Gems for Game of War

Gems for Game of War Fire Age

Finding the perfect gems for Game of War can be a daunting task.  Replacing gems can get expensive.  So I’ve composed a spreadsheet of all gems available in Game of War Fire Age.  I will also guide you through which gems you should select for various combat settings.  If on Mobile we recommend turning phone to landscape view.

July 14th, 2016

Charge into Battle with the Horseman Gem!

Loading...Thousands of hooves pounding the ground is the sound of enemies’ hearts racing in terror! Embed the freshly polished Horseman Gem into your gear to mount a deadly stampede in your opponents’ ranks.


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Cavalry Attack 35%

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July 13th, 2016

Get in Formation: The Phalanx Gem!

Loading...With this stone, your Infantry Troops will form a formidable fist! Get your fingers on it and create an unbreakable front line.

Gaze upon its awe-inspiring appearance:

Phalanx Gem


Benefits at Level 6: 35% Infantry Attack Bonus / Strategic Infantry Attack Bonus / Wild Infantry Attack Bonus

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April Fool’s Day 2016

April Fool's 2016
April Fool’s 2016

April Fool’s 2016 provides us with new gems and gear items.  The Trickster Gem gives 17.5% Health and 17.5% Defense.  This gem could be useful for tile trappers or small scale solo traps.

Trickster Gem
Trickster Gem

Another special gem is now available which boosts Troop Health Debuff 35%.

Troll Special Gem
Troll Special Gem

Troop Health Debuff will be great for Wonder battles against certain core sets.  To see more about Core Recipes.

Easter Gems 2016

Egg Gem

Health 35% gem has been released and is obtained from Easter packs, chests, Irate Bunnies, etc.

Egg Gem
Egg Gem 35% Health



Chocolate Special Gem

Troop Attack Debuff +35%.  It will be interesting to see if this gem or Elite Defense Gem is favored by Trap accounts in the future.

Chocolate Gem
Chocolate Special Gem 35% Troop Attack Debuff

Gems for Wonder

In a Wonder fight the amount of troops is typically the same and therefore the most important troop boosts are those that increase Attack, Attack Debuff, Health, Health Debuff.  Defense and Defense debuff are not as important as the previous four.

With this being said, the best gems for Wonder fights are the following:

  1. Leap Year Special +35% Attack
  2. Chocolate Gem +35% Troop Attack Debuff
  3. Dragonfire Special +25% Attack
  4. Gem of Power +25% Attack
  5. Scarlet +25% Attack Debuff
  6. Gem of Annihilation/Protection +25% Rally Attack, +25% Rally Defense
  7. Chronos +12.5% Attack, +12.5% Attack Debuff
  8. Abyssal Gem +20% Attack, 5% Defense
  9. Father Time Gem +12.5% Attack, 12.5% Health Debuff
  10. Rose Gem +12.5% Attack, 12.5% Health
  11. Egg Gem 35% Health
  12. Hallows Gem +12.5% Attack, +12.5% Defense
  13. Sovereignty Gem +12.5% Attack, +12.5% Defense Debuff

Note that Gem of Protection should be used only when defending a Wonder.  Furthermore, Rally Defense works only to offset Rally Attack.  Therefore, if your opponent has minimal Rally Attack then gemming for Rally Defense over the amount of Rally Attack you are defending against is a waste.  This is why most rally leaders choose a different gem type or just use two Gems of Protection to counter the 50% Rally Attack from Skill Tree.

Wonder Core Sets

Four Horsemen

This core set is the original Secret Core Recipe.  Also referred to as 4H.   Its a wonder how people were able to discover it.  I’m not sure if it was indeed discovered before Mz released it to the world.  However, it remains a formidable core set for Wonder battles.  The Bonus to Troop Attack is what makes this set.  Look for this bonus of 700% or more.  Once you attain the bonus then be sure to craft a second Four Horsemen set you keep in your inventory at all time to retain the expensive Full Set Bonus.  The second set need only have Level 6 Cores and Level 1 Pieces.  Place a low level Gem in the set so you can identify it as a placeholder set.

Emerald Dragon

Emerald Dragon or (ED) as its unfortunately referenced… This is the second wonder battle core set and its focus is on Troop Specific boosts.  It has high Troop Specific Health and Troop Specific Attack making it difficult to Debuff.  A new Emerald Dragon recipe recently popped up making it even more difficult to defeat.


Orion is an Infantry and Ranged Wonder battle core set.  Its strength lies in its tremendous Counter Troop Type Attack Debuffs.  It debuffs the attack of Ranged and Cavalry.  Also, you can set its Full Set Bonus to incredible Infantry Attack Debuff.


Infantry and Cavalry Wonder Set.

Dread Captain

Troop Health, Attack, Cavalry Attack with Health Debuff.

Missile Attack Rally Core Sets

Gem selection for the following Missile Attack Rally Core Sets, should focus on the troop type Attack and Defense Debuff.