Hades Gems In Action

I spotted my first hero with Hades Gems equipped. The infamous CardRx from K58 Arbalest.  Google his name sometime to learn more about his lore.  Notice the smoke graphic over the items wearing Hades Gems.  Not photoshopped ha!

Hades Gems in action - Game of War

Hades Gems

Author: Darkthorne

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5 thoughts on “Hades Gems In Action”

    1. Have you noticed a considerable difference with the Boar Gems? We lost at the wonder this weekend to 1.9 m troops. They were wearing full core relics and using normal T4. Three rallies hit them within 5 minutes. The last two rallies hit within 30 seconds. K58 Arbalest. My guess is he had some boar gems.

  1. I think you’re right, with the current gospel being to maximize troop health (often at the expense of attack boosts), I see the boar gem as a game changer. MZ wants us to play less and less conservatively. I haven’t had a chance to rally with them yet but found myself soloing a 150m guy last night with more ease.

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