KvK Recap k100

Over the weekend, Mz matched us up with our equal in terms of kingdom age. It proved to be a bloody encounter. I lost more tier 4 troops this weekend than all kvk events of the last combined.

A couple hundred thousand were the result of errors made from sleep deprivation and carelessness but most were from rallying 200m reinforced outlanders.

At first, we had a problem getting our rallies to actually hit them without shielding first. Later, it was taking heavy losses when they actually did.

We did have some tremendous luck with one outlander who apparently rallied his hero before our rally hit him for some reason.



In the end, we lost the kvk. K100 is another dead kingdom, something we see far too often these days. The top alliances of the kingdom destroy their own kingdom so there are basically zero points available to outlanders. This is one strategy that can be used, but thankfully k94 has not resorted to it yet. Some k94 alliances have tried to destroy all opposing in this fashion, but so far we have quelled them.

Our alliance is working on new strategies for the next kvk. They include less offensive measures and more defensive tactics, but enticing the opposition to attack seems to be the key to victory.

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