Cores are Back! – Omega Core Set

Omega Core Game of War Fire Age

Quite some time has passed since we had a core set release in Game of War Fire Age. I honestly can’t remember the last Core Set? Gaia? Hypnos?

Omega Core Set Revives Core Crafting in Game of War

Fortunately or not, depending on your preference. Modern core crafting won’t resemble that of the past. Collecting, combining, and finally crafting a 100% chance or even a 10% in the spirit of the great master crafter Eternal Zen.

Four Horsemen Lane

For you veteran players, you’ll remember well the “Four Horsemen” core set. Recall how difficult it was to get those accessory pieces to craft 3x? Lol, and that sill set bonus rolling we did. Super Wonders decided solely by who had the better roll on a set bonus.

I enjoyed the tweaking and slight randomness those early sets provided. It gave the game a bit of surprise and reverie when meeting that opponent who had a ridiculous bonus.

Lord LS7 from alliance LS at the time had a very impressive Four Horsemen set bonus when we met for the first Kingdom Merge event.



Editor’s Note: Original Post from February 25, 2015

It is now much easier to combine those cores and pieces not in your unlocked inventory.  However, to use the item in a crafting recipe a swap must be used if in the restricted area.  Thanks MZ!

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