NOT be annihilated. Next, you must check for the latest “safety report”.

Keep in mind that you may have a different play style than the “cookie cutter” profile provided.

For this starting guide I won’t go into specific requirements for safety.

Game of War Spiritual Building

Testing Your Recently Updated Account For War

Once, you’re satisfied you’ve updated everything to your desired level, its time to test.

I test my guys first with a hero-less solo if they are small and just getting back into the swing of things.

If he defends that, I hit him with a hero included solo, then onto a rally if he’s setup for rally defense. If at any point he burns, we figure out why and adjust.

Its much easier to understand the “why” of failure when you can see the attackers stats and ask questions.

Once you’ve readjusted whatever is needed to defend against your tester, its time to get back to WAR!

Welcome back! I look forward to seeing you out on the battle field.  Please C.R.R. 😉



Kingdom of Gods: Win Bitcoin!

Game of War – Bitcoin Age: The EventWin Bitcoin game of War

We now have more details for the upcoming Bitcoin event. The battle will take place in a new battleground called Kingdom of Gods for a battle for the Olympians’ Throne on Sunday, December 31st at 4PM PST/Monday January 1st at 12:00 UTC.

Kingdom of Gods

You can become the Lord Emperor! The Olympians’ Throne opens on December 31st for the New Year!

New Powers for Lord Emperor

As Lord Emperor, use Olympians’ Touch Tokens that allow you to choose ONE of the following “powers”:

Set the Lord Emperor’s Kingdom’s Wonder to Be Open
Set the Lord Emperor’s Kingdom Wonder to Closed
Set the Lord Emperor’s Kingdom Wonder to Only Allow Rallies & Mega Rallies
Set the Lord Emperor’s Kingdom Wonder to Allow All Kinds of Attacks
Disable Peace Shields in the Lord Emperor’s Kingdom
Enable Automatic Teleporting to a Random Location When Burned in the Lord Emperor’s Kingdom
  • The Powers activate within 48 hours of activating the Token and will wear off only when the title of Lord Emperor is lost.

These powers are interesting. Essentially, Lord Emperor will have many powers within their own Kingdom after they win the Olympians’ Throne. However, when outside of their home Kingdom, they have only their title.

But, imagine being able to drop everyone’s Peace Shields!

Well, that an $5,000 worth of Bitcoin from winning the New Year’s Event.

Prize Bitcoin Game of War

Learn more about Bitcoin and how you can earn $10 Bitcoin in our previous post: Game of War: Bitcoin.

Kingdom of Gods: Eligibility and Disclaimers

First, to participate you must have downloaded and installed Game of War App no later than Sunday December 31, at 10AM PST. This is December 31st at 18:00 UTC.

However, more details are found in the in-game blog on eligibility in their disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Residents in certain jurisdictions are excluded from participating due to local laws.

Official Rules

While I won’t go over all the rules, you can check them the in-game blog following the link at the bottom of the blog post.

Game of war Kingdom of Gods Bitcoin

Pay close attention to the eligibility section. You may need to figure out who is eligible and in the best position to go for Lord Emperor. The list is rather restrictive. Even certain states in the US are ineligible.

Game of War: Bitcoin Eligibility

The winner of the event is determined by the following rules section:

Kingdom of Gods Winner Game of War Fire Age GOW

It is typical Super Wonder rules for the most part.  There is mention of four other “mini-wonders” perhaps that can be used to boost the strength of your Alliance during the event.

However, all the information contained in this section refers to the Super Wonder. I assume they mean Kingdom of Gods here.

Kingdom of Gods: Cheers to the First Lord Emperor or Empress!

Happy New Year Game of War Tips Community! Thank you for another AMAZING Year! Here’s to 2018!



Mad Guardians K94

Bitcoin in Game of War: Win Yours in KVK?


Bitcoin in Game of War: Win Yours in KVK?

Bitcoin is apparently coming to Game of War! Check the in-game blog today and find “Win Bitcoin!” a teaser for an upcoming event. It promises real prizes for participating in a one of a kind, once in a lifetime event!

