Core Relic Recipes

I’ve been busy crafting level 5 core relics. Below I will post the core and pieces I use to craft these relics along with the results.

Hair-raisingly Sharp Ring Blade

Level 5 Ring Blade


Level 5 Clip


Level 5 Metal Wire


Level 5 Bottle Cap


Level 5 Thick Lens


Crafted Core Relic


Item with Gems


This relic is high troop attack, cavalry attack, March speed, and some health and defense from gems.

Comparison to Diamond-Spiked Club


Update 7-7-15: This is an old post now and was created in the early days of core crafting.  I keep it up as a reminder of how far cores have developed in such a short time and how much further they will likely go.  Soon no one under 2 Billion will be safe.  Soon after that 3 B and so on.  The mystery bonuses and set gear research tree turn a 6 piece core into a 8 or 9 piece core multiplied by 7! These numbers can get crazy!  Unless you have something to boost your own troops or shield the losses could be devastating!

Crafting Core Equipment Part 2

Today I went ahead and crafted my first core piece as we are attempting to hold the wonder. Figured it might come in handy if I don’t let another half full rally strike a 300m player again. Ouch!


I suppose it could have been much worse…

Anyway, here is the Ferocious Scaramax core relic I crafted using a level 6 death, mortality, strife, and a level 5 war piece.


And here we are at the wonder.



Core Crafting in Game of War

Core Crafting in Game of War Part 1

Now that I have accumulated enough cores and pieces to start seeing the potential of this aspect of Game of War, I thought I’d share my thoughts. See Core Crafting Part 2. And Core Crafting Recipes.

First, I find the best way to gain materials for core crafting is by hitting and killing monsters. Also, you can attain core mats by completing daily quests. I have set my hero tree to maximum energy and energy regeneration. Also, I keep a set of gear equipped that is full of energy regeneration, hero attack power, and maximum energy. This allows maximum hits on a monster daily. If you buy any of the latest packs they generally include energy. The rewards for inferno and kingdom events also include substantial energy rewards.

Below are examples of what I’ve gained from max attack on level 5 monsters (pre-Archaeology update).

core crafting in game of war

core crafting in game of war

I’ve also enjoyed gaining 3 x LvL 3 Scaramax Cores from a single max hit on a level 5 monster.

Gaining cores from hitting monsters is limited since MZ introduced Archaeology. You must now farm the pile after killing the monster.

Now, I have my materials. What am I going to do with them? I suggest reading the help tips in the core crafting forge. This will get you started. It recommends combining cores and pieces to achieve the highest possible crafting levels.

I recommend combining cores to level 6 but pieces to level 5 then inspect how many of those you have and decide whether to combine that specific piece to level 6.  This enables more core sets to be crafted.  A core set with slightly lower stats is far superior than no core set at all.

Next, your research must be high enough in the Crafting Tree to craft different levels of core items.

Scaramax cores look very promising as they provide attack power and March boost. Along with that core I like the piece Mortality which provides an enemy troop defense debuff!

core crafting in game of war

core crafting in game of war

core crafting in game of war

Here is an example of a level 5 Scaramax core with 3x Legendary, 1x Epic piece. As you can see there are some very nice stats here for little cost, roughly 2 m silver. I’m still researching the core equipment basics to get minimum stats and duration up. Also, I’m saving mats to craft a level 6 or until someone really upsets me ha!

core crafting in game of war

Imagine equipping 7 of these type of legendary core relics! Nearly 700% troop attack bonus and what is really exciting is the stat to debuff the enemy troops!

Again, the stats on potential cores have great improved! Ha!  Here is an example of such modern core.  In a few months, though, we will be balking at this score stats screenshot!

Frostbitten Shiver Stats
Frostbitten Shiver Stats

The remainder of this article describes relics being used in a wonder fight.  Before cores were available relics were all the rave!  They were vastly superior to the normal gear option available at the time.  Not many people were using them because they didn’t understand the value of spending speeds and silver on an item that expired in less than an hour.  The following player began using relics at our Wonder and changed the scenario for Wonder fights forever.  Obviously, presently we use Core sets and usually not just any cores but Secret Core Recipes.  

Today at the wonder we faced an alliance who’s rally leader was wearing several legendary core relics along with several legendary hydra relics. They successfully defended wonder twice before a perfectly timed double rally did them in. Even with 400k less troops on the final rally it was a narrow margin of victory. Gears of War people. Craft those relics!








Even outnumbered, look how close they were to defending against us because of proper gear.



Recently, my alliance has started using the a missile attack strategy to boost one troop type with devastating results:

Infantry Missile
Infantry Missile
Infantry Missile
Infantry Missile

See more at Missile Attack Strategy

In Crafting Core Equipment Part 2, I capture some early battles using core equipment, circa November 2014.  Thanks for reading!  If you have questions or comments (be gentle) please leave them below.

Don’t squeeze the Shara!

This weekend K94 was excited to make the Halloween Cup until we learned we would face K26 Shara. You may remember a xKuranx, the first Super Wonder king. Yup, he’s from Shara.

The alliance sO Shara Order made sure we all had a great time Sunday. I made a new friend named xZizoo who tipped me off on a 150M alliance member he currently had a beef with. So, seeing how we were newly found friends I obliged him in wrecking this rogue alliance member. Here is the result:



Haha, yup it had 43M T1 troops. We lost half our T4 rally. I mailed my new “friend” and he responds “sorry, I was nice and didn’t change the gear or I would have killed them all and taken hero.”

I broke my first rule in KvK KE “Never hit a guy that asks.”

Well, seeing how we are friends now xZizoo I thought I’d be nice and share your little surprise with the world. That little T1 monster won first prize in the Kvk event. I’m sure she can afford a name change. Cheers!

One additional nugget from the weekend. xZizoo visited our hive and attempted to rally one of our guys. Just as we were set to reinforce one of our members had the know how to check the Zizoo’s gear. He was rocking at least 5 relics perhaps 6. I asked what his stats were at the time:


Gears of Game of War. Well, got to go craft some more relics!