100 M Hit! HarryCubed Joins Century Club!

I would like to congratulate #94 [MGd] HarryCubed for the devastating hit for 106M power!  Welcome to the Century Club!



We were originally asked to join a second alliance to hit a different target but he shielded after that alliance hit and before ours could land. So we were desperately seeking new targets for the cores that HarryCubed had JUST popped.

An observant alliance mate posted the unfortunate victim aboves cordinates. He had several long marches out burning farms of the kingdom when we ported in and landed this terrific punch!

HarryCubed had more than 2100% Strategic Cavalry Attack with this set!

Congratulations HarryCubed!  Keep ‘Em coming!

Author: Darkthorne

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7 thoughts on “100 M Hit! HarryCubed Joins Century Club!”

  1. 🙂 such a proud proud moment to read this. I was with Harry the very first time he set someone on fire… He is growing up so fast!!

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