Game of War Needs a Spiritual Building

In my travels, I’ve noticed something common everywhere I go. The spiritual core of each town is prevalent. Game of War, based supposedly, in a time of medieval era, when the church controlled law, spirit, mind, soul, direction, Game of War has completely missed the boat, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Therefore, I propose a new direction/building/research tree to reflect the beliefs of the user.

Game of War Spiritual Building

Game of War Needs a Spiritual Building

Email to Mz:

Greetings fine folks of Mz.

Known to many , but perhaps not your offices, I’m traveling the world and everywhere I got its clear the spiritual core of the resident. First, thank you for an awesome game, that has brought the world of gamers together with a first of its kind translator. Shall I thank Microsoft? Recently, the design team is out of control with the pace of “new” content releases that add zero new dynamic to the game. You’re simply releasing more levels of the same content you’ve sold us for years.

Yes, you simply raise the high water line each week forcing players to repurchase what they’ve already invested in to stay afloat.  How about a new dynamic to the game that players will feel confident and intrigued by with their hard earned dollars.

Teachings from Pavlog

Toss them a bone once in a while if you expect continued loyalty.  The teachings of Pavlog’s dog will carry you only so far. Remember we aren’t dogs, we are human beings. But, that’s just business am I right?

Anyway, something lacking in Game of War is a spiritual building.  In the “Fire Age” or medieval times that the game appears to be set in, the central core, strength, government, law, etc. was determined by the spiritual body/leaders of the time.

So, I propose a new building be released that reflects the spiritual strength of the account, allow the player to choose his “god” or spiritual direction.

In full honesty, this is a touchy subject as players in Game of War come from all walks of life. However, allowing said players to choose their spiritual leader will entice them to purchase. Perhaps an emblem of some kind could be shown in profile or over stronghold that reflects their choice. Or a new Hero-type that remains always protecting the Stronghold.

Atheist / Pagan

So, I think you get the idea.  This will create further conflict and new alliances based on spiritual aspect. It will also round out blessings and create the need of a new research tree for “Spiritual Growth.”

You’re welcome.

Forever yours,


Game of War spiritual building

Alternatively, Reboot the Altar as Spiritual Building Focus

Check this, an alliance mate mentions that the Altar’s purpose is to reflect the spiritualness of the player. However, this building too needs strengthened. In fact, the recent Core Building release paled in comparison to the strength of the new HERO LEVELS and ASCENDANCY RESEARCH TREE.

Also, if you’ve not already, I encourage you to register for The first week is free and just $4.99 a month. Thank you for your continued encouragement and small contribution for my efforts.

Finally, stay safe and have fun, be mindful of your budget, find a trusted loader for insane savings a year 😉

Yours in war and fun,

-Darkthorne, God of GoW.

Follow up thus far:

Game of War Spiritual Building

Game of War is Not Dying

Game of War Top Grossing game on  iTunes

As the above chart demonstrates, Game of War remains one of the top grossing games on iTunes. Keep in mind that iTunes is largely unused by players because of its fees and full price status. Many players use loaders or their own Amazon coins. Loaders typically use Google or Amazon.

Therefore, its likely Game of War clears $1 million a day for selling digital nothingness. No, Game of War isn’t going anywhere soon.


Level Up Buildings – Level 110+ Provide Insane Boosts For…

If you are in the Line App room then this release is not a surprise.  We guessed that three days of releases in a row just wasn’t enough. We deduced that buildings are likely on the way. When the packs start giving away maxed content for $20 or $40.00 packs, means new levels are shortly on the way.

How significant are these new building levels? Is this a make or break upgrade? It is difficult to determine since we’ve had so many other upgrades this week.  Players are at various degrees of account upgrade. However, all the upgrades save Ascendancy research is shown.  What I mean to say is, if you are a trap, you can’t hide the fact that you have upgraded buildings, hero level, VIP, or the new Barbarian King gear.

If you’ve jumped on all these new upgrades then chances are you are playing it safe and enjoy warding off would be assailants with your baller status upgrades.

Without further ado, let’s take a close look at how significant a boost these buildings are for attackers and defenders.

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Game of War

Which Buildings Provide the Best Stats for Defensive Players?

As a defensive player, you seek defense, health, and resolute defense.  Also, troop attack debuff is helpful. However, I’ve generally been of the mindset that the defenders troop attack debuff is so insignificant compared to troop attack in game that I don’t give it much attention.  Sure, if its there I’ll take it. But, I don’t burn and think, “well, I just don’t have enough troop attack debuff.”

So, which buildings should defensive players upgrade first to gain the most benefit and protection from the monsters running around with fully upgraded building levels?

Resolute Defense!

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It’s confirmed, higher levels than 110 are popping up in Game of War already!

Thank you for your continued support. Please leave questions in the comments below or hit me up on Line App – darkthorne

Be safe and HAVE FUN!


Level 22 Buildings: More

In September 2015, news of Stronghold 22 in Beta spread like wildfire.  It was said to be “coming soon!”  Well, they’ve finally arrived! Level 22 Buildings go live in Game of War!

What are the Level 22 Buildings benefits?  Let’s take a look.