The battles for Super Wonder have brought new Emperors and new Enemies vying for POWER! Brave warriors have fought with honor and conviction to restore order to their kingdoms.

Now, whispers of a NEW EVENT have brought on new challengers to fight for NEW KINGDOMS, NEW POWERS, AND NEW TREASURES – THE GREATEST GIFTS OF THE FIRE AGE!

The blog itself doesn’t mention exactly how the Bitcoin may be won, but evidently Bitcoin is entering Game of War Fire Age in some fashion.

Bitcoin in Game of War Age

Bitcoin in Game of War?

The topic of Bitcoin has taken the world by storm.  Cynics may say that this is a strategy to capture some of that popularity and bolster support for the Super Wonder Events in Game of War Fire Age.

Is that far-fetched?

Well, not much is told in the blog itself of the rules to enter or win. However, the blog recently posted eligibility rules and disclaimers. I get back into that soon, but first what is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is simply a cryptocurrency, or digital currency, somewhat similar to Paypal in its simplicity to transfer, but different in that a bank or financial institution does not keep a record book of your transactions and balance.

Instead the ledger is held by all members of the system. If someone tries to add or trade bogus coins it’s easily detected by the system through a cross-reference of the millions of correct ledgers.

That is a very simple explanation of Bitcoin.

Is it safe? Japan has adopted as a legal currency.

Japan Legalizes Bitcoin as Currency

I started following Bitcoin some time ago when the Japanese economy fully adopted it as a currency.

Learn more: Japan’s Legalization of Bitcoin Led to Rapid Surge in Mainstream Adoption

How Can I Receive Bitcoin from the Event?

To receive or send Bitcoin you need a wallet. Similar to a Paypal account but you’ll be sending and receiving digital currency instead of dollars. However, your coins may be exchanged or sold for dollars.

One of the most popular Bitcoin services is Coinbase. This firm is responsible for the valuation of Bitcoin for purposes of the reward. The Event uses the Bitcoin price at stated on Coinbase.com as the value of Bitcoin for the prize.

I began my journey with Bitcoin using this firm. I signed up following their simple step-by-step instructions. I’m now able to check my coins on the app they provide for real time trading.

If you want to check it, Coinbase is giving away $10 in Bitcoin free when you Buy or Sell $100.00.

Earn $10 with Coinbase



Wondrous Mythical Creatures and Gear Improvement Levels

Increase your Demetor Gear to new levels in Game of War Fire Age when you unlock Gear Enchantments and Improvement Levels.

Obtain Demeter Gear Leveling Pieces to unleash new amazing benefits.

Also, new Wondrous Mythical Creatures

Max Benefits at Gear Level 200

The maximum power up for these new levels are the following:

Mythical Creature Attack 10 T%
Mythical Creature Health 4 T%
Super Troop  Attack 6 TT%

A new KvK Kill event is on the way! Use new Wondrous Mythical Creatures to demolish enemies.

Be careful, no additional defense is added when leveling up Demeter gear to 200.

However, the new research allows you to increase your march size with Mythical Creatures along with combat benefits such as defense, health, attack for Troops and Mythical Creatures.

Max March Size Benefits

Mythical Creature Capacity 750 KT
Mythical Creature Training Queue Size 750 T
Mythical Creature March Size 12.5 T
Mythical Creature Rally Size 125 T
Troop Rally Size 25 TT
Mythical Creature Rally Size 125 T
Troop Rally Size 25 TT
Trap Rally Size 1.25 TT
Troop Solo Size 500 BT
Trap Solo Size 250 BT

