Coliseum gathering event trick!

Today I was in the coliseum trying to complete the gathering event for which I needed 8 million points in about an hour. 

A friend, Mopar Lar, explained that you can send your marches out to gather in your home kingdom, port to the coliseum, then recall them for credit before event ends.  So I tried it.

Here, I’ve set my marches on five level 5 food tiles because as you can see above I receive 2 points for each food collected.
I’ve got all 5 marches collecting in k94.
Meanwhile, I port to our coliseum k126.

Just before the event ends I start recalling my marches.  Here is where it gets a bit tricky but fun.  The original march time was 5.5 hours.  However, I had a +200 march speed boost and some griffon feathered sandals.  I was able to cut the march time down to 8-10minutes to beat the end of the event timer.

Here, the marches are reaching my stronghold and I’m laughing to the bank!  On this particular event I was able to reach top prize in the inferno event and I hit silver in the 24 hour solo collecting event as well!  
In short, if you have the march speed ups this is an easy and fun trick to gain some great prizes in the coliseum.  If I had to do it over I’d set my marches on food tiles and waited to port when they were very close to full.  They would begin their 5 hour march to the coliseum.  I would then wait for the gathering event to start and speed them up.  Once they arrive, 10 minutes into event, I would then try to gather inside the coliseum until close to end of event.  With the method I used I placed 50th on leaderboard, but had I planned a bit better I think I could have placed much higher.  
Give it a try!  I was able to get around 10m points!

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