How To Fix GoW Lag, Latency, Connection, Internet Problems

An option in Game of War was added that most have overlooked.  Full Screen Toggle is meant to improve the clutter of your screen while in intense combat situations such as the Super Wonder, but it also helps with lag!

Full Screen Toggle allows the player to hide Alliance Tag and the Kingdom number of empires. This will make it easier to find players in a large cluster such as the Super Wonder.  It costs nothing but a few taps.

How does Full Screen Toggle Work?

First you must activate the toggle under options.  Navigate to “More” then “Options”.  Next, scroll down Full Screen Toggle and select the features you wish to activate.  Now, test the feature by finding a hive or cluster of empires.  This feature works only like in Full Screen.  To toggle full screen use the top right square with four arrows and view Game of War Full Screen.  You will now notice Alliance Tags and/or Kingdom numbers are absent from Empire names.

Full Screen Toggle
Full Screen Toggle

This feature will be a considerable help at Super Wonder where its difficult to find Empire names in all the confusion of hundreds of marches and long empire names when they have the Kingdom number and Alliance Tag.  Now, if only the lag at Super Wonder could be toggled off. Surprisingly, this full screen toggle feature does help with the lag.  Players are reporting at Super Wonder that when using full screen toggle mode their lag was completely removed.

I like to use the “inverse setting” so the tags are removed while in normal view.  Then, when I need to check an alliance or kingdom tag I toggle full screen to check.

Try it out and let me know your results!

More Lag Fixes

I’ve been using Nox App Player on my PC or Notebook computer to combat lag issues.  Game of War started as a mobile device app but has grown into a full application requiring much system resources and CPU power.  Nox allows you to increase the amount of system resources being used for increased efficiency.  I experience minimal lag while in coliseum, much less than with my iPad Air anyway.  My iPhone 5 I won’t even attempt to fight with it.  Its used as second device for eyes only.

Nox also allows players to download Amazon apps and use Amazon Coins for cheaper Game of War packs.  Since I had all Apple devices before I was unable to purchase and use Amazon Coins which allows players in the United States to get $100/packs for $75.  If you purchase a lot of packs using Amazon Coins could save you hundreds or thousands.  When you follow our link you support our site.  Thanks!

What other features could be added to Game of War to improve game play?

GoW Nerf Calculator

Game of War Nerf

Lower Tier troops were previously nerfed which had a significant impact on Game of War Fire Age.  Recently, a Machine Zone customer service E-mail circulated social networks mentioning yet another Game of War Nerf.  It claimed “a handful of players [were] holding a massive number of lower tier troops to protect their city.”

According to MZ, this was not their intended purpose.

Furthermore, they would nerf these lower tiers to maintain the integrity of the higher tiered troops. Continue reading “GoW Nerf Calculator”

Strategic and Wild Siege

Strategic and Wild Siege in Game of War!

Strategic and Wild Siege Released
Strategic and Wild Siege Released

Siege to make a comeback in Game of War?

If you started playing Game of War in the past year or two you likely have never trained a single siege troop.  The game quickly evolved beyond the scope of traps providing any benefit to your Stronghold.  So, traps counterpart, Siege was not required.  However, Strategic and Wild Siege research was just released in Game of War.  Why?

Siege Required for Alliance City Combat

The new siege may be required for Alliance City combat situations.  The Alliance cities have traps and siege may play a big part in defeating these cities.  The Game of War blogs states, “Siege Troop types [have] arrived.  Whether you want to overrun an Empire or shatter the Walls of an Alliance City in the upcoming Alliance City Combat, up the odds of success with the battle-hardened Strategic and Wild Siege Troops!

Strategic Siege Troops

These troops include Trojan Horse, Spear Tower, Flaming Trebuchet, and Barricade Drill

Wild Siege Troops

Wild Siege Troops include Ballista Ravager, Dragonfire Cannon, War Ram, and Siege Elephant

Normal Siege Troops

The existing Normal Siege Troops include Battering Ram, Ballista, Siege Tower, and Onager.

Strategic and Wild Siege Research Tree Includes other Great Stats!

