Gathering kingdom event

So, today I log in to see a new kingdom event. 20,000 gold and various other speed ups for gathering and killing monsters. I was initially excited, but as I post this an “outlander” is attacking one of my farms.

The walls that protect the kingdom from others will be dropped during kingdom events now. At first I did not let this deter me. I need 40,000,000 points to obtain the top prize. 

So, I set out to farm some food because it will provide 2 points per resource. Not long after I settle in, I’m scouted by an outlander and then a march is sent. I’m using anti scout, so he has no idea what I have there, but I leave anyway.

Basically, this event is not so appealing. I can farm for points and risk losing troop power, or just sit in my stronghold and wait it out all weekend, or go to their kingdom and farm their strongholds… Either way there will be no farming of resources. Dumb event if you ask me.

(MGd) DarkthorneX

August 2, 2014

Game of War Story #2: Kuran and CoPoTo Super Wonderboys!

Super Wonder Past and Present

This is a look at the past and present Super Wonders of December. With news of ONE snubbing this month’s Super Wonder (more below) and the community reaction, I thought it’d be interesting to look at past champions of the Super Wonder.

The following Game of War story is from December 29, 2014. Emperors Kuran and CoPoTo pushed the limits of Game of War.

Legend holds that Emperor Kuran discovered the “missile or bullet” attack strategy. He was one of the first to use a single troop type to attack his enemies. 

He made great use of Relics and Cores to maximize the attack of one troop type. The end goal is to kill more of the counter troops than you lose. It worked!


Super Wonder – Kuran and CoPoto December 2014

Kuran and CoPoTo are at it again. CoPoTo weighing in this time at an impressive 21 billion power and boasting an alliance power number of 134 Billion you have to ask yourself “Will there ever be a new Emperor?” Who will challenge the Kuran CoPoTo Order? Is this what MZ had in mind when they created the Super Wonder?



Super Wonder Instagram

You can follow Kuran on Instagram @xxkuranxx. Watch as he and his compatriots destroy billionaires!

Who will challenge the emperor? What sleeping giant and his ferocious friends are poised to take over the Super Wonder? Is there no one?

An example of what you will see @xxkuranxx.


What will he come up with next? Mz, hire this kid as a developer consultant.

Do you have a Game of War Story you’d like to share with your old alliance mates and the Community? Leave a comment below. 

Super Wonder December 2017 – ONE Will Not Defend Throne

Good luck to all those who participate in this weekend’s Super Wonder.

It appears the defending champions will skip this event in protest of recent developments in Game of War.

From Ctesse Instagram:

MZ lunacy

Here we go again …

MZ go from draws to one hit zeroes on huge players using solos.

Is MZ trying to drive players out of the game ?

Another ridiculous upgrade with massive players everywhere getting one shot zeroed from a solo.

We are taking a stand at ONE and instead of just talking about it , we are acting on it, by snubbing their SW event .

We are asking players to put their complaints into action.

Stop whining and act on it!

When they see their biggest money event where no one is interested…

maybe …

just maybe …

they will know we can stand united and we are serious about our rights and their obligations to the gaming community .

Super Wonder Ctesse snubsw







What do the other teams hoping to challenge ONE think of this move?

One player likens it to modern American politics in this humorous response:

They’ve won like 4 events in a row due to <filth> ups so they’d like the “recognition” of their absence from this event so that if they lose they can claim absence.

Last event we won. We did. But MZ took away our 1hr lead creating only minutes between our emperor and ONEs.

In that light, ONE is announcing their absence in case MZ gives a fair fight this round. They are doing this to save face incase they lose.

If they truly cared and were actually concerned with game they would have joined in boycott or organized one prior to all of Tess accounts with title.

Clearly they didn’t care too much when we were all participating. But now that we are fighting daily they want to say this to save rep if they lose and to downplay our victory if they win.

Honestly, Ctesse IG posts are in same category to Trumps tweets in my view.

Every day it’s something else all designed to save face and distract.

Tesse claiming the fight for the peeps and to change things when it’s known that she has collaborated with MZ on many of current in game features.

How can she be for peeps when she helped to build the current game design? It’s smoke and mirrors.

The fact that she’s calling for new game platforms to transition speaks clearly that she is not for the peeps.

Why be for the peeps then ask for new game to move to that they will then need to spend more money on? That’s not for them… that you ask them to continue to spend money and follow your conquest of the app market platform.

That’s not for peeps, that’s for herself to continue slaying with a following.

Could just as easily be for the peeps, cancel ALL gaming and not seek new game. And instead use sum of 3 months of her high level spending while for each of those 3 months sponsoring 8-12 people to fly out to visit for a weekend hangout…

Literally.. her spending would sponsor ONE team meeting. If truly for peeps, and only cared about the people of her team she would be more inclined and DRIVEN to meet them. Not simply drag them to a new game.

If she drags anyone to a new game their first thought should be, Why this game?

How could Tesse be connected with these new developers for personal influence. If she goes to a new game I’d suspect MZ connects as well to market more activity on that game.

Ultimately. I think we will see ONE at the event. Their level of participation will be that of their current ability to win the event. Last time as I said, they won literally due to MZ’s interference much like Russia’s in the election.

