Want Cheaper Game of War Packs? Use Amazon Coins!

Amazon Coins

I wish I would have done this many, many packs ago.  You can save loads of money by purchasing cheap Game of War packs using an Android device and Amazon Coins.  I’ve saved $25/pack using this method.

To see if Game of War is currently giving a coin refund for Game of War please check the list by choosing “Earn Coins” when you pass through the link to buy!  Also, Amazon lets you know of any rewards earned when making an in-app purchase with coins in Game of War.

Please remember to follow my link using a tablet or personal computer to purchase your coins to support my website!  Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow you to make coin purchases on their mobile site.

Thank you :)!


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Buy Amazon Coins

How to Save? Cheap Game of War Packs Method!

First, you will need an Android device or use an Android Emulator such as Nox App Player.  Don’t have an Android device?  That’s OK!  Keep reading!

I didn’t have an Android device either, however, the investment in one will save you heaps of money in the long run!

I purchased an Android-based Tablet from Amazon for around $99.

Other Android-Based Devices

I have an Android device or emulator what now?

  1. Open a web browser in Android device.
  2. Go to “Amazon.com
  3. Search for Amazon Underground App Store and install the app.
  4. Open “Amazon Underground App”  > Search for “Game of War – Fire Age”
  5. Install “Game of War – Fire Age”
  6. Using a personal computer or tablet purchase Amazon Coins to provide support for Gameofwartips.com!
  7. Open “Game of War – Fire Age” from Amazon and purchase cheap packs using Amazon coins!

Further Assistance Available

If you need further assistance, find me on Line App: darkthorne or leave a comment below!

I’ve also made a video demonstrating how it all works you can view at the end of this article!

If you already have Game of War: Fire Age installed on an Android-based device but didn’t download Game of War using Amazon Underground no worries!  Simply download Game of War through Amazon Underground again!  You can have two installs of Game of War on your device.  Use the Amazon Game of War app only when wishing to purchase cheap packs through Amazon Coins.

Purchase Cheap Game of War Packs Through Amazon Coins

OK, now that you have your Android-based device and Game of War from Amazon Underground its time to purchase cheap packs!

Next, you will need to purchase Amazon Coins.

How Amazon Coins Work?

Amazon Coins are basically Amazon credits similar to iTunes credits.  Those credits or coins can be used to purchase packs in Game of War.  A maximum, or $99.99 pack in Game of War is 9,999 Amazon Coins.

The more coins you purchase at one time the more you save!

500 coins – 10% savings

1,000 coins – 12%

2,500 coins – 15%

5,000 coins – 20%

10,000 coins – 20%

50,000 coins – 25%

So, when you buy 50,000 coins for $375.00 you can purchase 5 largest packs in Game of War, or $500.00 worth of packs.  Also, you are rewarded 2,000 coins a pack from Amazon simply by making Game of War pack purchases.  This makes the 6th pack absolutely free!

Cheap game of war packs amazon coins

Buy Amazon Coins

Final Step

Finally, lets get those CHEAP PACKS!  Open Game of War using the Amazon Underground App you downloaded.  The first time opening you may have to complete the beginner’s tutorial.  Go ahead, it’s nostalgic.  I’ll wait…

For a step-by-step tutorial watch my video below.  Also, should you need further assistance contact me via line app ID: darkthorne.



If you’d like to go ahead and start another account, I show you the best way to begin in the following article:

Best New Account Strategy

Next, log out of that account.  Then log into whichever account you wish to purchase the packs on.

That’s it!  You may need to log into your Amazon account within the game.  Then you should see the coins available.  You should get the option to purchase the pack using the Amazon Coins credits in the Game of War application you downloaded from Amazon.

If you use this method or have found a cheaper way to purchase Game of War packs please leave a comment below!

In the video below I show you step-by-step how the Amazon Coins method works.  I invite you to watch the short video.  Thanks for reading.

Author: Darkthorne

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39 thoughts on “Want Cheaper Game of War Packs? Use Amazon Coins!”

  1. This sounds great, but I have a question: I have a kindle and an ipad. I used to play GoW on my kindle, that is where I got started, then moved over to the ipad. Now I want to use the kindle to do this with the coins, but I have three different GoW accts…which email address am I using for the Underground store? Or does it matter? Thanks!

