1. Repn

    Cheers dark, have to start working on it all soon.

    Would you mind posting your hero gear setup for monsters? Curious to see what your max energy is.

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      I have maximum energy of 34,300 right now. I need to research one more point in maximum energy of hero tree and should have closer to 40k. My hero gear set is food production and upkeep reduction all with hero gems in them. Your monster killing gear can be anything with empty slots as its the gems that provide the boost.

  2. Zen

    Do you find that the damage of your hit impacts the monster drops? If I max energy level (ignoring attack boost) and spam weak hits, do you tend to see lesser drops? It looks like you are getting better drops than I and I am hitting lvl 6 monsters even.

    Off topic, people in my (newer) kingdom that are just doing T4 are reporting that the research times have changed. Very interesting…

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      My advice in the post is to save your cores for future use when you can plug more pieces into them. However, it may be months before you get the 6th core 6 piece researched. Have fun in the mean time. Craft a core and compare it to you best gear for that slot. Craft a set of cores to take a hit during a kill event and really surprise your opponent! I am unsure your power level but lets say you are 50m. You are scouted and a slow T4 march starts in way to your stronghold. Equip your cores and put up an attack boost just before impact. Watch the points roll in! If you are able tell alliance members you are baiting a march are prepared to equip cores. Have them reinforce you with antiscout up. Or if you are brave, leave antiscout off, show them what you have. They salivate because you appear offline, research gear on and not reinforced. As soon as you get scouted let alliance know. Start switching gear and tell alliance to quickly reinforce as soon as a march starts toward you. Pop attack boost before impact. When beds are full shield. Rinse and repeat.

  3. Duncan

    I know this is an older thread… I hope you still check for comments, or questions in my case. I’ve been at this game for a few months… a little late to it. I’m in one of the best alliances in the Kingdom, so there has been great benefits. I also have a pretty high research boost with gear (close to 300%) and I’ve bought a bunch of packs… He’s the question, am I doing something wrong that I’d probably have to drop a grand into packs, just to get through the Crafting Tree research timers? Do I blow through all the gold I have left and speedups? I’ve kept some in reserve just in case but maybe I’m holding on to too much. I did try to chase the Presets in the March Tree, which I’ve backed off of but I don’t think that should of set me back that much that I’m decades away in research timers.

    Sorry for the long post, just felt a bit puzzled. Maybe a lot of people are still crafting 4 piece Purples, but I’m thinking that’s not the case. Any help is appreciated.

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      You will discover that Game Of War is very expensive. Many of my alliance mates have spent tens of thousands of dollars. I’ve probably spent 10k myself and don’t have all research even close to done… However, there are ways to get through the crafting tree without breaking your bank. Craft research relics, and wait for great research infernoes. Also, yes use your gold to push through the tree. There is no good answer to your question. Game of War is expensive if you wish to have the toys you get from research trees. Good luck friend!

  4. Duncan

    It seems like in this game, even in alliances, people keep information to a minimum. Sometimes it’s hard to get advice. But you’ve been very honest and I thank you for that. It is much appreciated. Again, great blog you have here!! I’ll begin my quest tonight… hopefully not an expensive quest.

      • Duncan

        I will … I had the crafted gear, but didn’t realize to look at the relic gear. So I learned something today. Again thank you again, this is a big help. I don’t think I veered off the right path too much but it always is helpful to get the advice from people that walked it before you to make sure you get back on it!

  5. NAVY

    I have setup my main acct on one kingdom for strictly monster hunting and with a lucky hit I can drop a lvl 4 in one max hit. However I have 68,100 energy and although my attack boost is only 260, my monster debuff is 102 and nrg recovery is 253. I have been testing a bit on single massive hits to see what swag the critter drops vs a bunch of single hits and adding up the swag. With a harder hit you get better stuff that is dropped but the monster dies right away however with a bunch of smaller hits you collect more stuff but it is of lower quality. If you are planning on being out hitting monsters all night you will probably come out ahead on swag hitting the monsters with small repeated attacks, and then you will have a much wider spread on your materials you gather. You will also make your energy go farther as you will keep getting bonuses as your attack streak grows with each hit, a full tank for me against a lvl 5 monster will normally do 45-55% but if I use the same energy over a number of single hits I will end up doing about 70-75% damage as the attack streak makes each sucessive single strike more powerful.

      • Navy

        Hey there, about time for an update in the Critter Killin area. Well there is a bunch of new gear out there for hunting monsters. The old Perseus gear and Monster Slayer sets were out done with the Dark Hunter set. The Dark Hunter had no real bump to speak of in the tank so it didn’t hold much more dark energy than the original sets but had a big jump in the Stats. Speed and attack bonuses took a nice jump. However as soon as we got comfortable in that gear… along came the Mythic Destroyer set. The stats were again increased, but not by as much as the last jump. However the energy limit went through the roof! The breastplate itself outdid the old sets, but it is a two edged sword. The tank is so big now that unless you have your hero at lvl 61 and mythic beasts unlocked in your research, lvl 6 monsters are the only thing a 350,000 tank of dark energy is of any use for. And lvl 6 monsters are normally only found in the wonder, so its a bit to much for a normal kvk. Yes I can 1 hit a lvl 5 with this gear, but I only need 100,000. I can 1 hit a lvl 6 monster with 220,000. So when a KvK starts I have to find a tight group of lvl 4 monsters I can port into so I can min hit 6 or 7 of them to death in an effort to drain enough from my tank so I am not going to toss it all away on an overkill. But then I run the chance of someone blasting in and stealing my kill. The speed perks are fantastic and have your hero dashing around like a blur. I have been able to get to monsters without using any boosts when an enemy has tried to boost his way there but didn’t quite make it.
        All in all the Mythic gear is awesome as long as you can collect the dark steel needed to build all the pieces, if not, build what you can and fill in the gaps with some dark hunter pieces or even a few older gear. A mixed set will serve you very well as long as you know what to do with it.
        I am heading back to the game for now, Enjoy yourselves, keep on killin those Kritterzzz.

        NAVY Out.

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