Tier 5 Announced!

It has finally happened!  Tier 5 is coming!  With the added Buildings 22 and Wild Troops full release next is Tier 5.

tier 5 2

Tier 5 Troop Type and Hero Class Troops

Machine Zone announced today at the Mobile APP Developer Conference that the long anticipated T5 troops will completely change Game of War Fire Age with an added Hero Class Troop type disrupting the current Paper, Rock, Scissors mechanics.

Machine Zone plans to release Tier 5 on May 5th.  This will give players approximately a month to get their buildings to level 22 which will be required to unlock the new troop tier and troop type.

These troops will be 5 star power and potentially change the tier troop nerf.  Currently, Tier 1 and 2 are flagged by Game of War with thresholds based on the number Tier 3 and Tier 4.  Perhaps now Tier 3 will be included in these nerf calculations or a lower threshold for Tier 2.  Time will tell.

What is this new troop type?  Have a look here!

New victory/defeat measure?

During our latest kvk KE my 14 trap house took nearly 200k T4 from a 500m power outlander.

The first March he sent had 375k T4 with no hero. I started to burn at no surprise. However upon looking at the battle report I lost much less power than he. I always thought victory or defeat was based on power loss raw number. I’m wondering now if it is by percentage of total power loss?

Below are the battle reports. I’m on the left.



More Tier 2 Fun “Rope a Dope”

Today during our kvk kill event I ported my SH 14, 8M, T2 to a hive and also ported my main 134M T4 strat SH 21 over just out of screenshot view of the SH14. I immediately sent 200k T4 reinforcements to the SH14 and waited. It took about an hour of scouting and sending some marches out into the enemy hive to get a couple curious outlanders to attack. Below are reports of the results:





I was able to kill nearly 200k T3 without a single troop killed in my stronghold or hospital beds filled.