Hyper farming

This classic post from August 1, 2014 discusses the genius behind “Hyper Farming” with your guild mates. It’s nothing new. Players were doing it nearly 5 years ago.

Today I calculated that I have over a billion food items I can use under the resource tab. I obtained all these items during the casino bonanza a couple months ago.

With that being said, I am wondering if I should destroy my farms producing food in my main stronghold and build a different type of resource producing tile such as ore, stone, or wood.

My upkeep will eventually outgrow my farms anyway once I mass produce tier 4 troops. However, at the moment I’m keeping up with the food needs of my troops.

If I destroy my farms I can just click use and receive food from resource tab or take from farms. My stronghold 21 can produce some incredible resources if I hero skill it properly and maxed all tiles to 21.

I believe in a later post I lay out the foundation for hyper farming. Essentially, with hyper farming, you focus your talents, gear, and plots to produce one type of resource while teaming up with 2 or 3 other mates.

This team of hyper farmers trade resources to each other gaining maximum production of each type of resource. It also helps promote daily login of your guild mates so  you can complete the trade and keep your accounts from reaching maximum levels.

Another idea is to use an account as a bank. That way you can just dump  your resources into a central account before you reach maximum levels and stop producing.

Gathering kingdom event

So, today I log in to see a new kingdom event. 20,000 gold and various other speed ups for gathering and killing monsters. I was initially excited, but as I post this an “outlander” is attacking one of my farms.

The walls that protect the kingdom from others will be dropped during kingdom events now. At first I did not let this deter me. I need 40,000,000 points to obtain the top prize. 

So, I set out to farm some food because it will provide 2 points per resource. Not long after I settle in, I’m scouted by an outlander and then a march is sent. I’m using anti scout, so he has no idea what I have there, but I leave anyway.

Basically, this event is not so appealing. I can farm for points and risk losing troop power, or just sit in my stronghold and wait it out all weekend, or go to their kingdom and farm their strongholds… Either way there will be no farming of resources. Dumb event if you ask me.

(MGd) DarkthorneX

August 2, 2014

Ryujin Infantry Missile Core Added

Ryujin is primarily used as an infantry missile core set.  Also, it is commonly used to counter Cavalry missiles by trap accounts.  However, it is likely more important to equip a high ranged and general troop defense set to counter any hit taken while trapping.  That is a topic for a different discussion.

Check it out!

To see other secret core recipes simply tap the “Secret Core Recipe” menu at the top of this page!

Resource Shield

Resource shield is simple to use…if you have them. How do you get them?  Read on…

How Resource Shields Work

A resource shield requires you to send a minimum of 250,000 troops.  It doesn’t matter what tier or troop type.  I’m not certain the purpose of requiring 250,000 troops but I assume it is to prevent players under a certain stronghold level or 250,000 troops to be able to use them.

You will need to be careful when sending troops to a tile because you can only equip the resource shield AFTER your march arrives at the tile.  Once this happens you can tap the tile and if you have resource shields in inventory you can activate the shield.  As mentioned before, the shield lasts until the node is clear or your troop load is reached.

Dig site shields function the same way however, there appears to be a three day maximum.  My alliance mates have hit people on dig sites just as their shield dropped after three days.  Apparently, he was stalking the tile when he saw the shield but noticed it had more than three days left.  I assume resource shields function the same way.  However, no resource tile in game should take three days plus to clear.  If they do exist, please let me know!


Resource Shields and Prospector’s Gear/Gem

Prospector gear set base set bonus (5) provides a free Resource Shield.  Additionally, each Prospector’s Gem that is embedded to your Prospector’s Set gear gives you an additional resource tile shield per march.  The Prospector’s Gem level corresponds to the resource tile level that can be shielded.

For instance, a level 1 Prospector’s Gem will allow you to shield a level 1 resource tile only.  A level 6 Prospector’s Gem will allow for all levels of resource tile.

Must my hero be in march to receive free resource shield?

Yes and no.  What are you talking about Darkthorne?

Yes. Your hero must have Prospector’s Gear equipped and in the march to receive the initial resource shield.  Once the hero is on a resource tile and shielded you can send additional marches to resource tiles and receive a shield for each Prospector’s Gem you have equipped for the corresponding tile level.

Game of War Tip: Send your hero first to a resource tile you don’t actually care to farm and receive the resource shield.  Next, send out additional marches targeting all tiles you wish to farm and activate resource shield.  Once all tiles are shielded bring your Hero home.  All tiles will remain with resource shield activated and your hero is safely inside your stronghold!

Dig site shield and resource shield are not available to purchase with gold. However, resource shield is available only from packs or when Athena is feeling generous enough to gift them to us.

The following is a snippet from my Live Twitch stream  demonstrating me activating a resource shield when killing monsters.

Farm in Peace friends!

If this article helped you understand how Resource Shields work I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.  Thanks for visiting!