New Kill Event Scoring!

Be sure to check out the blog in game for new scoring details for this weekend’s kill event.  It will be based on power loss!  Also, your kingdom will receive points for holding a wonder much like the scoring for Super Wonder!  

It appears that this new scoring will benefit offensive players more than defensive trap as the gap between t3 and t4 is reduced making net gains easier to obtain for core rally leaders!  

So get your presets ready leaders!


Super Wonder Kuran v. StayAlive

Super Weekend is once again upon us

The competition is fierce by the looks of how crowded the Super Wonder appears.

Kuran Copoto Order are present and in charge as usual.

Kuran already busting out the top shelf cores!









Also, Mz has thrown us a curve ball this go around with a kvk feature that provides 75% defense bonus to kingdom members at Super Wonder when your kingdom controls an outlanders Wonder.


I wish the best of luck to all those venturing this weekend to best Kuran Copoto Order!

Day 2:

MDV and StayAlive have made a move on the Kingdom of Fire Super Wonder.

StayAlive weighing in at an impressive 34B power and his alliance may give Kuran and CoPoTo a run for their 88M gold!






This will be a test of crafting might and inventory stockpiles.  Has Kuran used up all his mighty cores zeroing random Billion power players only to come up short for the lucrative Super Wonder Emperor Title?

There’s a new sheriff in town. Congratulations MDV and Stayalive77!


DF vs. Dahae for Wonder – Game of War

It appears DF will once again challenge the entire kingdom of Dahae for control of wonder.

See backstory more


For now we are holding with 5 hours left.


First rally against DF was mostly ranged as they reinforced with strat ranged and infantry. However, they quickly reinforced with strat cavalry to counter before rally hit. We called out to cancel but time was too short between scout report and message in alliance chat sent.


Wonder battle lesson #1: watch for wonder reinforcement swap or send even amount of troop type.

Rally 2 was full core relic March and they pulled out of wonder. We are now holding and waiting…

3 hours left… quiet… too quiet.


DF finally awakens to set rally with one hour remaining. BG the OG sets:


Versus our Hero Mopar Lar:


Result of first wonder defense:


Our reinforcements:


Several more rallies ensued from BG the OG to no avail.

Next up 1 Bloody IKA:


Result of those rally defenses:



The battle rages on:


One hero remains:



War for K98 Wonder – Game of War

MGd’s second attempt ever to take an outlander wonder.




Troops in the Wonder.



Our rally leader’s hero.  Before March he changed last accessory to legendary war drum.



K98 hero in their wonder.



Back to the drawing board. Good effort boys!

I crunched some numbers from the report.  We sent 100% strategic t4 troops.  45% of which were infantry which was the primary strength of our hero.  The wonder had more ranged than any other troop type.  Had we sent and focused more on cavalry we may have had a better shot.

Also, looking at strat vs. normal troops of defenders.  Strategic troops died at 1% higher rate than normal troops but I’m unable to conclude at what rate strategic troops killed compared to normal.  The opposing kingdom used a mix of normal t4 and strategic.  The normal T4 likely acted as a meat shield for the strategic troops.



Twins Titans appear to have captured both wonders which isn’t possible per kvk rules, however they are actually two different alliances. Look closely at the tags…

Impressive group. Good luck in the tournament k98!