Super Wonder Prelims TessWill ONE defend after all? We will see tonight December 1st at 8 PM PST and December 2nd at 04:00 UTC!

More Anvil Fun!

Another kvk kill event over the weekend and once again I caught some big fish with my sh 14.


I nearly won this battle against tier 4. Had I a few thousand more troops or a bit better gear I think I could have pulled it off.

Here is the breakdown:


In the end I won the event!


I’ll be pushing troop count, rebuilding a few thousand traps, and crafting better gear for the next kill event.

A Merge Event is Coming!

Chronicles From Leghumper’s Perspective

Ok, so CHRONICLES might be a bit of an over exaggeration, but for now, it at least got your attention!

Tonight begins a new chapter in our Kingdom (#94) and in #106 as we enter a 2 day MERGE EVENT with the loser being absorbed into the winning kingdom.

It’s a scary thing, though really, if that’s the only 2 outcomes, I guess it’s not really THAT big a deal, as either way, we are merging.

What do we lose out on if we lose?
The cool name “DAHAE”, (I pronouce it Dah Hay, but It could also be French, like “De Hey” or like Tatoo from Fantasy Island as in “Hey Boss! Da Hay! Day Hay!” or like “Rerun from that old 1970s show What’s Happening? “Da Hay HAY hay!”)
Our Bookmarks? I barely use them.
Our landscape, knowledge where everything is? Like when you stay at a friends house and it’s dark and you don’t know where the light switches are, you fumble around, trip over the dog, etc?
Our very IDENTITY!?! For as long as we’ve played this game (Or at least many of us, who have never been in another kingdom, like the guy who marries his high school sweetheart and has never been with another lover) we are DAHAE! We tell people in real life we are DAHAE, we tell our spouses and our kids we are DAHAE. (Now, don’t get me wrong, no one really cares, but still, we TELL them…..)

SO as we move forward in a few hours into the event, it’s scary. Will our allies find other allies who make them no longer need us? Will our enemies find new friends to make them a new threat? Will they be better than us at everything relegating us to 2nd class citizens in our own new home? Will we meet anyone we like? Will we be the outcasts? Will they make fun of our avatars and make us cry? The future is unknown. At least staying in our own kingdom, as dysfunctional as it is, the dysfunction is known. The unknown is SCARY!

Humans don’t do well with unknowns. Especially intelligent ones. Intelligent people will try to find order, explanations, try to put things in their proper places and see things that have some sort of SENSE! Luckily, I’m not all that smart, so I only worry about where I’m gonna have to port my SH and farms in the new kingdom if we lose.

But really, The UNKNOWNS. Human being HATE unknowns. When was the last time someone handed you a box, unlocked, but said, whatever you do, DON’T open it. Drive you batty? Open it anyway?

How about someone who leaves you a message “I need to talk to you right now, it’s important” and then no details? If you’re like me, you will then begin texting, calling, yelling out your upstairs windows, passing notes to your friends in study hall, sending out smoke signals, whatever you can do to find out WHAT that message was all about.

It’s scary. I don’t like it. In a few days, the dust will be all settled and either win or lose, we’ll make do with what we have. New friends, new enemies, new landscape, etc.

My HOPE is that our new combined kingdom will be working together for a greater good. Whether its to kick some hind-quarters in KVKs, or to perhaps put together a kick-buttocks Super Wonder team, or perhaps some other direction that makes sense for the new DUAL KINGDOM as a whole.

From my very first blog, I’ve stated I’m not a fan of the “attacking civilians” type of play. Hitting our own kingdoms players while on tiles, or just hitting a SH just because it’s a “War Game’ has never been my style. Hitting an enemy? Attacking Outlanders, strategizing at the wonder? LOVE that stuff! Love the rush, the heart beating out of my chest in that moment after a rally lands but you don’t know if your getting your hero back or you’re burning your target. LOVE it.

I would hope that the new kingdom-mates we acquire or join with will have the same philosophy and we can continue to grow, and progress, rather than perpetuate the infighting and drama that can destroy a whole kingdom.

As of this moment, the KVK merge event hasn’t started. I’m excited. Looking forward to it. I, and my alliance, and my alliances allies, will be fighting hard for Dahae, to KEEP dahae, to WIN for Dahae, and hopefully after it’s all over, our new residents and us can work together for the greater good and start a great WINNING STREAK of KVKS and tournaments!

If we end up winning one of those tournaments that allow us to change our kingdoms name, I’m pretty sure it will be unanimous when the vote is held and the new combined kingdom will take the name “LegHumpersHome” as really, it’s what’s most important. Isn’t it?

Thanks for reading this far, thanks for enjoying my other blogs. (or at least reading them and/or pretending to enjoy them)

Perhaps signing off for the last time as a Dahae resident, perhaps signing off for the last time before another kingdom comes and joins us. Time will tell.

Good luck Dahae! Kick Deriere!
Leg Humper
a.k.a. Harrycubed
Alliance: MGd
Kingdom: #94, DAHAE (For now at least)

p.s. To our future allies, friends and even our enemies, I hope you do well in this event, I truly do. I hope you finish as high as 2nd place in this event. It will be a great feather in your cap to be able to tell our loved ones “Hey, we did well, we lost only to the great Leg Humpers Kingdom” and there will be much rejoicing in the land.