Furthermore, the new tree contains some nuggets of great stats such as Enemy Health and Defense Debuffs, Rally Attack Debuffs and more Hero Presets!

We are told in the blog also that these “lethal instruments of war will be CRUCIAL for your success in Alliance City Combat!  Hoard them now to get ready.”

  • Rally Attack Debuff – 50% Total Bonus
  • Enemy Health Debuff III – 125%
  • Enemy Defense Debuff III – 125%
Strategic and Wild Siege
Enemy Defense Debuff
  • Hero Presets – 10 more slots

Honestly, if we look at the game up to this point, we’ve not needed siege.  Simple logic explains why we don’t use siege.  A rally leader has a fixed number of troops she is able to send.  Currently, this number is 6.4 million, but soon 7 million.  Second, even if cores and gems boost the power of all strategic, wild, or normal troops to include siege then the siege troops added to a rally will fight against the traps and do really well sure, but what about the millions of troops beyond those traps?  The siege become a non-factor at that point.

In the case of Strongholds, a player may have up to 450,000 traps at time of this writing.  Could change tomorrow HA!  Anyway, I digress.  So, those siege troops could take out the 450,000 traps saving your remaining troops in the rally to take on the remaining troops beyond the traps.  However, nearly 100% of rally leaders, actually, yes, 100% of all rally leaders are not asking for a single siege troop for their rallies at this point.  If they do, then you should seriously consider joining a different Alliance.

Enter Alliance City Combat

With all that said, siege will soon play major part in the upcoming Alliance City Combat. Alliance Cities traps and turrets will be incredibly strong and destroy any non-siege troops that attempt to push through them without Siege in the rally.

Anyway, happy researching everyone!

If you plan to purchase some packs to get this research tree done, take a look at how to save tons of cash using Amazon Coins!  Early reports are saying this tree will requires close to 400 billion of each resource to complete!


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Help Alliances

Help alliances will greatly reduce your research times and help finish Kingdom, Inferno, Solo events in a timely manner for great rewards!

Help Alliances – Game of War

hg10 -No Minimum -New Help Alliance-Asks users to push help button.  New is good sometimes because its easy to get into and don’t have to drop and return.
?aKh -500M power min 40:200:398
?tuG -500M power min 190:350:500
?A25H -200M power min 8:199:899 Continue reading “Help Alliances”

Resource Shielding is Super Easy!


Resource Shield
Resource Shield

With the resource shield, you can farm offline without concern for losing any troops.  If you have resource shields in your inventory.  Resource shielding is easy but gaining the shields can be difficult.   Once your troops reach a resource tile you can activate the shield easily!

How long do resource shield’s last?

It has been said that resource shields last only three days.  However, it is unlikely that your troops will take that long to collect a resource node.  Actually, its impossible.  However, dig site shields may drop after a few days so beware!

Prospector’s Set and Gems

Prospector’s Set provides a free shield when you equip 5 pieces, Helm, Armor, Feet, Weapon, and at least one Accessory.  You can get activate additional shields when you have the 7 piece set and add a Prospector Gem to an equipped item.  The level of the gem determines the level of resource tile that will be shielded.  For instance, if you equip the 7 piece Legendary Prospector’s gear and add a Level 6 Prospector’s Gem then you can shield anything level 6 and below.

However, if you equip a level 5 Prospector’s Gem then you can only activate an additional shield on level 5 resource nodes and below.

However, this shield will not work on gold tiles…Sorry!

Should you have additional questions or comments please leave a comment below and I’ll get them answered for you!

So, get out there and collect those resources!



iPad and iPhone Rotatable Screen

iPad and iPhone Rotatable Screen

Thank you to (MGd) Runner34072 for bringing this to our attention.  You can now save on charger cable replacement costs.  Play Game of War on iPad and iPhone upside down!  That’s right!  Go ahead and flip that iPad around and free yourself from stabbing your stomach all night with that pesky charger cable!

I’m not sure when Game of War or iOS started allowing this but it a lot of help when I’m on the iPad while laying around the house playing Game of War.  Before the charger would be in the way, but reversing the screen allows the charger cord to rest easily above the screen.


How many didn’t know this?