Game of War Needs a Spiritual Building

Game of War needs a spiritual core, or Altar reboot.

In my travels, I’ve noticed something common everywhere I go. The spiritual core of each town is prevalent. Game of War, based supposedly, in a time of medieval era, when the church controlled law, spirit, mind, soul, direction, Game of War has completely missed the boat, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Therefore, I propose a new direction/building/research tree to reflect the beliefs of the user.

Game of War Spiritual Building

Game of War Needs a Spiritual Building

Email to Mz:

Greetings fine folks of Mz.

Known to many , but perhaps not your offices, I’m traveling the world and everywhere I got its clear the spiritual core of the resident. First, thank you for an awesome game, that has brought the world of gamers together with a first of its kind translator. Shall I thank Microsoft? Recently, the design team is out of control with the pace of “new” content releases that add zero new dynamic to the game. You’re simply releasing more levels of the same content you’ve sold us for years.

Yes, you simply raise the high water line each week forcing players to repurchase what they’ve already invested in to stay afloat.  How about a new dynamic to the game that players will feel confident and intrigued by with their hard earned dollars.

Teachings from Pavlog

Toss them a bone once in a while if you expect continued loyalty.  The teachings of Pavlog’s dog will carry you only so far. Remember we aren’t dogs, we are human beings. But, that’s just business am I right?

Anyway, something lacking in Game of War is a spiritual building.  In the “Fire Age” or medieval times that the game appears to be set in, the central core, strength, government, law, etc. was determined by the spiritual body/leaders of the time.

So, I propose a new building be released that reflects the spiritual strength of the account, allow the player to choose his “god” or spiritual direction.

In full honesty, this is a touchy subject as players in Game of War come from all walks of life. However, allowing said players to choose their spiritual leader will entice them to purchase. Perhaps an emblem of some kind could be shown in profile or over stronghold that reflects their choice. Or a new Hero-type that remains always protecting the Stronghold.

Atheist / Pagan

So, I think you get the idea.  This will create further conflict and new alliances based on spiritual aspect. It will also round out blessings and create the need of a new research tree for “Spiritual Growth.”

You’re welcome.

Forever yours,


Game of War spiritual building

Alternatively, Reboot the Altar as Spiritual Building Focus

Check this, an alliance mate mentions that the Altar’s purpose is to reflect the spiritualness of the player. However, this building too needs strengthened. In fact, the recent Core Building release paled in comparison to the strength of the new HERO LEVELS and ASCENDANCY RESEARCH TREE.

Also, if you’ve not already, I encourage you to register for The first week is free and just $4.99 a month. Thank you for your continued encouragement and small contribution for my efforts.

Finally, stay safe and have fun, be mindful of your budget, find a trusted loader for insane savings a year 😉

Yours in war and fun,

-Darkthorne, God of GoW.

Follow up thus far:

Game of War Spiritual Building

Game of War is Not Dying

Game of War Top Grossing game on  iTunes

As the above chart demonstrates, Game of War remains one of the top grossing games on iTunes. Keep in mind that iTunes is largely unused by players because of its fees and full price status. Many players use loaders or their own Amazon coins. Loaders typically use Google or Amazon.

Therefore, its likely Game of War clears $1 million a day for selling digital nothingness. No, Game of War isn’t going anywhere soon.


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