Hero Level Upgrades – Balanced Upgrade for All Player Types

Hero Levels 201-225 Game of War

Game of War now has higher hero levels. You can upgrade your hero to 225!

The blog mentions only 210. However, in this new era of Game of War be expectant of much higher levels available for unlock than officially announced. These hero levels are no different.

Hidden Hero Levels – Is it fair to Players?

It does seem a bit unfair to mention new hero levels, post in-game to 210, then allow players to upgrade far beyond. The unfairness is due to the fact that defensive players will prepare their strongholds for a Hero 210. Next thing you know, here comes a monster rally leader with far beyond that level. BAM! Good night!

The upgrades are fairly balanced for attacking and defenders. Also, no single branch is best for defenders or attackers. You need to bounce around to get all the upgrades you desire. In previous releases, you could chase a branch down and pretty much receive all the same type of upgrades – defense or attack/debuff.

Let’s take a look at each hero level briefly.

Hero Level Upgrades 225 Game of War

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I wanted to get these up for you guys and will continue after a few hours of sleep!

In the meanwhile, have a look at the Ascendant Research Tree Guide.

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