Eternal Zen – Expert Smithy

One evening my good friend Eternal Zen (“EZ”), no relation to the N.W.A. Rapper, set off of an epic Crafting journey.  Lucky for us he documented and shared with me the entire journey.  Enjoy and appreciate the masterful skill (*cough* LUCK!) he enjoyed that evening. 

Without further ado, I present to you “An Ode to Crafting” by EZ…E.

Not too bad of a start… But not great.  I’d probably just stop at this point myself, but not Gangster Rappin’ EZ!


According to MZ, EZ has a 50/50 shot at legendary….

Bam! Gold record!


Again 50/50…   

Bam! Gold record!


Bam! Gold!

40% chance here and again Bam! Gold!  This goes on several more times…


Look at that attack debuff!

After some collaborating EZ and I assume MZ had tweaked crafting luck recently and wants us all to enjoy increased luck with crafting.  How has your luck been?!




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