A Look Back: Tier 4 troops – Classic Game of War

What we now call Demigod Dimension, I obtained tier 4 troops August 1, 2014. Below is what I reported that day. This is one of the first blog posts I wrote for Game of War Tips.

I’ve obtained tier 4 troops and have begun the training of each type. For 5,000 troops it requires 5 m of two of the rss type and 2.5 m silver. Not cheap, but hopefully worth it. I’m finishing research of war elephants tonight and will likely try to start onagers next. The plan is to do T4 walls next.

Fantastic Game of War artifact. I’m not sure how this compares to Dragon Dimension Tier 4, but my writing has improved quite a bit since 2014 I believe.

Dragon Dimension in Game of War is a return to classic Game of War. The days of KTTTT% are over. It’s much easier to manage your upgrades and to identify/calculate your upgrade increase.



Gathering kingdom event

So, today I log in to see a new kingdom event. 20,000 gold and various other speed ups for gathering and killing monsters. I was initially excited, but as I post this an “outlander” is attacking one of my farms.

The walls that protect the kingdom from others will be dropped during kingdom events now. At first I did not let this deter me. I need 40,000,000 points to obtain the top prize. 

So, I set out to farm some food because it will provide 2 points per resource. Not long after I settle in, I’m scouted by an outlander and then a march is sent. I’m using anti scout, so he has no idea what I have there, but I leave anyway.

Basically, this event is not so appealing. I can farm for points and risk losing troop power, or just sit in my stronghold and wait it out all weekend, or go to their kingdom and farm their strongholds… Either way there will be no farming of resources. Dumb event if you ask me.

(MGd) DarkthorneX

August 2, 2014

Tier 5 Announced!

It has finally happened!  Tier 5 is coming!  With the added Buildings 22 and Wild Troops full release next is Tier 5.

tier 5 2

Tier 5 Troop Type and Hero Class Troops

Machine Zone announced today at the Mobile APP Developer Conference that the long anticipated T5 troops will completely change Game of War Fire Age with an added Hero Class Troop type disrupting the current Paper, Rock, Scissors mechanics.

Machine Zone plans to release Tier 5 on May 5th.  This will give players approximately a month to get their buildings to level 22 which will be required to unlock the new troop tier and troop type.

These troops will be 5 star power and potentially change the tier troop nerf.  Currently, Tier 1 and 2 are flagged by Game of War with thresholds based on the number Tier 3 and Tier 4.  Perhaps now Tier 3 will be included in these nerf calculations or a lower threshold for Tier 2.  Time will tell.

What is this new troop type?  Have a look here!