Crafting Custom Core Sets



Crafting custom core sets is an art some say.  I will attempt scientific approach.  The most difficult aspect of building custom cores is the overwhelming number of cores and pieces available.  When I craft a custom set I often wonder,

“Is there a better piece available?”

“Is this the best possible recipe I can make with the pieces and cores available?”

“Am I using pieces that will later be needed to make a Secret Core Recipe?”

“Is this set going to be enough to burnthe target or am I going to hang my head in shame as my Hero is captured?”

Relax…You can do this.Crafting custom core sets

Step 1: What is the purpose of this custom set?

We need a clear goal in mind when crafting a custom core set.  For purposes of this tutorial we will craft a ranged missile core set to burn a heroless stronghold, lets say 10 B power.  Easy enough right?

Step 2: What boosts are required?

With our goal in mind lets think about the boosts that are required and how much.  Obviously we need ranged attack.  We also need defense debuff to overcome remaining defense from research, barracks, etc.  The amount of boost will depend on current baseline levels for a heroless stronghold.  Typically, I shoot for 650%-800% defense debuff and 3,000% combined troop attack.

Step 3: What pieces and cores are available? 

This will vary for everyone.  However, you will start to become familiar with pieces and cores available as you craft more sets.  For beginner’s I recommend asking other players for a recipe or check out some of our recipes here.  For this tutorial you will need the following cores and pieces:

Cores Pieces
Astral Helm – Helm
Behemoth Armor – Armor
Behemoth Boots – Foot
Ballista Bow – Weapon
Hog Quiver x 2 – Accessory
Haunted Flask – Accessory
Dire Bile
Dragons Soul
Plague Heart
Rare Gold Coin
Red Envelope
Winter’s glass

Now that you have your recipe, take a look in your inventory and check your supply of each item.  You may need to swap pieces into inventory and/or combine lower level pieces and cores to appropriate levels for crafting.  I recommend combining cores to level 6, but pieces to level 5.  If you are on a super tight budget maybe combine pieces to level 4 and choose which ones and how many to combine to level 5.  Once you combine pieces they cannot be undone.  Maybe in the future we will get this option but for now its not available.

Why combine cores to level 6 and not pieces?  It simple.  You will need many more pieces than cores over time to craft sets.  If you combine pieces to level 6 and use those to craft custom core sets you will run out quickly.  If supply of cores and pieces is not an issue with you then maximum level is recommended.  Go get ’em!  Also, please donate to this site!  Thanks!

What if you don’t have ample supply of mats to craft this recipe?  Ok, no problem.  You will need to check stat of that piece and find a suitable alternative.  Look through your pieces and an item with comparable boost that you have ample supply of.  Warning: Be cautious that the boost is the correct troop type you intend to use.  For example, Strategic Ranged Attack.  In the early days of core crafting the pieces often boosted normal troops or strategic troops but not both.  Presently, most if not all released pieces boost all three troop types (Wild, Normal, Strategic) equally.

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Check back for Part 2 of this guide.  Thanks for reading!

Have questions?  Please comment below and I’ll provide direct answer!