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The Resto tree is now live, at least partially. A few of the research items are still unavailable such as trap salvaging and luck. It curious why these items are not available. Does this mean the tree was rushed? I’ve never seen this type of release before. Perhaps they plan to raise the max stronghold level to 25 or only then will you be able to salvage traps…

Several highly beneficial researches can be completed currently in the tree such as march speed 30%, resource production boost 10%, training cost reduction, training capacity and training speed.







Tier 4 cost reduction requires Trap Building Speed 10 before it can start being researched:


I’ve been diligently researching the Resto tree. I’m presently on troop training speed 9. Here are the requirements:


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  1. So I got down to T4 cost reduction and maxed it for immortals. To train 5k T4 it dropped food from 5m to 3.75m. 2.5m silver to 1.75m. It is kind of a good savings but the research you need to get there is pretty hefty. To max out all the peripherals will take 100’s of days of speed ups. If resources are not much of a concern to you, it might not be worth it unless you are speedup/gold wealthy.

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