Level 22 Buildings

Walls: Trap Attack +5%, Trap Count +75,000
Villas: Troop Attack +.5%, Enemy Embassy Defense Debuff 5%
Embassy:  Embassy Defense Bonus +20%, Reinforcement Capacity +500,000
Quarry: Stone/hr +1,600, Stone Cap. +5,596,000
Mine: Ore/hr +1,100, Ore Cap. +4,803,000
Logging Camp: Wood/hr +1,600, Wood Cap. 5,596,000
Farm: Food/hr +1,900, Food Cap. 7,095,000
Forge: Crafting Speed +5%, Core Crafting Booster 5%
Hall of War: Capacity +512,864, Rally Attack Bonus 20%
Watchtower:  Incoming marches suffer a a great attack penalty of +30% and triple scouting cost.
Barracks: Training Cap +10,000, Troop Def. Bonus 11%, Watchtower Debuff Res. 5%
Stronghold: March Capacity +250,000, March Slots +1
Hospital: Capacity 50,000, Troop Health Bonus 7%, Hospital Healing Speed 2%
Storehouse: Resources Protected 25,000,000
Academy: Research Speed increase 15%
Prison: Allows you to deface Hero owner’s Profile Image. Costs 7,000 Daggers to Upgrade.
Altar: Increased Attack, Defense, Health, March Speed when Executing a Hero.

Level 22 Upgrade Costs

Upgrading to level 22 buildings will require hundreds of Master Hammers which are the same Hammers you’ve used to build level 21 buildings.  However, level 22 will require hundreds per each building.  at 2,000 gold a piece you will need 100-200k gold per building.

Game of War recently released the Master Architect Gear Set that will greatly boost your Construction Speed.  This obviously was released in anticipation to the buildings upgrade to Level 22.

Stronghold Level 22

Stronghold 22
Stronghold 22 Requirements

Stronghold 2 stronghold 3


The increased march capacity for rally leaders is a significant advantage.  You will especially need this upgrade if you plan to fight for wonders.  Trap accounts do not benefit from this upgrade alone.  However, to upgrade other buildings that will benefit your trap account Stronghold 22 is needed.


The Level 22 Barracks provides:

  • Troop Defense: 11%, +1%
  • Watch Tower Debuff Resistance: 5%
  • Troop Queue: +5,000
  • Strategic Troop Defense Bonus: 11%, +1%
  • Hero XP: +46,000
  • Power: +2,717,965

One percentage point does not seem like much even when factoring in multiple barracks.  Debuff Resistance of 5% however is of greater benefit when we think about how difficult obtaining debuff resistance is in Game of War.

Barracks 22
Barracks 22 Upgrade Requirements
Barracks 22 Upgrade Reward
Barracks 22 Upgrade Reward
Barracks 22 Additional Benefits
Barracks 22 Additional Benefits



walls 1 walls 2 walls 3


Traps are not a substantial element to success in Game of War.  The game has evolved beyond traps being of any importance.  Walls 22 providing some other boost besides to traps would have made upgrading more alluring.  This will benefit a Solo Trap account the most where the number of traps are closer to the number of troops being sent.  However, in a rally situation 4m-5m troops will run straight through 500k traps.  In addition, it is far more advantageous to boost millions of troop’s stats rather than spend precious skill points, gems, equipment slots on boosting traps.  However, every bit of boost helps.  So, if you have the means to upgrade your walls, may as well.


forge 1 forge 2 forge 3

Core Boost 10%, what does that look like exactly?  Take a look.  Is it really that advantageous?

Forge Before Core Boost
Forge Before Core Boost 10%
Forge 22 Core Booster
Forge 22 After 10% Boost

At first glance 10% Core Boost seems amazing!  However, because a crafter is still affected by luck it is less attractive.  See these screen shots:

after asteroid
Forge 21 Core Stats
Forge 22 Core Stats
Forge 22 Core Stats

Essentially, because of the luck factor it makes this boost a wash.  You may boost some stats and lose others.  Look for yourself.


gymnos 1 gymnos 3 gynos 2

An additional 5 skill points?  Come on… You gave us +20 at Stronghold 21!  However, at this level we already have a substantial number of skill points.  Where would we put them?  I think this would benefit the trap player greater than a rally leader.  A missile attack rally leader doesn’t need many skill points to be effective.  A Wonder rally leader needs every advantage they can get, so this is nice for them.  Trap players could add more individual troop defense skill points.  However, 5 is not significant.  Had it been +30 or +40 then maybe it would justify the Billions of resources and hammers to get to level 22.

Something to keep in mind however.  These buildings are roadblocks to the level 22 buildings you are going to want later on that aren’t released yet.  Gymnos clearly falls under that category.  Gymnos will be a requirement for a building that you really want.   Similar to how the research trees work.  They dangle a research upgrade you really desire but have to research a ton of seemingly worthless ones to get there.


marketplace 1 marketplace 2 marketplace 3


quarry 1 quarry 2


farm 1 farm 2




Altar 22 Upgrade Requirements
Altar 22 Upgrade Requirements




Prison Level 22
Prison Level 22


villas 22 reward villas 22 req

Hall of War

Rally Capacity increase 512,864 (Maximum March Research), Rally Speed +30%, Rally Attack +40%.

4,000,000 is now the maximum rally size with 100% March Size Boost.

Hall of War 22 Requirements
Hall of War 22 Requirements
Hall of War 22 Upgrade Rewards
Hall of War 22 Upgrade Reward
Hall of War 22 Upgrade Details
Hall of War 22 Upgrade Details


Capacity 50,000, Troop Health Bonus 7%, Hospital Healing Speed 2%


embassy 3

Embassy Level 22 Requirements
Embassy Level 22 Requirements

Embassy Level 22 Upgrade


Watchtower Level 22 provides:

  • Scout Bonus Cost: +4,500
  • Hero XP: +78,000
  • Power: +4,905,283
  • Incoming enemy marches on your city suffer a greater troop attack penalty +30%!   Triples Enemy’s scouting cost!

Watchtower 1 Watchtower 2 Watchtower 3


While the initial level 22 buildings released in Game of War are not that alluring, remember that these are mostly roadblocks or prerequisites to the ones that will provide significant boosts.  Hall of War 22!

Rollin’ on 22s!

level 22 buildings