Kingdom Merge – The End or Beginning for Small, Non-Spenders?


Dawn of a New Age or the End of the Line

I logged in late last night to find my main and farms scattered throughout this new kingdom we had been dumped into and honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.   First, for those of you new to the idea of mergers, MZ takes two old kingdoms, gets them to spend a small fortune building troops and nasty cores, and unleashes them on each other.  The victor keeps their kingdom; the loser loses theirs in short order.  We lost and yesterday, Veteran’s Day 2015, we were evicted.

Kingdom Merge

So I am a new resident of kingdom 106.  So far? So good!  The kingdom seems far more active than #94 Dahae had become.  I guess when you double the active population of a kingdom instantly that happens.  I do wonder several things about the kingdom’s future and the future of us, it’s residents.   Before I delve into the topic, let me just say I am in general all for KVK kill events and want to take and destroy as much as possible from the enemy kingdom in those short 24 or so hours as I can.   I do have a different view on intra-kingdom politics and growth I guess.  I worked with several others to build a peace after the decline of DF in #94.  That peace was broken a few months ago by he who shall not be named.  Not because it will cause fear, but rather he is a massive egomaniac and feeds on attention.

When the dust settled, only a few main clans were still in a battle against this fool and his band of merrymen.  That fight continues today.  What’s interesting is that by letting them focus on a few well shielded and quite capable of dealing with the morons alliances, the smaller alliances flourished.  Silver and food were always in need.  A good sign of a kingdom with non-cash players seeking to grow.  The problem was these clans not protecting themselves were often unshielded.  Three days after every KVK kill event the list of often the same heroes being killed streamed across kingdom chat.  These players might have been free to farm and such but they got lazy.   That brings me back to #106.

What about the small players?

We are a large clan with deep farm systems, strong ties to other clans and friendships across kingdom lines.  As such, we had contacts in 106 and had something of an idea of what we were getting ourselves into.   That is well and good on clan built on a year plus of nearly constant war but what of these smaller players? What of the non-cash players?  Why keep playing?  Why are they even important to the game? Why? Why? Why?

In general small and non-cash players in the MZ-sense of the game bring little value.  They will need to play for 100s of years to finish the current researches without speeds or the token three days Athena gifts every now and then.  They are really just targets for malcontents wishing to hit and destroy without regard.   Or are they?

Game of war is a two dimensional game driven by algorithms and money.  What MZ and the fools I mentioned above fail to realize is that the game is largely secondary to many.  I imagine non-cash players would have long-ago quit save one thing.  This game is very social.  You get in a clan, you get to know the players, you know their hobbies, you celebrate the birth of their children, and are somberly reminded of your own RL fragile state when one dies or they lose a family member.   You see the small players play for reasons the huge players know but perhaps dont appreciate. They want to be with their friends or try and accomplish something all the while some thug is burning them down.  The admire that in those players.   We, either cash players or in large clans, ought take note of the fact that these smaller players bring a lot of depth to the kingdoms they live in.   They are not worthless as some idiots have suggested.   I commend them on their efforts.

So back to 106 and where does this all leave us.   I took a look about the kingdom to add fresh bookmarks as MZ kindly deleted all of my old ones.  A help as #94 is vaporized.  I see a number of these smaller clans, shielded small group and the usual sprinkling of dead accounts.   So I think with some certainty that this is not the end of the line.  It is the dawn of a new game built on the back of the same slow servers with a load of fresh faces, uncertain alliances, egoes larger than life, and a bunch of those non-cash players who give me hope.  Hope that in a RL world consumed by the need for wealth we too can find the silver lining in things….even as some ty to burn it all down.


Hey gang!

Darkthorne here, webmaster of!  Thank you all for visiting and making us apart of your life!  You guys rock!  I want to thank StlDoc for joining our team along with HarryCubed and LegHumper and all the victims of MGd rallies that provide us with content for the site!

A big thanks to StlDoc for his perspective piece on the recent kingdom merge.  I can’t wait to see more from him.

Thanks again and war on!


19 thoughts on “Kingdom Merge – The End or Beginning for Small, Non-Spenders?”

  1. Bravo Doc! Let’s not forget how many small players contribute by playing traps, calling out targets and yes, selling us much in demand resources.

  2. Ugh, I didn’t WANT to like your blog. I really WANTED to be the most popular and best blogger on the site….(meaning, ONLY blogger) but I have to say, StlDoc, Well done, well written, maybe needs more sarcasm and self promotion, but hey, I’m no expert.

    Great job Doc, nice 1st blog of hopefully many!
    Harrycubed, AKA, Leg Humper

  3. Ok, so I feel a little bit like I have been blackmailed to visit this blog, but now that I have read this post I will continue to visit. I am actually one of those small non-spenders and I have been in the game over a year. You are right, there are reasons beyond being the biggest player for me to continue (obviously or I wouldn’t be here commenting).

  4. Hello! 🙂
    When you go through a kingdom merge does your alliance city get randomly ported to the new kingdom as well? We’re about to go through a merge event and keep hearing rumors that it doesn’t and you have to start from scratch….


        1. Be patient. Your stronghold leap is complete but not all tiles most likely. Are you an R5 of that alliance? Can you Alliance City Advanced Teleport to the new kingdom?

  5. I’m the R5 and no I cannot advance teleport over. My old kingdom says it’s protected and there’s no option to advance port to Ramos.

  6. Yeah, I experience merge of kingdom but it just that I’m on the winning kingdom. The only thing I hate on merge KVK is those losing kingdom alliance seek for revenge bloodthirsty rouge members killing each other from the same kingdom.

    They forgot that this is just a game so be a sport to accept it and lick the sword. We have one particular alliance that is a big bully and tile hitter. We had to merge few very powerful alliance (previously were enemies) to get peace and stability in our kingdom.

    That Big Bully alliance got little mellowed and enforce with humility.

  7. This article makes none paying players seem useless

    I am a non paying player and I feel insulted by MZ because we are basically targets for the paying players

    What happens to the alliances of the losing kingdom? Do they disappear?

    What will happen to the strongholds of the losing kingdom? Do they have to start over?

    If you never have been attacked before then you lots of people attack you after the merging

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