Double Research Points KvK

I took the day off Monday and decided to give the double research kingdom versus kingdom event a try.


I found the hero research tree more rewarding power wise than restoration. So I stuck to that tree mostly. If I had combat or economics tree left to do I would have done those as they are the most rewarding since they were designed before MZ planned to run these events around the clock, in my opinion.

I was able to complete the event fairly easily with purchase of several of the amazing packs they were selling. These packs included over 100 days of speed ups and somewhere around 75m of each resource.

If I had saved up around 300 days of speed ups and had about 200-300m of each resource I could have completed the 100,000k gold without purchasing packs, but I had exhausted my resources on a previous event.

Once I hit the top prize for the kvk event of 26,500 points I just kept going because I had just received the rewards for completing the event. I also was bored and had the day off. The previous day an alliance mate of mine, Mopar Lar, had gotten top place in our kingdom and second overall. So, I had knowledge of how many points it would roughly take to get top 3. I ended up around 54k points and to my surprise I won the darn thing!



Keys to Victory:

Obviously the purchased packs were a tremendous help, so speed ups and resources are needed to even play.

Second, the event is really a series of inferno events. Completing the infernos fuel speed ups and resources to continue over the long haul to complete the kingdom event. I would start a long research timer before the inferno I wished to use the timer for so I could get as many alliance helps as possible to save speed ups. Then I would do shorter timer researches to finish up the inferno. Finally, if training troops was part of the event I’d complete a few hundred thousand points with that.

Finally, my alliance was a tremendous help with resources and helps. There are times I was short resources and didn’t have time to log into a bank and transfer or tap items for the remaining resources to start a timer. My alliance is a tremendous group of people that have a passion to help!

The big kvk events are possible with a little investment of time, money, and helpful friends.

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