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#94 MGd had an interesting night of high stakes Core Dueling.  A battle between our enemy HV and ally XX was posted in our alliance chat.  One XX member Kenji had already lost his hero to HV Trilla4War after using a full infantry Core set.  Much chest pounding ensued in Kingdom Chat.  Trilla4War was challenging anyone in the kingdom to try to burn him.  This, of course, piqued the of MGd as we are bored and have many folks wishing to take their “Ferrari’s” for a spin!  So, within minutes we are doing a head count for online T4 for rally.  

Everyone is ready and willing.  First up MGd Drew 360.  With a full set of cavalry 6/6 cores we set rally and…..

Poof!!! HV Trilla4war ports…

Lots of bickering in KC and eventually we port to HV hive and reset…

This time the rally marches… But doh, hero eaten.


Here is a late screenshot of what Trilla4War had on.  Add a warlord helm to the mix.


We all hate seeing that report lol!

Well, it was a darn good effort!  We calculate and turns out we lost by about 160k troops.  Not bad considering he’s online with full counter reins and full counter lvl 5 cores. 

Inmediately MGd Runner is ready to set.  We will wait 30 minutes to let cores cool down.  

We are ready and set rally.  Using a bit of trickery, MGd Runner is able to burn Trilla4war this time using a full set of infantry level 6 cores.  Unfortunately for Trilla he misreads the rally and pops a full lvl 5 defensive core preset of Cavalry lol!  



Thanks for the epic battle HV!  Core Dueling is crazy!

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