Alliance City

Alliance City Combat in Beta!

Alliance City combat has been released in Beta server Game of War.  Here are a couple images from the combat.

alliance city combatAlliance city combatalliance city combat Ac blog 2 Ac Blog ac burning AC rally



Post from November 8, 2014, rumors of Alliance City were just beginning.  Almost two years later we have not had a chance to do much with it.  Perhaps it is finally on its way! Fingers crossed.

Today I was fooling around in the core forge. While attempting to combine some pieces I came across some that were dim as if I couldn’t combine them. In fact I can’t. I received he following notice about storing more pieces in the future in an alliance city.

alliance city combat

What is Athena up to this time?

Monster Capture and Hall of Monsters

Beta Feature – Monster Capture and Hall of Monsters!

Monster Capture and Hall of Monsters
Monster Capture and Hall of Monsters

Get ready to face down monsters on our Beta Server!

A monstrous new opportunity has arisen that can grant your Alliance colossal power and keep them at the top. Construct the new Hall of Monsters in your Alliance City and gain the ability to capture Monsters and augment your Alliance’s powers with theirs!

For Beta Server, certain Monsters are able to be captured within the Wonder Dungeon. Note that this functionality may change in the future. When facing an eligible Monster, the “Capture Monster” Ability will be displayed – select this to use a Monster Cage and attempt to acquire the Monster in place of your normal attack for that round.

Monsters come in varying levels, from Basic to Legendary – the higher the level, the more difficult they will be to catch! However, the Combat Boosts they provide your Alliance will be much stronger at higher levels. You are only able to obtain one Monster per dungeon run, so make sure you have enough Monster Cages to walk away with the best creature you can. If you catch more than one, you will have to choose which you wish to keep in your Dungeon Inventory.

Exploring deeper within the Dungeon will grant you better chances of capturing a Legendary Monster. Be sure to complete your Dungeon Masteries to ensure you dominate within!

Once you’ve successfully exited the dungeon with your Monster, it will be stored in your Alliance City’s Hall of Monsters if you have an available slot. Every player in the Alliance will have one to three slots in which to store Monsters – if your slots are full, you will have to choose which Monster to release. Gain more slots by upgrading your Hall of Monsters to Level 5.

In return for capturing these ferocious creatures, you will gain MASSIVE boosts to your Alliance City Rallies – this will greatly benefit you in the forthcoming Alliance City Combat! Use Crowns and the new Beastmaster Tome to construct and upgrade your Hall of Monsters today! You don’t want to be caught unprepared.


This is an interesting new feature which is unique for Game of War.  It raises many questions about how it will affect combat for Alliance City.

Its great to see Game of War trying new and exciting things like the Ultimate Resource Tiles.  I can’t wait to see what’s up Game of War sleeve next!

What do you think of this new feature and do you think it will make it to the Live game server?

Beta Pics! 90% Research Speed High Templar Orb and more!

A special thanks to the always informative Eternal Zen for this latest pic from beta. 

Whether this makes it to live GoW or not is up to debate.  But 90% research speed would make getting through the endless release of research tree branches we’ve experienced over the past year.  

The skeptic in me yells that when they release this item they will just make future researches 90% longer… Quiet you! Ha!  (That guy is always under a rain cloud no matter how much sunshine the rest of us are enjoying.). 

Well, here’s to hoping for research timer relief!  Cheers!
But wait there’s more!


March Speed Debuff 

Game of War – what’s next?

We have experienced the kvk kill event aspect of Game of War. New hero and restorative research tree to spend our time, resources, and money on. Now, what’s next for Game of War? How will MZ hold the interest of so many players?

Personally, I’ve reached a plateau of sorts in my gameplay. I’m too big to be attacked solo and judging by the last kill event not a good target for rallies. The kill event experience is declining.

Alliance members are expressing thoughts of leaving the game.

Currently, however, a new war with a local alliance has popped up yet again as they attempt to claim Dahae as their own. They seek to destroy the kingdom leaving only their alliance to reign. I’ve witnessed this on other kingdoms we’ve faced in kill events. So fighting them has sparked a bit of an interest.

I am enjoying my sh 14 anvil account. It’s enjoyable to surprise t4 marches with a million t2 and traps. But I wonder what MZ plans to do next? Will it be T5? Will the develop coliseum into more of a kill event battlefield?

Some friends have left to start in new kingdoms. They are kings there in the ruling alliance and appear to be having a blast.

To this point, Game of War has been mostly a building game and less so battle or war game. So many people play it to develop resource generating accounts and are upset when they must engage in battle. Mostly due to the cost of troops and traps. Mz recognized this and introduced the restorative tree but will it be enough?