    1. Purchase the coins from Amazon using your Amazon account. Download game of war from Amazon shopping app to your kindle. Open GoW from kindle program you downloaded from Amazon. Log in to the account you wish to purchase packs for it should then have an option to use coins in your Amazon account or credit card. ?

      1. I have a question I tried this on mobile strike, download the game through Amazon underground and everything but when I open it up and go to the packs, it just gives me a error and say “loading gold store please close out and try again” and that all it does what did I do wrong to get the error message and how can I get it to let me buy packs thanks

          1. Nope, I did it twice and it still says that the “can’t be loaded up at this stimulus please close this error and try again” and when it firsts loads up with ad pack at the beginning at the bottom where the price is just says loading and click on it just gives me a error saying item is not valid

          2. Ok my Amazon coins are working in Mobile Strike. Try this. Check the credit card info on file with Amazon. Or sign out of the Amazon Underground app and back in. I believe something in the Amazon account is preventing the store from loading.

          3. Well I Uninstall it both amazon underground and mobile strike, delete and remember add my credit card and try it again still the same thing, so maybe it is something going on with my account, looks like I still go through my usual method thanks so much for trying tho

      2. have a question I tried this on mobile strike, download the game through Amazon underground and everything but when I open it up and go to the packs, it just gives me a error and say “loading gold store please close out and try again” and that all it does what did I do wrong to get the error message and how can I get it to let me buy packs thanks, oh and I don’t see a second copy of mobile strike, seems I have to open it from the amazon underground app

  2. Ive used the method multiple times, it actually makes it more expensive. When you buy coins you dont get taxed, but when you ise them you are taxed in coins that you will be charged for if you dont have. A 99.99 pack comes to 108 dollars after taxes.

    1. Yup. They made this change January 1, 2016. Same price as if purchasing through iTunes. However, you are able to purchase the coins for the $99 pack for much less than $99 using Amazon coins. Also lately they refund you 2k coins for each $99 pack you purchase. iTunes is not doing anything like that nor google play. So I’m confident this is still a tremendous deal! Last week I was able to purchase 6 packs for $400 plus 7% additional coins for state sales tax. Some states are not charging tax for online purchases yet. Check it out!

    1. Hello Cd,
      Unfortunately, starting January 1, 2016 Amazon began charging state taxes on purchases for many but not all States. So, what you need to do is find a friend you trust that doesn’t get charged taxes on Amazon in their State. I know Missouri is one that does not. Send this person cash and have thm make the transactions. I hope this helps!

  3. The S7 has a glitch in using coins to purchase packs. I confirmed this with Amazon and received a refund for my coins.

  4. Does anyone know how people are buying the packs for around 50 dollars and then selling them for 75 to 80? I see it all the time on forums and even dedicated websites.

  5. It’s worth noting that Amazon Coins can only be used in the USA. I bought Coins from Australia and they can’t be used.

  6. The difference at the moment in UK is that the expensive packs are 90 POUNDS but still 65 through the Amazon coins. You also get bonus coins.

  7. Recently I purchased Minecraft Pocket Edition using coins. On that day, it was on sale for $3.99 or 399 coins. After my purchase my coin total dropped from 500 to 75. My order confirmation e-mail revealed that 26 coins in sales tax was added to the total. I’m glad that I was able to experiment before actually investing real money.

    It seems very unnecessary to pay Amazon sales tax when requesting a currency conversion (dollars to coins). Then pay sales tax again when spending the coins.

    However, if you like the idea of using coins to limit the amount of money that you spend on apps and games, might I suggest buying a reloadable debit card? Also you could just buy gift cards and stop spending when they are gone.

    If you, like me, live in one of the states that requires Amazon to charge sales tax; avoid double sales tax, don’t invest in coins. Use your credit card, like you do now, for all your Kindle content.

    1. Set your billing address to a state that doesn’t charge sales tax online. Missouri, Florida, Delaware all don’t. Since you aren’t shipping anything to a physical address it’s fine. Use a hotel in one of those states.

  8. When or how often does the 2k coin rebate come around for Game of War? I been watching the earn coin list for months. Am I missing it or is it rare?

  9. Amazon Underground is a great way to save money. There is a better way though! 🙂 If you use a pack loader, such as myself, we can give you $99 packs for $66. Make sure your pack loader has a room where you can speak to people that have used this person’s services. If you’re interested, contact me on Line app. ID: krees04

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