• AmazingTrap

      first of all this info is so old. A rally trap need at least 1.5 billion troops and should have 1.7bill to be safe. and that gear is wrong. the feet should be frostlord boots. also, the artemis core is much more powerful than you think. it gets up to 14k attack and 5200 defense debuff. im a trap myself and ive capped all of that.

  1. When you say “100 mil of each type”, do you mean 100 mil total troops, split evenly across the three types? Or, should I have a grand total of 300ml t2 troops total? Just making sure.

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          You want to maximize Defense first, then Attack Debuff. The best skills for a trap are from Altar. If you are able to activate your Altar before a Kill Event using an Instant Execute or just hold an executable safely for the time needed to kill it at start of Kill event then you will benefit greatly from Altar Boost. For example, the Altar boosts 80% of your base stats from research and buildings. So if you have 300% base defense then with Altar boost activated you will have 300 * 1.80 or 540%. A boost of 240% Defense. Awesome huh?! Also, I get the Defense 2 maxed, Attack Debuff, and Ranged Defense and Infantry Defense to boost against Poseidon and Ares core sets, currently the two hardest hitting core sets. If you have a level 60 hero you can get a lot more Skills than I can as I’m just 58 at the moment on the above mentioned account. So, Altar skills provides the best boosts, Defense and Attack Debuff. If you are having trouble killing the entire rally try to work Health Debuff skill into your tree. When I choose skills I work my way down to the most important ones first with just the minimum required points on the way. Once I’ve obtained the most important I work my way back up grabbing the next skill of importance until I run out of skills toward the top in the Tier 1 area potentially.
          Thanks again for the comment Tony. Good luck bud.

  2. Love how you are keeping this up-to-date! I’m almost there with the new stuff you added (already have 60mil T4s spread across reg and strat). I did have 480mil t2s, so now I have to get it to 720. Keep up the great work!

    Also, I would assume after building troops, you tear down all the Villas and replace with racks? That’s what I do to boost my defense up.

  3. Now it’s going to be interesting to see what happens since the greed known as MZ has decided to release SH L24. Oh, and L25 is coming soon I suspect because when I go into the upgrade section of my SH, it shows 23/25. Man MZ just doesn’t know the limits to their own greed.

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      Yes this …. Should be it for a long while then alliance city combat or hero 70. Then no idea. That will be everything released that is currently in beta. Remember: play your own game, don’t feel like you must upgrade immediately when it’s released. You can still trap anything thrown at your at sh 21, imperial , frost , kunai and proper set up. 👍

  4. Musky

    Dark, Great Article ! Looks like I need to rethink my trap since you seem much more successful.
    I have: 192M troops; 12M of each T4 reg&Str, 20M of each T3 reg&Str. Hero: 60. Defense and crafting trees complete(2B research). 4 barricks, 3 villas & rest hospitals. I have all reg equip you mention. Popped defense cores (with 1 Kunai) against a strong ares last night and lost 2x more power then him. What changes should I make? change hospital for barrick ? add more troops. Dismiss T3s for T2s Currently at 7.4B with 5.3B troop power. Thanks.

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      You are playing a very dangerous trap game there. With normal gear I recommend 800m-1b troops t4/t2 mix. At your size you must be solid as a rock. Meaning mostly t4 with just a meat shield of minimal t3 to take the impact. Essentially you are a tile trap for a rally. Lol. You will need enough attack to kill his full rally and enough defense to stop the wounding enough to cover beds. You can set up with t4/t3/t2. The idea would be to lose t2 and have to retrain them and any t3 would land in beds. Also, if you want to stay around 2 b with 200 m troops I recommend picking a core set to stop. Meaning, choose either cav, ranged or infantry to stop and just train all the opposite troops than that core set. Or choose two troop types. The same as that core set and the opposite. So you can have 1/3 more troops but remain same power. For instance to stop the new Bacchus you would want to go cav/infantry. But watch out for any infantry or ranged core rally.

      • Luffy

        Dark your talking about being a better rally trap or a better trap player and it caught my mind so I want to know something I already have 20m t4 troops each including strategic so what about the t2 troops should they be 30m each or 300m I don’t understand and also I want to know which is the best gear for defense right now is collussus the best I’m hoping to hear from you bye and have a nice day.

  5. Musky

    Thanks for your reply. Your article actually convince me to change my set-up. I read a few rally trap articles and yours has the best information ! I’m converting all hospitals to barracks and will eventually get to a T4/T2 set-up. Not sure how I’m going to play in the mean time. So is my troop strength low right now ? one or two troop types is interesting but need to realy pay attention and use anti-scout til last sec. Also, is it true that you don’t need much attack since the large number of troops will kill the rally ? think my troop attack is <200%

  6. Word is, 8mil march is now burning frost lord sets. Haven’t seen visual proof of it yet, but we have Line chat rooms set up and word is going around that frost lord isn’t cutting it any more. Well, maybe with a smaller amount of troops. I’m at 2.25bil T2s and 810mil t4s. Going to see how that goes. lol

  7. Chimpfu aka Chimp Pimp

    Have you tried using reg/cores and completely disregarding overall troop defense? I’ve made a couple of sets of mixed reg/cores with specific troop-type defense well over what the best cores debuff and had some success. just wondering if I’m the only one. I also had like 800 mill troops so killing the whole rally wasn’t a problem so I could focus all pieces towards troop type defense and health (even though I’ve read health isn’t important with over 500 mill troops).

    I guess my question is, was I just lucky or is it OK to just focus on each specific troop type defense rather than overall defense.

    I haven’t tried it with the 7.2 or 8 mill march size yet. I added about 200 mill more troops to offset those.

    • Dennis

      That’s funny, someone mentioned siege as an option too since no cores will affect it. My old alliance mate told me they ran into a rally trap with a lot of t2 siege and did very well. I’m curious to know as well if anyone else had tested.

      • KK

        I run t2 siege and t4 troops. I tested with a 6.3 mil rally and wore partial prospectors (helm, armor, 1 accessory for siege attack) and the rest frost lord. Ate the rally, didn’t cap, lost 14 mil siege. He boosted attack and attack Debuff, so I think he knew about my siege. The real problem with running siege is the power increase. T2 siege has twice the power of t2 troops so when I converted over my power jumped from about 20 mil to 30 mil. There is no siege defense, so you still need troop defense which will be debuffed. I haven’t tested using cores yet. More info on siege traps would be great!!

  8. Pulkit

    There are now lots of core sets are released even lots of set gears are also released ,will u please update for new trap accounts we small traps are in deep trouble ,biggies are hitting very harder now ,we need more information for better trap accounts ,nobody is updating for trap accounts ,useless information that ,mz released this,mz released this and so and ,so please update now it’s not matter of million troops it’s in now billion numbers,please update

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