Emerald Dragon – New

Emerald Dragon – New Core Set

Viridian Supremacy (Helm)

Fragmented Helm Core – Cat Food, Chalice of Destruction, Golden Feathers, Hieroglyph of Sight, Seal of Death, Wood Lacquer

Viridian Dominance (Armor)

Shattered Armor Core – Death, Earth Icon, Earth Sigil, Elegant Red Ribbon, Gorgon Silver, Silver Buckle

Viridian Vigilance (Feet)

Smashed Greaves Core – Fire Sigil, Furball, Glass Shard, Jade Dragon, Silver Rod, Wolfs Teeth

Viridian Vengeance (Weapon)

Battered Sword Core – Illusion Token, Rare Gold Coin, Ravens Eye, Sacred Pottery, Silver Scales, White Fur Crest

Viridian Embrace (Accessory)

Chipped Spike Core – Faberge Egg, Gold Eagle Coin, Osiris Mace Head, Sleipniris Horseshoe, Valkyries Wings, Venomous Snake

The recipes for New Emerald Dragon Core Set will likely not show mystery bonus when you are attempting to craft it.  It will, however, appear after the item is finished crafting.  This core set is great for traps with approximately 50-60 million troops and hospitals.  It is especially effective against Ares Core Sets.

New Emerald Dragon Core Set can be used to hold Wonders in between defending rallies to avoid being soloed in Wonder.

Recently, some packs available for purchase have contained 100k Emerald Chests in them.  Therefore, Emerald Dragon has become and economical choice for defending with traps or at wonder against solo marches.