Hephaestus Wonder Core Set

Hephaestus Core Set – Wonder Core Set

Dive into the Flames: The Hephaestus Core Set!

Hephaestus Core SetValiant warrior, if you see sparks flying and feel earth-shattering clamor, your perilous path may have led you to the anvil of the gods!

The Hephaestus Core Set is perfect for claiming the Wonder. Take its rewards as your own wearing this divinely wrought gear!

Only when you melt the following Cores and Pieces together can you unlock the most DEVASTATING Hidden Recipes to craft the Hephaestus Core Set and set your opponents’ Cities ablaze:

haphaestus core set

hephaestus core set stats

Encrust the Smoldering Helm with Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Blood Knight Emblem, and Champion Proof to stoke the Firegod’s Ire.

Fuse the Smoldering Mantle with Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Dragon Ash, and Gothic Candlestick to ignite the Firegod’s Hearth.
Combine Smoldering Legs with Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Gothic Candlestick, and Salamander Skin to draw out the Firegod’s Bearing.
Merge the Smoldering Claymore with Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Sinister Gimlet, and Volcanic Ruby to heat up the Firegod’s Skewer.
Blend the Smoldering Shield with Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Power Crystal, and Blood Knight Emblem to reveal the Firegod’s Anvil.

The Hephaestus Core Set will leave only scorch marks where your enemies’ Strongholds now stand. Create it and set the sun on your foes.

Special Hephaestus Chests will be available only in our fiery Sales, but you’re sure to find Cores and Pieces in our red-hot events.

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More coming soon!

Alliance City

Alliance City Combat in Beta!

Alliance City combat has been released in Beta server Game of War.  Here are a couple images from the combat.

alliance city combatAlliance city combatalliance city combat Ac blog 2 Ac Blog ac burning AC rally



Post from November 8, 2014, rumors of Alliance City were just beginning.  Almost two years later we have not had a chance to do much with it.  Perhaps it is finally on its way! Fingers crossed.

Today I was fooling around in the core forge. While attempting to combine some pieces I came across some that were dim as if I couldn’t combine them. In fact I can’t. I received he following notice about storing more pieces in the future in an alliance city.

alliance city combat

What is Athena up to this time?

Hades Core Set Any Good?

How Good is Hades Core Set?

Over the weekend, our Alliance battled for control of our Wonder and bragging rights for a few days.  Since, our Kingdom Merge battle for Wonder domination has been a steady chore.  With about an hour and half left on the timer our rally leader K106 (MGd) CanadianSti equipped his Hades Core Set and the real fun began! Continue reading “Hades Core Set Any Good?”

The Very Best Rally Trap in Game of War!

Best Rally Trap in Game of War!

Ponzi Scheme? Or just a LOT of Alcohol and GOW?

OK, so let me put things in perspective before I tell you about the Best Rally Trap in Game of War.

I’m awesome. Yeah, we all already know this. But recently, Darkthorne, the MAKER of this site you’re currently visiting, the discoverer of the great talent that is me, Leg Humper, has recently “hired” another blogger.

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Crystal Dragon Review

Crystal Dragon Review:

Crystal Dragon review of gear, cores, pieces and more review.

Crystal Dragon’s famous fatal facets gleam as faintly as its origins lost through the ages…

OK, Mz but will Crystal Dragon help me burn my enemies? Continue reading “Crystal Dragon Review”