Houston, We Have a Problem…

Fix Game of War

It has come to our attention that StayAlive77 and the rest of his family of D:V will be boycotting events and spending until a number of issues are resolved.

Economics of Mz and Game of War
Gameofwartips has also experienced a number of issues lately in kill events.  The four way events especially are unbearably laggy.  We had several members complain they were unable to equip presets seconds before a rally struck their stronghold.  One guy said he equipped the preset 10 seconds before the march struck and it didn’t equip in time.

I have also documentation of players preset stats changing during a kill event.


Before Rally Stats
After Rally Stats
We believe that because of the debuff of the incoming rally her stats now reflect the results of the debuff.  So does this mean should she take a second rally her stats would be further decreased by debuff stats of the incoming rally?  Is this the intention of Mz?  Is it a glitch?

Many of our traps were burned for the first time this weekend.  Several instances were their own doing but many were because they were unable to equip their preset in time due to lag.

One of our guys was holding the wonder and double rally was set, one set on wonder, the other set to his stronghold. As soon as he pulled his hero from wonder his game completely locked up and this resulted in both rallies hitting wiping out millions of troops.  We all thought he was offline.  No, he was sitting cursing at a frozen screen…  These are guys that spend 10s of thousands of dollars to make sure they have the best possible hero and stronghold for battle.  For them to lose due to application errors and server lag shakes their confidence in the game to its very core.  Mz, please address these issues before its too late!

StayAlive77 and D:V are calling for a boycott and many are listening to the call.  We implore you to take immediate action.  If it means shutting the game down for 24 hours to make hardware upgrades so be it.  It could save the community and your game’s life.  Ignore these issues and many may leave to play a more stable application and along with them goes their wallets.

Update 9-23-2015:

Mz Boycott Response
Mz Boycott Response
Game of War Real Tips recently shared their thoughts on the responses that Mz are giving StayAlive77 and the community at large.

The following is from Game of War Real Tips.  Please visit their page to read the article in its entirety:

Game of War Real Tips response to all the craziness…

Let’s start from the beginning

Lag/ Glitches: We have recently made a major change… a more robust crash logging service [that gives more insight on crashes]… we have detected the top “crash” offender… we are addressing this issue now and will be releasing the fix today…we are also releasing a major scout optimization the speed up scout response time on highly contested targets. Lastly, we have increase the speed of the game with the newly released Suspend & Resume feature; this feature has made logging back into the game A LOT quicker. We still have more work to do. Slowness is a complex issue…

This is one of the most common issues players discuss. The good news is from MZ’s detailed response they are taking some significant actions. I don’t know if any of us will ever understand what it takes to reduce lag in real-time game with millions of people, but certainly MZ has the resources. I expect we will see more results soon..

Comment below with your specific lag issues cause I’m pretty sure MZ will be reading this.

Super Wonder: Along with the scouting optimization that is going live today we will have several MZ employees in the Super Wonder October 1st to profile and fix any slowdown occurring.

Again, this is a very noticeable goal, so I’m looking forward to how this plays out. It’s seems like MZ can fix specific lag issues pretty quick now, so I expect the last day or two of SW to be less laggy the first couple days.

Events: Currently we are doing 2x payouts for our most difficult inferno events! Along with the 5x troop training queue, 5x monster tile size, 3x hit and death drop rates for monsters, 2x gold tile size, 10% speed up boost, and allowing players to complete events by Any Power Gained making them easier to complete.

This is certainly a quick fix to players’ requests for longer term achievable inferno events. By all means take advantage of it now; but we would like to more achievable events in the near term and long term future. One suggestion is that anyone can complete Tier 1 rewards relatively easy, if someone were to focus hard for the full hour they could complete Tier 2 rewards, and if someone were to spend quite a few resources speed ups they could reach Tier 3 rewards.

Tournament Boosts: …future events moving forward will not award troop attack…

Some of us think high level players could be bias by supporting this, since it was likely a feature to support medium tier players, but it’s still probably a better idea that MZ removes the attack boosts altogether like they have.

CS (Customer Support): We just completed a multi month migration to a new industry-leading CRM solution. Our first response time is currently averaging at 22 hours… our average solution time is 50% shorter since June…the biggest thing we need is more representatives.

The reality is how long it takes for MZ to respond and the quality of the response hasn’t been too impressive. It’s important that they hire enough employees to directly respond to players without using the macro responses everyone dislikes.

Event Start Times: …[They will work to pair kingdoms together who have the same peak activity time. Although it is a hard task]

This definitely seems like the logical action to take. Certainly there are some algorithms that could be put in place to handle this.

Fast track fix for alliance gift popups. Basically the alliance gifts popping up were slowing the log in time for players, so they will be removing them.

*Hands Clapping*

We THANK YOU all for your continued feedback in making Game of War what it is today.

And we THANK YOU for addressing our concerns / complaints. Ha. Everything is not all fine and dandy yet, but they look to be sorting out.

Concluding Thoughts

Really the last thing we all want is to stop playing GoW. It’s a fantastic game, but we want it to run as fast as possible. It’s pretty crazy what kind family the community of players are after seeing the lengths they will go through to be heard by Machine Zone. Throughout all the drama I’ve kept in touch with many of the top players and alliances who all want to continue playing the game, they just want it to be more playable.

To be continued…

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6 thoughts on “Houston, We Have a Problem…”

  1. 2.5 Months after these posts by MZ, I’m still noticing the presets aren’t loading properly. Just today, during a wonder battle, I first rallied a 13B power, All T4 player that was marching with his hero the wonder. I burned him and he lost his rally and my alliance retained the wonder, oh and i killed 4.3M of his T4 while I lost my entire 3M troop march. Another challenger appeared and this time he was 20B power and again all T4 troops. While his hero was marching on the wonder I rallied him using the same exact cores I previously burned the 13B power player with. This time, I was captured and after comparing the report, I noticed I only killed 7,500 T4 troops… How is that possible if there isn’t still a glitch happening? That’s my question. I’ve also spent thousands to have the best gear and hero and yet this is still happening. MZ currently owes me 4 hemlocks, and I’ve submitted several tickets to them trying to explain this and yet I’ve still heard nothing from them. It may be time for another boycott…

    1. 20 B vs. 13 B is different ball game. The 13 B player is approximately 4 B power research and 9 B power troops. Conversely, the 20B power player is likely also 4B research BUT 16 B troop power. Therefore it requires great defense or health debuff to burn such a large troop power stronghold.

      However, this does not rule out issues with your preset…

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