Mythical Creature Benefits

Mythical Creature Attack 250 B%
Mythical Creature Defense 2.5 B%
Mythical Creature Health 100 B%
Immortal Mythical Creature Attack 100 B%
Dragon Mythical Creature Attack 100 B%
Beast Mythical Creature Attack 100 B%
Immortal Mythical Creature Defense 2.5 B%
Dragon Mythical Creature Defense 2.5 B%
Beast Mythical Creature Defense 2.5 B%
Immortal Mythical Creature Health 50 B%
Dragon Mythical Creature Health 50 B%
Beast Mythical Creature Health 50 B%
Mythical Creature Rally Attack 200 B%
Mythical Creature Rally Health 125 B%

Further Bonuses from Mythical Creature Research

Super Combat Benefits:

Super Troop Attack Bonus 150 BT%
Super Mobile Trap Health Bonus 12.5 M%
Super Rally & Wonder Attack Bonus 75 BT

Combat Benefits:

Troop Attack Bonus 12.5 TTTTT%
Troop Defense Bonus 750 BT%
Enemy Troop Defense Debuff 1 TT%
Onslaught Attack 250 BTTTT%
Resolute Defense 750 BT%
Defense Annihilation 750 BT%
Unstoppable Attack 375 TT%
Rally Attack Bonus 12.5 TTTTT%
Mobile Trap Health 125 TTTTT%
Troop Health Bonus 5 TTTTT%

New Wondrous Mythical Creatures

The latest Wondrous Mythical Creatures are found below:

Mythical Leo Creature game of War Fire Age

Wondrous Leo is among the six new Mythical Creatures to choose from along with Wondrous Harpy, Wendigo, Void Dragon, Celestial Dragon, and Dire Deer.

mythical creatures game of war fire age

Keep a close eye on packs in the Gold Store for items you need. Most of the $19.99 US packs lack these special new unlock items. They can be found only in $99.99 US packs.

Assault Combat Research: Mythical Creatures

New Assault Combat research promises to boost your Mythical Creatures. Until now you gained boosts for Mythical Creatures mostly from your Hero skill tree.

Assault Combat Research – New Research in Game of War Fire Age

The Assault Combat research tree provides Mythical Creature Rally Size and solo increase.  Also, you enjoy a larger Mega Troop Rally Size. Troop boosts increase with this tree as well.

From the Game of War Blog

Bring Your Enemies to their Knees with Unbeatable Assault Combat Research

Warrior, let’s see what you can do! In the midst of chaos an unlikely Mythical Creature has befriended you. It’s up to you, and only you to educate them in Combat.

Max Deployment Size Benefits

Mythical Creature Rally Size: 12 B
Mythical Creature Solo Size: 1.2 B
Mega Troop Rally Size: 30 BT
Troop Rally Size: 30 MT
Trap Rally Size: 15 BT
Troop Solo Size: 600 MT

Mythical Creature Benefits

Mythical Creature Attack: 400 M%
Mythical Creature Defense: 10 M%
Mythical Creature Health: 100 M%
Dragon Mythical Creature Attack: 300 M%
Immortal Mythical Creature Attack: 300 M%
Beast Mythical Creature Attack: 300 M%
Dragon Mythical Creature Defense: 10 M%
Immortal Mythical Creature Defense: 10 M%
Beast Mythical Creature Health: 10 M%
Dragon Mythical Creature Health: 40 M%
Immortal Mythical Creature Health: 40 M%
Beasts Mythical Creature Health: 40 M%
Mythical Creature Rally Attack: 5 MT%
Mythical Creature Rally Health: 400 M%

Assault Research Game of War Fire Age

Super Combat Benefits

Super Combat Attack Bonus 300 MT%
Super Mobile Trap Health Bonus 40 MT%
Super Rally & Wonder Health Bonus 300 MT%
Super Rally & Wonder Health Bonus 300 MT%

Combat Benefits

Troop Attack Bonus 100 BT^4%
Rally Attack Bonus 100 BT^4%
Rally Health Bonus 10 T^5%
Mobile Trap Health 2 T^5%
Troop Health Bonus 2 T^4%

So, many benefits with this tree. Mythical Creatures gain significant boosts. Along with this tree, we also added Super Special Building levels:

More details on the above coming soon!