Four Horsemen Core Recipe

Four Horsemen Core Recipe was the original secret core set in Game of War Fire Age.  Its primary use is Wonder battles.

Four Horsemen Core Recipe


Four Horsemen Core Recipe Set Boosts

 Base Set Bonus:
March Speed +50%
 Full Set Bonus:
Enemy Troop Defense Debuff +66%
Enemy Strategic Troop Defense Debuff +66%
Specialized Bonus Recommendations:
 Troop Attack

Four Horsemen’s strength lies in its Special Set Bonus.

Gem Recommendations

 Rank Gem Boost
1 Leap Year Special +35% Attack
2 Dragonfire Special +25%
3 Gem of Power +25% Attack
4 Gem of Annihilation +25% Rally Attack
5 Chronos Gem +12.5% Attack, +12.5% Attack Debuff
6 Abyssal Gem 20% Attack, 5% Defense
7 Father Time Gem +12.5% Attack, 12.5% Health Debuff
8 Rose Gem +12.5% Attack, +12.5% Health
9  Hallows Gem  +12.5% Attack, +12.5% Defense
10  Sovereignty Gem  +12.5% Attack, +12.5% Defense Debuff

Four Horsemen Hero Skills

When setting Hero Skills for Four Horsemen it is important to maximize Attack, Troop Attack Debuff, and Health.  Defense and Defense Debuff is less important.

Four Horsemen Skill Tree

In the above recommendation, I opt-out of Rally Attack unless I have two presets for Wonder battles.  Rally Attack is utterly useless when defending at Wonder.  Instead I add more to Troop Defense II.  Also, I’ve opted out of Full Set bonus as 50% more Troop Defense Debuff is not as strong as Troop Defense of my own.  A wise sage of Game of War advised, “boost your own stats, before debuffing others.” Four Horseman Core Set is now overshadowed by Hades Core Set.

Four Horsemen Strategy